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Why Rahu is good and bad both in Vedic Astrology and what it represents?

Rahu is not any planet but it is the north node of the moon. Rahu in any house in your Vedic birth chart shows what you are obsessed about in life.

For example, it may be that you are a scientist who is obsessed about doing research to invent something. Since you want to invent you will have to keep yourself busy most of your life in research work right?

It simply means most of your life will go in 8th house activity because 8th house is the significator of scientific research.

Then it is definitely possible that your Rahu would appear in the 8th house of your birth chart. So Rahu is in a way your life's mission.

Every person on this earth has taken birth to accomplish a certain goal or perform certain karma. But different people have different goals and so will accordingly perform different karmas and that is what Rahu will indicate you.

For example, if your Rahu is in 2nd house in your Vedic birth chart then surely your life's mission or goal will be something related to 2nd house (like accumulating wealth or somehow taking pleasures of life or money management) and definitely not scientific research (which is a representation of the 8th house).

Just check the house where your Rahu is placed in your birth chart. Then check what all that house represents and that is what all your life will be about.

But Rahu is also a taboo breaker. It may break all the social norms of the society to achieve its goals. That is where Rahu is bad also.

For example, If Rahu is in the 2nd house then someone may be obsessed about acquiring wealth as 2nd house is of wealth. But then he may even murder someone to acquire that wealth. So, in that sense, Rahu could be bad even in the 2nd house.

But the 2nd house is also of food. Just check out this video of food competition and you will see two boys making a lot of videos and they eat a lot in all the videos in order to compete.

They have just created this youtube channel to get views and make money from advertisements. They all the time are doing this to make a living and they have to be obsessed with eating food in order to accomplish this goal.

So it is definitely possible that their Rahu is in 2nd house as 2nd house is of sensual pleasures and eating food is also one of the sensual pleasures. But here their obsession is making them money and so Rahu is good.

In other words, in the same house, Rahu can give different results. It may be good or bad. It depends on the location of other planets in the chart as well.

For example, If Rahu is in 2nd house (along with Venus) in the sign of Aries (for a Pisces Ascendant person) and if Mars (Lord of Aries) is in the 8th house along with Ketu and if there is also an aspect to Mars from Saturn (say 3rd aspect from 3rd house) then there is a possibility that this person can kill someone for money.

This is because 8th house is a Dusthana house and mars and Ketu conjunction in the 8th house could give an inclination towards killing as mars is aggression and Ketu is headless who don't think.

When you kill someone you don't think. The aspect of Saturn on Mars is also bad as Saturn is natural malefic. Saturn is action and so its aspect helps in hitting while Mars is the energy and aggression to help in the action. Rahu in the 2nd house shows the person is obsessed about the money or so-called wealth.

This could also be the case of rape as well as Venus is in the 2nd house which shows an inclination towards sensual pleasure which is also the pleasure of sex (as the lord of 2nd house (Mars) of sensual pleasures is in 8th house of hidden sexual activities).

The major problem with Rahu is > it also amplifies the sign it sits in if the degree of Rahu is high. Then it creates a lot of problems. Rahu always moves in the opposite direction of other planets like sun, moon, mars etc. So if the degree of Rahu is 1 in the astrology software you should minus 1 from 30 and that will give you 29 degree which will be very high. It simply means the obsession in the person is too much.

For example, if the degree of Rahu is high and if it is in the sign of Sagittarius then you may be too much obsessed about your own religion (become a fanatic) or your own beliefs which could get you in dispute with other people during the period of Rahu. This is because the sign of Sagittarius represents religion and law. Also, your stomach could go bad as the sign of Sagittarius represents the stomach in terms of body parts.

However, if Jupiter(the lord of the Sagittarius sign) is debilitated (Jupiter is debilitated in the sign of Capricorn), then Rahu's amplification will get canceled as then Rahu's amplification will help debilitated Jupiter to be a normal Jupiter.

Similarly, Rahu in the sign of Scorpio can give diseases related to private parts if Rahu's degree is high and if it amplifies the sign of Scorpio. This is because the Scorpio (lord of 8th house) is the mooladhara chakra which controls our excretory system and sexual activities. But if Mars is debilitated (Mars in the sign of cancer is debilitated) then the Rahu's amplification will get canceled.

It is also a fact that most of the people are facing problems in life due to the bad placement or amplification of Rahu in their Vedic birth chart.

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