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Can Saturn in 11th house give wealth? : Vedic Astrology

Saturn rules two zodiac signs Capricorn and Aquarius in Vedic Astrology. Capricorn is the default zodiac sign of the 10th house and Aquarius is the default zodiac sign of the 11th house.

When Saturn is placed in the 11th house of your birth chart or horoscope then this is the best placement for achieving wealth in life. First of all, Saturn rules the 11th house and so when it is in his own house it really does well.

Now let us understand the logic behind it. The 10th house is the house of your career and also the reputation of your business brand (if you are into the business).

Suppose you are the owner of a company and you manufacture a certain product that is distributed all over the country or even the world. The 11th house (just next to the 10th house) represents the distribution network of your product (your business customers).

The sign of Aquarius or 11th house is all about networking, distribution, and social welfare. It represents the masses and societies at large.

So when Saturn is in the 11th house what it does it expands your network because Saturn is meant for that as it rules the Aquarius sign (ruler of the 11th house) which is a sign of networking and distribution.

Any planet in his own sign does very well and Saturn is the no.1 planet to give wealth when it is in Aquarius sign (in any house) or in the 11th house (it doesn't matter if the sign is different than Aquarius on the 11th house).

Most people say Saturn is a malefic planet. Yes, certainly it is but it is not malefic at all in its own signs > Aquarius and Capricorn. Saturn also does well in other signs too but the lord of those signs must also be sitting with Saturn in those signs. Otherwise, Saturn gives a lot of problems in the first 30-35 years of life.

Your business product or your talent should reach to masses (11th house) in order for you to make a lot of money. If you are, for example, doing a job in a bank then such a thing is not possible as you only get a fixed income while working in a bank at some post.

You should do business or do something of your own over the internet if your Saturn is in 11th house, as over internet there is a great possibility to expand your customer base as the internet is a great source of expansion through networking which 11th house and Saturn both represents.

Saturn does even better if the lord of the zodiac sign it sits in is also accompanying Saturn in the 11th house. For example, if Saturn is in the sign of Gemini in the 11th house and if Mercury (lord of the Gemini sign) is also sitting there along with Saturn then it can do wonders in terms of making money from networking or distribution or popularity.

For example, Sonu Nigam has this exact combination as he is a Leo ascendant with Saturn in the sign of Gemini sitting with mercury (lord of Gemini) in the 11th house. Sonu Nigam is already a millionaire and see here > the birth chart of Sonu Nigam.

Salman Khan is another great example. He has even more money than Sonu Nigam. Salman Khan also has his Saturn in the sign of Aquarius (in its own sign) and that also in the 11th house as he is an Aries Ascendant. You can check his birth chart here. Saturn in the 11th house really gives mass popularity either to you (your talent) or your business or definitely, you are in the networking or distribution.

The webmasters of many websites who are making a lot of money from their websites in Google have their Saturn in 11th house and I have checked this. Their website is their brand (10th house) and the visitors the website gets is the 11th house. When Saturn is in the 11th house visitors keep growing as Saturn expands the network in its own house.

Saturn in the 11th house is also good for the field of IT (information technology) and mostly, people working in the field of IT have this placement as everything over the internet is networking including social networking sites such as Linkedin and Facebook and also all the educational apps and e-commerce websites.

But it is not always so that you cannot become rich if your Saturn is not in the 11th house. If your 10th lord is sitting in the 11th house (it doesn't matter if it is Saturn or not) then also mass fame and a lot of wealth are possible. Any planet > if it is sitting in the house which is next to the house it is the lord of, then this is exactly the planet which is going to give wealth in your life.

For example, if the 9th house lord is sitting in the 10th house (the 10th house is next to the 9th house) then you can become a lawyer or you may get work from a foreign country and that is also going to make you the money. Also, if your Jupiter is in the sign of Pisces in houses like 2nd, 11th, 6th, and 10th then also a lot of wealth is possible. This is because Jupiter expands in Pisces.

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