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What is 5th house, Leo and Sun in Vedic Astrology?

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5th house is ruled by the sign of Leo whose lord is the Sun. Leo is a fire sign like two more fire signs Sagittarius and Aries. When you eat something heat is generated that gives energy to the body. This is the same heat which is released on the earth by the Sun. Also, when you do sex alone or with your partner fire or heat is generated in the body and this fire ultimately gives you pleasure. That is the reason Leo (ruled by Sun) is a sign of pleasure, love, romance, fun, and entertainment as the fire element represents that.

Leo is a very regal sign and represents the throne. In olden days many Leo ascendant people were kings and it is the central and state government in the current century. Sun (Leo) represents your identity and part of your personality. Fire sign is always a sign of purity and honesty and so is the Leo. In India, people do rituals involving Yagna and that involves the fire element. This is all done for the purification. So we can say fire element is used for religious activities and that is also the reason people born in Leo sign (Leo ascendant) are very religious and spiritual people and also law binding and they hate dishonesty. The body of a Leo ascendant is fiery and that is the reason they are also good at sports and entertaining the audience or people through their quality of fire.

In any sports, you need a lot of energy and people born with ascendants related to fire (Leo, Aries, and Sagittarius) are therefore better in sports as you need the fire to perform. But this is only so if Mars is also strong. If Mars is weak or debilitated then even a person born in a fire sign may not be good at sports but mostly they are.

Just see the birth charts of famous international players and most of them have succeeded as they were born in any of the fire signs. For example,

Sachin Tendulkar > Leo Ascendant (fire sign)

Virat Kohli > Sagittarius Ascendant (fire sign)

Virender Sehwag > Leo Ascendant (fire sign)

Navjot Singh Sidhu > Sagittarius Ascendant (fire sign)

Vivian Richards > Aries Ascendant (fire sign)

there are so many ............................

Though I have noticed many players not being born into a fire sign but they were or are not much successful in their respective sports.

Sun represents your forehead so the sun is also your ego, image, name, and fame in the society. Best of all it represents your father in the Vedic astrology birth chart as the moon represents mother. Jesus rules forehead (Agnya chakra) and so the sun. If your sun is weak in the birth chart you should pray to Jesus to make it better.

All the top posts in different government, states, districts, or company departments are represented by the Sun. That is the reason when your sun is in 10th house of your birth chart you are or will be definitely on some higher post in your field of the career as 10th house is of higher authorities and higher posts.

Stage and theatre performance, cinema, award functions and gambling (including stock markets and video games) are also the representation of the 5th house in Vedic astrology as they are all part of fun and entertainment. Leo is a sign of innocence and children are also innocent. That is the reason 5th house also represents children and all activities related to children. Infect all leisure activities are included in the 5th house.

5th house is the time of youth when you go to school and then college and so the 5th house represents your primary education. When you opt for still higher education like your Master's Degree and Ph.D. then that is shown by the 9th house of higher education. Mostly in college and school time only you fall in love and romance and so the fifth house represents that.

Also, 5th house is the time before you leave for the office for your work. When the sun rises in the morning and after that, the activities you do till you go for work (6th house) are all represented by the 5th house. Worshiping and chanting mantras and going to the temple (as the Sun is God) and gym, doing yoga etc are all part of the 5th house.

Anything where you compete and try to reach the top (top is the Sun) then that is all part of the 5th house. When you play the game of ladder and snakes then it is all about winning and reaching to the top (Sun) first and so this kind of leisure and fun activity is nothing but part of the 5th house. Sun is also the giver of good health as life is not possible on earth without the Sun. So the Sun is also the significator of your health and also wealth. That is the reason many Leo ascendants are doctors. Sun also represents gold as Sun is yellow and gold is also yellow and Moon represents silver. That is the reason Sun is wealth as gold is the true wealth. The paper currency is not the true wealth and it is just a representation of wealth.

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