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What is Scorpio and 8th house all about in Vedic Astrology?

Scorpio is a water sign which (by default) rules the 8th house in Vedic Astrology. Think Scorpio as more of a swamp (dal-dal) where you could get stuck.

Pisces is a sign of deep water like the ocean, and cancer is flowing water (like a river). That is the major difference between these 3 water signs.

Scorpio or 8th house represents all hidden and under the earth things like sewer lines, gutters, dead bodies, mining, minerals, oil, petroleum, gold mines etc.

The words like hidden, buried, transformation, fraud, war, sudden events, risks, emergency, uncertainties, inspection, research, investigation, sudden ups and downs, sticking to something, attraction like magnet, source, roots, hell, past life deeds, surgeries, etc are the major theme of the 8th house or Scorpio sign.

Just open up your mobile phone from the back or any other electronic device's back and all that wiring or coding you see inside in the hidden form makes the electronic devices to function.

That is also the representation of Scorpio. While the electronic item itself is a luxury which is a representation of the 2nd house (ruled by Venus) as Venus is luxury.

Just "right-click" (through your mouse) on any website and then click on "view source" and there you can see all the coding done which makes the website to look the way it is from the front. The hidden source code is Scorpio (8th house) while the website itself is Venus (2nd house of creativity as Venus is creativity).

That is the reason 8th house and 2nd house are just opposite to each other in the Vedic birth chart. All the research work (hidden secrets of life and nature) the scientists are doing is part of the 8th house activity.

What do you get when you dig deep into the earth? You get wealth in the form of gold, minerals, oil, petroleum etc. The activity of doing the research and finding new things from the earth or just discovering anything new is a Scorpio activity while what you get out of it becomes your wealth (Venus - 2nd house).

So, you can see how the 2nd house and the 8th house are interconnected with each other. 2nd house is just the outcome of the 8th house. That is the reason the 2nd house is of materialistic products (earth sign) while 8th house is a house of research and transformation (water sign).

I have checked the birth charts of many Scorpio Ascendants and many of them are into web, software and app development (doing programming all the time) and many in the field of hacking. This is because they are all the time playing with the hidden codes of the 8th house. If you are a Scorpio Ascendant your life's main purpose will be the 8th house as 8th house is ruled by Scorpio by default. Read more here > How your ascendant tells the purpose of your life.

But there are many other things too represented by the 8th house. Transformation is another important thing represented by the 8th house. For example, Kundalini Power Awakening transforms your life and that is the reason kundalini awakening is an 8th house activity. 8th house is also the mooladhara chakra and this chakra governs your excretory system.

All the food you take in is through your mouth and that is the activity of the 2nd house (already mentioned in 2nd house post) and excretion of the waste is the 8th house which is just opposite to the 2nd house in a Vedic birth chart. 8th house is also the major house of hidden and illegal sexual activities like rape.

Many Scorpio Ascendant people are also manufacturers as they transform raw materials to finished products. This is also what transformation is and the finished product is the thing of the 2nd house. For example, when you make a t-shirt by stitching from the plane cloth it is nothing else but transformation. Even this can be done through a sewing machine but still, it is a transformation and an 8th house activity.

In the ancient centuries, Scorpions were hunters. They used to hunt for animals to get meat and also their skin and teeth so that they can get honey, wool, fur, ivory, fiber, yarn, shark jaws, leather, silk, etc. In the current century, they have become the producer of these things but still many Scorpio Ascendants hunt.

8th house is also of sudden events and sudden ups and downs. For example, if your Mars is in 8th house and if there is an aspect to Mars from negative planets like Rahu and Saturn, sitting in some other houses in the birth chart, or from the transit then you can also meet with an accident in life during the period of the Mars. So 8th house is not always a good house. This is one of the negative houses other than 6th and 12th house.

We often read in the Newspaper some person killing someone and taking the dead body in a suitcase and throwing somewhere. Such horrible activities are all part of the 8th house as all these things happen in a hidden way. 8th house is of mass killing and so wars are also represented by it and that is the reason many Scorpio Ascendants are terrorists and even cops. All the different types of frauds different people do and you hear about are all Scorpio or 8th house activity. All the hidden knowledge such as tantra and astrology also fall under the 8th house.

Many surgeon doctors are also Scorpio Ascendants as doing surgery or operation or things like kidney transformation is an activity of the 8th house. Just like in olden days Scorpios were hunters (hunting animals) that is now being done in the form of doing human and animal surgeries as still, this is hurting someone though for the good. Many Scorpios are even butchers and this is also nothing less than hunting.

Scorpio is also a karmic sign (sign responsible for past life deeds). Any planet in the Scorpio sign in the Navamsa Chart may give a lot of trouble in life.

Government taxes, insurance, PPF, dowry, wife's family before marriage, sudden wealth or sudden gains or sudden losses are also governed by the 8th house.

8th house is also the house of paranormal such as ghost hunting, extrasensory perception (for example, telepathy), spiritualism and the pseudosciences of ghost hunting, cryptozoology, and ufology. You can click the 'paranormal' link above in this paragraph and that will take to the Wikipedia page which shows everything that is paranormal.

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