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Why Venus gets debilitated (Vedic Astrology)?

You should know that ejaculation is the release of semen after sexual activity and Venus represents semen in Vedic Astrology. Ejaculation never happens from birth to a particular age (maybe 14-16) till you experience sexual arousal for the first time in life and when at that time you ejaculate.

From childhood, semen is accumulated and stored in the body in the form of sensual energy (this is what Venus is) which gives you physical strength and also pleasure when you somehow arouse sex and waste this energy. It is this sensual energy only which gives a glow to your face as well.

When you keep losing this sensual energy through excessive sexual activity throughout your life then your Venus gets debilitated. Problem is, not many people have the discretion to understand the fact that you need to preserve the semen in your body as much as possible to keep your Venus alright.

That is why you need to respect your chastity because through chastity only you can preserve your semen. You should read this article on mooladhara chakra and it also explains why you should be chaste.

Now you may say what is the evidence that Venus goes bad through the ejaculation and release of semen? You won't find any scientific evidence of this but just you need to use your discretion. Just think why a human being is most energetic and enthusiastic in life from childhood to age around 30.

This is because throughout childhood the semen was protected and that becomes rewarding at a young age. Many people, who respect their chastity, you can find them young and energetic even after the age of 40 and sometimes even 50.

You will hardly find aged people listening to music unless they were chaste in life because they don't enjoy music much. On the other hand, the young generation enjoys music a lot as their Venus is still good. That is also the reason the young generation fall into love and romance during this age.

It is the good Venus only that gives you real joy in life. You feel like enjoying every bit of life. When Venus is debilitated you feel empty from the inside. You cannot enjoy anything in life even if you have a lot of money.

When you don't have that sensual energy (Venus is debilitated) inside, you try to find it outside through other man or woman. You can live within yourself happily if your Venus is exalted and you cannot live without a woman in your life if your Venus is debilitated.

That is also the reason some men (if their Venus is debilitated) run behind other women (as women is also Venus) even if they are married because your own wife now cannot satisfy you as you already ended her Venus (sensual energy) by having sex with her throughout your married life. This holds true for a woman also.

A woman also cannot live without a man if her Venus is debilitated. That is also the reason a debilitated Venus sometimes cause a divorce.

Another very important thing is > Venus doesn't get debilitated if you have wasted a lot of your semen in just one life. It might be that you have been doing this from many past lives and so in this life, your Venus is debilitated from the birth itself. Similarly, several lives of penance (chastity) make your Venus exalted and then everything becomes enjoyable to you in the current life. You should know that there is life after death and so the previous lives karmas are also counted in this life.

Plz note: If Venus is in Virgo it doesn't always mean Venus is debilitated. Just read this article to understand better > what will you experience if Venus is debilitated in your birth chart or horoscope.

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