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What if 11th lord Moon is in the 12th house for a Virgo Ascendant? (Vedic Astrology)

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Vedic Astrology Birth Chart
For a Virgo Rising, Moon will be placed in the sign of Leo in the 12th house when 11th house lord is placed in the 12th house.

Cancer is a sign of nurturing and 11th house is the house of your gains or customers or the public (masses). When Cancer sign falls on the 11th house it shows your gains in life will come by nurturing the public and when the lord of the 11th house is placed in the 12th house it shows that you could nurture the public by being creative from "behind the scenes" (or mass media). This is because 12th house is the house of mass media and also of isolation and spirituality. But spirituality is expressed through creativity only.

You could be a stage performer with this kind of Moon and this could also be the source of your income because Moon is placed in the sign of Leo and Leo represents a stage. But you could also play a lot of games online (including gambling) as games are also represented by the sign of Leo as Leo is fun and entertainment and games are also part of it. This is more so possible if Mars (the lord of 8th house and 3rd house) is also placed along with Moon in the 12th house as Mars rules the 8th house of gambling. 8th house is of risks, emergencies and war and gambling is also a risk and so gambling is represented by the 8th house.

But since Mars also rules the 3rd house for a Virgo Ascendant it shows the native could also be very active over the internet (or media in general) when the 3rd house lord is placed in the 12th house along with Moon because 12th house is 10th from the 3rd house and it represents leadership, authority, and profession of the media world as 3rd house represents the media world and anything 10th is the profession. If the lord of the 9th house Venus is placed in the 2nd house the native could also do a lot of shopping over the internet. This is because 9th house represents all the websites and Google search over the internet and 2nd house is the house of all the materialistic products that are needed for your body such as gems, jewelry, toys, food, clothing, cosmetics, luxury items, etc.

There are actually three Nakshatras associated with the sign of Leo where your Moon is placed in the 12th house. Those are Magha, Purva Phalguni and Uttara Phalguni. Moon in the Purva Phalguni (in the sign of Leo) will make you very creative as this Nakshatra is ruled by Venus but Moon in the Magha Nakshatra (also falling in the sign of Leo) will make you obsessed about acquiring the throne or the leadership position. If your Saturn is placed in its own sign Capricorn in the 5th house and if your Moon is in the Magha Nakshatra then you will actually get the throne or the leadership position you needed. This is because Saturn, when placed in its own sign of Capricorn, makes you sit on the top positions or posts whether in a company or in your own business. You may also go into politics with this placement of Moon.

If Moon is placed in the 12th house (in Leo Purva Phalguni) and Sun (the lord of 12th house) is placed in the sign of Virgo in the first house then you could earn a lot of money from foreign countries through your creativity. You see many people do online business such as developing websites over the internet which also involves using creative tools like photoshop and flash animation and also video editing etc. Such kind of profession is also possible with this kind of placement of Moon and Sun. A lot of people are making use of sites like upwork.com and freelancer.com to find such kind of online work and thus making money from foreign countries as on these sites people from all over the world post their projects to be completed online.

Since Moon is placed in the sign of Leo in the 12th house it shows the fun and entertainment (as Leo is fun and entertainment) is in the mind (as Moon is our mind) and this also shows you could be someone involved in international world mind sports games such as chess, bridge, checkers, etc. This is more so possible if your Sun and Saturn are placed in the sign of Pisces in the 7th house. But Moon in the sign of Leo in the 12th house of dream world could also think a lot about sex especially if Sun is placed in the sign of Scorpio in the 3rd house. You could be obsessed about sex in that case and there could also be a lot of turbulence in the mind.

Considering Moon in the sign of Leo in the 12th house if Sun is placed in the sign of Libra in the 2nd house the mind could be very active in making business deals or making relationships or dealing with the finances.

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