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What 9th house and Sagittarius represents in Vedic Astrology?

In ancient times people used to leave their homes and travel far in search of a Guru (Jupiter) or mentor. They needed Guru so that they could know God by the blessings of their Guru or get all the knowledge they needed from their Guru.

In the same way, in the current time, when you go abroad or just outside your own town or city for higher studies (in a way Jupiter - Guru) then this is an activity of the 9th house.

It doesn't matter whether you travel for fun or work or studies or for pilgrimage, it is still an act of the 9th house as all this fall under the category of 'long-distance travel' which is represented by the 9th house.

Whenever you explore or search to acquire knowledge then this is an act of the 9th house as the 9th house is the house of exploration. For example, many people wander in forests to study animal behavior and that is also an act of the 9th house.

Jupiter is the lord of the sign of Sagittarius ruling the 9th house. Jupiter is nothing but all the information you need to acquire knowledge of any type. When you search for information whether in books or newspapers or magazines or over the internet (for example through Google search or websites) or on television then this is an activity of the 9th house you are performing.

When you do some research on a subject it is an activity of the 8th house but when you get your original work published in the form of a book or an ebook or over the internet on some website or newspaper or magazine then that is also an act of the 9th house.

When you write or communicate it is the activity of the third house but when you search and read the information it is the 9th house activity. 5th house is the basic education (up to school or college) but when you opt for a degree (higher education) then it is the 9th house. You become a certified professional when you clear the exams and get the degree. Then you can start your profession represented by the 10th house.

So the 10th house is the gain of the 9th house. Likewise, any house in Vedic astrology is the gain of its previous house. That is the reason when any house lord is seated in its next house it gives a lot of gains related to that house during its period. I have written more about it in this article > Best placement of Rahu for wealth.

There are many coaching centers, colleges, institutes, and universities that either prepares you for the exams or provide the certification themselves. All these are the representation of the 9th house. The 5th house represents students and children and the 9th house represents your teachers and religious Gurus. All the religious activities performed on different occasions of life are also the representation of the 9th house.

Just like Leo (5th house sign), Sagittarius (9th house sign) is a fire sign. That is why the Sagittarius Ascendant people have a lot of fire in them. You can find the "Aries" sign on the 5th house in the Vedic birth charts of Sagittarius Ascendant people.

So these people are very active and aggressive in 5th house activities of fun and entertainment, creativity, love and romance, sports, gambling, stock markets etc.

Whichever house you see "Aries sign" in a birth chart that is where that Ascendant is most active or aggressive in life as Aries sign is a representation of physical activity and aggressiveness (as Aries rules the first house of the physical body).

Fire is a sign of truthfulness and following the law. That is the reason Sagittarius and Leo Ascendant people are very honest and followers of Dharma or law. Sagittarius people are not much intelligent but are very good managers.

They have great potential to manage and entertain people by their fiery nature and mostly these people have a fat belly. This is because they have a strong Bhavsagar Chakra which represents the Void in the human subtle system.

This is the stomach portion in the physical body sense. But 5th house is actually the stomach and 9th house represents the thighs. Sagittarius Ascendant people have strong belly and thighs as there is a lot of 9th house energy in them.

Since Pisces sign rules their 4th house they are very peaceful, isolated and spiritual at home. But they are very strict and disciplined with the money as the Capricorn sign is there on their 2nd house of wealth.

They value authority and higher positions and that is the reason they are sometimes too much dominating. They mostly enjoy arguments and often they get into fights and arguments with women. If the Mars is well placed in their vedic birth chart they could become good sportsmen as well.

Virat Kohli and Navjot Singh Sidhu are good examples of Sagittarius Ascendants. The maximum number of Sagittarius Ascendant people you can find in the Indian state of Punjab. Followers of Guru Nanak are mostly Sagittarius Ascendant people.

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