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Why you should feel cool breeze during your self-realization?

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There is a way to feel the cool breeze flowing from the palm of your hands and top corner of the head (fontanel bone area). This is not something magical, but it does happen when a power called kundalini shakti gets awakened in your body. According to Hindu Mythology there are 7 chakras and a kundalini power located inside every human being.

This kundalini power is in the form of a coil, located above the Muladhara Chakra, (the first chakra in the body starting from the bottom) in a triangular sacrum bone, as what you see in the picture. If you are on mobile click here to see the picture. This power remains in the dormant state unless you get this power awakened by someone who is authoritative to do it. And once this power gets awakened, you can feel the cool breeze of the Holy Ghost flowing from the palm of your hands, and top corner of the head.

To experience this power best place would be Sahaja Yoga temple in New Delhi, India. Here is the exact location of this temple along with timings.

Address: C-17, Qutub Institutional Area, (Behind Qutub Hotel)
New Mehrauli Road, New Delhi - 110 016
Day/Time: Saturday at 6:30:00 PM , Sunday at 10:30:00 AM
Contact Person: Mr. Suresh Bansal Email: delhiashram(at rate)rediffmail.com
Phone: 011-26966652,8802025100,9310172970

The temple is named as Sahaja Yoga temple because Sahaja Yoga (sahajayoga.org) is a unique method of meditation, founded by Her Holiness Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi (mother), and she started Sahaja Yoga in 1974. She died in the year 2011. So this temple is meant for everyone who practices Sahaja Yoga or wants to start with it. Shri Mataji was considered to be an incarnation of Laxmi (wife of Lord Vishnu), and so she was authoritative to awaken this kundalini power.

The person who practices Sahaja Yoga is called Sahaja Yogi. By mother's grace when the kundalini shakti of one person gets awakened, then that person becomes Sahaja Yogi, and then he could awaken the power of other people as well by giving Bandhan (a protocol in Sahaja Yoga) to them. So this is how Sahaja Yoga is spreading worldwide, and now it is practiced in more than 100 countries.

All the people who are practicing Sahaja Yoga can feel the cool breeze (also called cool vibrations) of the Holy Ghost. If they are feeling hot vibrations, it means there are problems in the chakras of the body, and Sahaja Yoga treatments need to be applied. Just getting this power awakened will not be enough, you need to meditate daily (at least 10-15min) to grow this power. To know exactly how it all works you should visit rajbihani.com.

You can feel a lot of cool vibrations in Sahaja Yoga temple, as that is a very holy place, and mother meditated there and vibrated that place for the enlightenment of other people. After reaching the temple, you just need to sit in the meditation hall, until the meditation program ends. After that, the leaders will call all new people, and if they don't call, you can reach them in the front, and tell them you want to feel the cool breeze of the Holy Ghost, and then they will start working on you by giving you Bandhan. This process of getting the kundalini power awakened is also called self-realization.

There are lots of health and social benefits when the kundalini shakti gets awakened. To know more about these benefits please visit sahajayoga.org.in . Moreover, this yoga is entirely free of charge, as mother has said >> one cannot pay for the experience of divine love. After reading this article if you feel like experiencing this power then you are a divine person who believes in God and his creations.

If you are an international tourist, there is no place to stay in the temple overnight. The nearest hotel to Sahaja Yoga temple is Qutub Hotel, and this would be the best place to stay. To book a room online in Qutub Hotel you can visit makemytrip.com

Photo of subtle system

subtle system

Photo of Mother


Photo of miracle vibrations in a public program of Sahaja Yoga

miracle vibrations

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