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What Virgo, 6th house and Virgo Ascendant represents in Vedic Astrology?

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I have already mentioned in the article about Ascendants that 6th house (by default) is ruled by the sign of Virgo and its lord is mercury.

In other words, mercury is the original ruler of Virgo sign but it also rules another sign called Gemini. So it is almost the same thing when we talk about Virgo or the 6th house.

First of all, Virgo is a very complicated and difficult sign. In ancient times, many Virgo ascendants were slaves. It makes you bow down and serve to others. That is the reason the 6th house is all about diseases, obstacles, enemies, arguments, debt, troubles, service, competition and poverty.

Mostly Virgo ascendants have to work for the Sun (Leo > the government or the father). They work for higher authorities and that is also the reason mostly they fall in dispute with the higher authorities or the father.

This is why Virgo sign always comes after the Leo sign (5th house sign) in a birth chart because the arguments (Virgo) are mostly related to the Sun (education and government and higher positions). The competition and fight for the no.1 or in general top positions (the Sun represents top positions) in any sports or brand or otherwise is also part of Virgo.

When you try to resolve a maths problem it is sometimes very complicated and that is also the part of the Virgo arguments. That is the reason many Virgo Ascendant people are teachers and resolve education-related problems. Schools, colleges and universities provide education and so all the knowledge you get from them is nothing but the representation of the Sun because the Sun is knowledge. All the difficulties you get in understanding the education (Sun) is Virgo.

In ancient times many of the warriors were Virgo ascendants as their job is to serve the king and protect the kingdom from outside threats. You can see the chart of a Virgo Ascendant and you will find the Sagittarius sign on their 4th house of the motherland. Sagittarius is a sign of your dharma (duties of life) and so the dharma of a Virgo Ascendant is to protect the motherland (4th house).

In the current time, you can find many Virgo Ascendants in the police and army who work for the government (the Sun). If you are a Virgo Ascendant your life is all about the 6th house as 6th house is the original house ruled by Virgo.

Just check the "Aries sign" and you will find it on the 8th house of a Virgo Ascendant birth chart. Aries sign rules the first house (by default) which represents your physical body. Mars is the ruler of Aries sign and Mars is all about being aggressive and physically active in life.

That is the reason Virgo Ascendant people are very active in 8th house activities. 8th house is ruled by the Scorpio side of the Mars (as Mars rules Scorpio) and Scorpio is all about hidden secrets of life such as hidden codes (programming), hacking, astrology, etc.

When you do things like website coding, repairing of any electronic item, scientific research etc then all these are very complicated things to do and these all are 8th house activities where you work on the hidden source codes and that is the reason most of the Virgo Ascendant people are involved in such kind of activities as their life is meant to resolve complicated things.

But the 8th house is also of wars and dead bodies and so many Virgo Ascendant people are involved in those things.

Virgo is a major sign of arguments. Wherever you see people arguing with each other or screaming on each other for any reason or any subject (even in studies) Virgo sign is active there. When two dogs are barking on each other then also Virgo sign is active. That is the reason dogs are represented by the 6th house (ruled by Virgo).

Also, Virgo is a very hard-working sign. Just think of weight lifting. It requires a lot of efforts in it and when you put efforts it represents the sign of Virgo as Virgo is a very hard working sign whether you do mental hard work or physical hard work.

You will find that the Scorpio sign is on the 3rd house in the Vedic birth chart of a Virgo Ascendant. Scorpio is also a sign of fraud and illegal things. Since the 3rd house is a house of communication (internet and media) and Scorpio sign is there on that house > there is also a possibility that many Virgo ascendant people do internet and communication frauds. The false or fraud telephone calls you receive are mostly done by Virgo Ascendant people only. Read more > how Virgo can do frauds if their Rahu is in Scorpio

However many Virgo Ascendant people do a lot of social welfare as they are also about serving underprivileged and diseased people as the sign of Aquarius ( of public and societies at large) is on the sixth house of serving other people.

That is also the reason many Virgo Ascendants > you will find them on retail outlets to serve the public or customers (sign of Aquarius represents the general public and customers). Virgo is also a sign of cleanliness, health, and wellness and so many Virgos are even doctors and nurses.

Virgo is an earth sign and so it is a very practical sign and so the people born with Virgo Ascendant are more about making money and improve their family life

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