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How your birth chart ascendant tells the purpose of your life in Vedic Astrology?

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Aries Ascendant
The astrological sign you see in the 1st house of your birth chart is called the ascendant (lagna). You can find your own ascendant using this ascendant finder tool. Each sign is represented by a number as below.

1 Aries (rules 1st House by Default) (fire sign)
2 Taurus (rules 2nd house by default) (earth sign)
3 Gemini (rules 3rd house by default) (air sign)
4 Cancer (rules 4th house by default) (water sign)
5 Leo (rules 5th house by default) (fire sign)
6 Virgo (rules 6th house by default) (earth sign)
7 Libra (rules 7th house by default) (air sign)
8 Scorpio (rules 8th house by default) (water sign)
9 Sagittarius (rules 9th house by default) (fire sign)
10 Capricorn (rules 10th house by default) (earth sign)
11 Aquarius (rules 11th house by default) (air sign)
12 Pisces (rules 12th house by default) (water sign)

For example, if you see no.2 value in the 1st house then you are Taurus Ascendant. If you are a Taurus Ascendant then your life will be all about the 2nd house, especially if your ascendant lord (Venus, the ruler of Taurus sign) is placed in the 2nd house. Why? This is because the 2nd house is ruled by the Taurus sign by default (as already mentioned above) and so mostly you will be performing the tasks of the 2nd house only throughout your life.

Similarly, if you are a Leo ascendant your life will be all about the 5th house as Leo sign rules 5th house by default. Same will be the case for other ascendants too.

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2nd house is mostly about food, wealth and wealth management (finances) and so the life of a Taurus ascendant is mostly about that. 2nd house is ruled by Venus and Venus is all about pleasures of life and so the life of a Taurus ascendant mostly revolves around that. That is the also the reason most of the Taurus ascendant people are fond of eating good food as Venus (or 2nd house) is all about sensual pleasures.

Taurus is an earth sign, a practical sign for materialistic gains, and so these people are all about gaining wealth in life. To earn money and enjoy life with that money is their main life focus. They are fond of going to marriage parties, birthday parties, exchanging gifts etc as Venus (ruler of Taurus sign) is all about the enjoyment of life. They mostly do business related to food, beauty products, toys, or deal in finances as 2nd house represents finances.

On the other hand, Leo ascendant's life is more about acquiring knowledge (through education) and they are also very active in sports and competitions. Sun, the ruler of Leo, represents God and so a lot of Leo ascendant people have great faith in God and they perform different kinds of activities to worship God. Leo is a fire sign (fire is the truth) and so these people are very truthful and believe in honesty. They follow the path of Dharma (follows the law) and that is also the reason many Leo ascendants become lawyers and doctors (because the sun is the giver of good health) in their life. Leo ascendant people are very innocent people and that is also the reason 5th house (ruled by Leo by default) is also of children (who are innocent) other than education, love, and romance, sports and creativity.

A Leo cannot go along with a Taurus ascendant person because mostly Leo ascendants avoid parties while a Taurus ascendant person is all about that. Also, a Taurus ascendant person is not much interested in education while a Leo ascendant person is mostly about that.

You can see > there is a Virgo sign on the 2nd house of a Leo ascendant and Virgo sign is about arguing and that is the reason a Leo ascendant person argues a lot about taking pleasures of life (which 2nd house represents) and they believe that life's purpose is to know God and acquire knowledge (of any type) and not to all the time enjoy life.

If you want to know what your life's purpose will be then you should simply look at your ascendant and where the ascendant lord (planet ruling Leo which is Sun) is placed. For example, if you are a Leo ascendant then your life's purpose will be what everything 5th house (ruled by Sun) represents as 5th house is ruled by Leo sign by default (already mentioned above).

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Below is the chart of a Taurus Ascendant as no.2 is there in the first house

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