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How 8th lord Saturn in the 9th house make huge amount of money? (Vedic Astrology)

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For a Gemini Ascendant, Saturn rules the 8th house and the 9th house. If 8th house lord Saturn is placed in the sign of Aquarius in the 9th house this is actually a great placement to have to get a lot of gains in life. This is because Saturn expands the distribution network of your business or services when placed in its own sign of Aquarius.

Large gains in life are not possible unless your product, services or talent does not reach to the masses on a large scale. This is only possible through networking and distribution which the sign of Aquarius represents. Many rich people have their Saturn in the sign of Aquarius. Many have gone rich through their websites over the internet as there are millions of visitors on their website and those visitors make sales for the website owner or make them money through ads on the website. A website is nothing but the source of distribution of your products or services or information which the sign of Aquarius represents.

That is the reason Saturn in the sign of Aquarius could make you rich as then you will be able to expand your business far and wide. For a Gemini Ascendant since the Saturn rules the 8th house so their product or services will be related to 8th house. For example, it may be someone is a Gemini Ascendant and owns a website which provides information on the latest research and discoveries in the medical field or any other field. The owner could make this website popular in Google (by adding more and more information pages) and could get a lot of free traffic from Google search and thus making a huge amount of money from their website by placing ads or affiliate links.

Here the information provided is related to the 8th house as 8th house represents research and discoveries and 9th house is the house of publishing of the information on a website or even a book. The book could also become viral and can make a huge amount of money if 8th lord Saturn is placed in the 9th house. Whatever the product may be the end result will be a lot of gains from this placement of Saturn.

Not only websites but there are also youtube channels which receive millions of visitors per month and many of these channels are related to the 8th house such as the breaking news channels, channels related to hidden secrets and unusual things, channels showing magic, etc. All these things are related to the 8th house.

You can know more about the 8th house here. Such people owning such popular youtube channels may also have this placement of 8th lord Saturn in the 9th house. Whatever information people gather from youtube videos are also the representation of the 9th house as this is also published information which 9th house represents. Breaking news is also 8th house as 8th house represents sudden events. Also, there are many occult science related websites and youtube channels which have gone viral (Aquarius) and making a huge amount of money. Occult Science is also 8th house in Vedic Astrology.

It is not just about the online world but in the offline world also many books, magazines, and newspapers related to the 8th house have gone popular all over the country or world to make a huge amount of amount. Many film distributors may also have this placement as the world of Cinema also comes under the 8th and 2nd house axis as Venus (which rules the 2nd house) signifies acting, dance, music, etc. and Scorpio (the sign of 8th house) is a sign of transformation. When an actor transforms himself into different characters then this is nothing but the Scorpio transformation which 8th house represents.

This is really the placement through which a Gemini Rising or Gemini Ascendant can be rich.

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