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When can Rahu give a lot of wealth (Vedic Astrology)?

I have gone through the Vedic birth charts of many people who are rich. A lot of them have their Rahu in a sign whose lord is sitting in just the next house (next sign). Remember, whichever sign (the house doesn't matter) the Rahu is placed in, the lord of that sign should be placed exactly in the next sign (or house) of the birth chart. This is really the sort of placement you need for your Rahu to give a lot of wealth and success in life.

For example, check this birth chart or horoscope of Sachin Tendulkar. He is a Leo Ascendant with his Rahu placed in the 5th house in the sign of Sagittarius and Jupiter (the Lord or ruler of Sagittarius) is placed in the 6th house (in the Capricorn sign) which is exactly next to the 5th house. Since Jupiter is placed in the sign of Capricorn you may say it is debilitated but actually, this is not so because there is "neech-bhung raj yog" happening here.

I have mentioned in this Rahu post that Rahu amplifies the sign it sits in. So the Jupiter will also get amplified as Jupiter is the lord of the sign of Sagittarius. Since Jupiter is debilitated, its amplification will cancel the debilitation and that is what "neech-bhung raj yog" is.

The same placement (as above for Sachin Tendulkar) can also be seen in the horoscope of Sonu Nigam (he is also a Leo Ascendant) whose Rahu is also placed in the 5th house in the sign of Sagittarius with Jupiter (being the lord of 5th house or the lord of the sign of Sagittarius) in the 6th house.

Actually, any house in the Vedic birth chart is always a gain of its previous house and a loss of the next house. For example, 6th house is the gain of the 5th house as it is 2nd or just next to the 5th house but 6th house is also the loss of the 7th house as 6th house is 12th from 7th house. Anything 12th from a house is its loss because in general 12th house represents losses (other than isolation and spirituality) and similarly 2nd house represents the gains.

This is the logic that works here. Whenever you see any planet placed in the house which is next to the sign or house it rules it is always good for gains in life but if Rahu is also placed in that house then it gives extra-ordinary gains (the two examples I already mentioned above).

For example, if 9th lord (it doesn't matter which planet it is) is placed in the 10th house then it should give a lot of gains during the period of that planet but if Rahu is also placed in the 9th house then it could give extra-ordinary gains in life. When Rahu is involved it simply means you are gaining from what you are obsessed about. Obsession never ends and so you keep getting from your obsession.

If you are obsessed about acquiring knowledge but if that obsession doesn't ultimately pay off then you won't gain anything out of it. In that case, the lord of the sign where Rahu sits will not be placed in the next house.

Sachin Tendulkar was obsessed with playing cricket and it was also making him money. That is the reason he was gaining from Rahu placed in the 5th house of sports (fun and entertainment). So if you want to gain in life you should make your obsession itself a source of money for you. Then it will give extra-ordinary gains.

Just check this youtube video. The two boys in the video have the capability to eat a lot and that is their obsession. But then they have made their obsession as their profession and making money from youtube videos based on eating food competitions. We can even say that their Rahu could be in the 2nd house and 2nd lord placed in the 3rd house. In that case, they are or will be surely making a lot of money from their obsession (Rahu).

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