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What 2nd house or Taurus represents in Vedic Astrology?

By default 2nd house in a birth chart is ruled by the Taurus sign of Venus (chart of an Aries Ascendant is the default birth chart as well) and so what everything Taurus side of Venus represents is also represented by the 2nd house.

Since the 1st house is your physical self and represents your personality, 2nd house is all you need to sustain your physical body and make your personality better.

Some of the things you need are like money, clothes, food, beauty products, jewelry, gems, antiques, etc. In one word we can say this is the house of your wealth and family assets. Anything you buy becomes your wealth and so that is represented by the 2nd house.

Any house in Vedic astrology is the gain of its previous house. So the 2nd house is the gain of the first house. That is the reason when any planet is sitting in the house just next to the house it rules then this planet gives a lot of gain in life.

The immediate family you gain after you are born is also represented by the 2nd house as you are born in the first house. When you gained the physical body in the 1st house you also need the food to sustain it and so 2nd house is mainly of ready to eat food.

There is also a lot of similarity in the 2nd house (ruled by Taurus side of Venus by default) and 4th house (ruled by cancer sign of moon by default). In Vedic astrology Venus represents your wife and moon is your mother and also moon represents the mother earth. This will make the understanding of the difference between the 2nd house and 4th house in a more better way.

All food crops we get from the mother earth is represented by the 4th house. But when you make chapatis (also known as roti, safati, shabaati, phulka and roshi) from the food crop like wheat which is ready to eat then this kind of ready to eat food is represented by the 2nd house.

You can think 4th house as everything in wholesale and 2nd house as everything in retail in the form of finished products but both the houses represent things of the basic needs of home and body comforts.

Actually, your physical home is represented by the fourth house and so all things in the home like furniture, bed, windows, doors, carpets, home remodeling, home decor, kitchen utensils, land, real estate, property etc are also represented by the 4th house.

2nd house is more about sensual pleasures as it represents the body parts on your face such as nose, ear, eyes, and mouth which are meant for sensual pleasures. While the first house represents your forehead and 4th house represents your heart. So everything you apply on your face and wear on your eyes, nose, and ears are also represented by the 2nd house like beauty products, spectacles, eyeglasses, earrings etc.

Since the 2nd house is all about wealth so all the money management you do in a business like sales, purchase, balance sheet, profit and loss, and other accounting basics is all part of the 2nd house activity. In other words, 2nd house is all about finances (including currency), food, family and family assets.

The 2nd house actually represents a lot of other things. You can watch this youtube video from Kapiel Raaj to understand the 2nd house better > https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a2wfKS9mAL4

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