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Vedic Maths Related Questions and Answers

How to multiply two 2-digit numbers within seconds using a math trick in mind?

How to find any percentage of any number quickly using a math trick?

Why you don't need to learn tables other than tables of 2 to 10?

Do you find it difficult to learn the tables?

How to multiply 5432 with 3124 in short time using a math trick?

How to multiply 432 with 354 in short time using a math trick?

How to multiply using a short-cut trick if one of the numbers is 5 or 25 or 125?

What is the best short-cut trick to find the square of any number?

How to find the square of 245 and other 3-digit numbers from short trick?

How to multiply 1012 and 1030 using short-cut math trick?

How to solve maths multiple choice questions with short-cut method?

How to square a number without using formula using a short-cut maths trick?

How to find square of any number whether 4-digit, 3-digit, etc using short-cut trick?

How to multiply 211 and 301 in quickest possible way with a math trick?

What are 3 different short-cut tricks to find the square of a number?

How some students complete their maths paper very quickly?

What short-trick to use to multiply a 3-digit no. and a 2-digit number?

Is there any trick to multiply numbers 456 and 657 in a faster way?

How to use short-cut trick to multiply a 4-digit no. to a 2-digit number?

How to multiply with a quick short-cut trick to solve 52465 * 683?

How long additions can be done quickly with a short-cut trick?

How to divide 436327 with 9 using a short-cut math trick?

How to divide 4386 by 8 using a short-cut math trick?

How to multiply any number with 11 within seconds using a math trick?

What is the short-cut trick to divide any number by 19?

How to divide 54876 by 5 or 25 or 125 using a shortcut maths trick?

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