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What is the transformation quality of Scorpio sign in Vedic Astrology?

The sign of Scorpio or the 8th house in Vedic Astrology represents transformation. So what exactly is the meaning of transformation represented by the sign of Scorpio?

Actually, you experience or see transformation all the time in life. For example, If you are doing a job in a bank in a particular city and suddenly if you get the transfer order to be shifted to another city then this is nothing but the representation of Scorpio transformation in Vedic Astrology.

This often happens (along with promotion and demotion) when Saturn or Sun sometimes are passing through the Scorpio sign or 5th house in your birth chart during the transit (gochar).

The 5th house is 8th (8th signifies the 8th house of sudden change) from the 10th house of profession and that is the reason transit from the 5th house can cause the change.

Aquarius Ascendant people have a major problem with the change in jobs (if they are in a job ) because their Scorpio sign is on the 10th house of the profession in their birth chart. That is the reason many Aquarius Ascendant people never settle for long in one job.

Even when they do business there is a possibility of lots of ups and downs in the business as Scorpio is also about sudden ups and downs and it rules their 10th house of profession.

The subject of Chemistry is all about transformation. Water evaporates and transforms into steam when heated. In school labs, you do a lot of experiments of mixing different chemicals with each other to produce something new (example H2 + O = H2O). This is nothing but transformation represented by Scorpio.

Many students who are doing or have done Ph.D. in chemistry have their Jupiter in the sign of Scorpio as they are using their wisdom (Jupiter) in the subject of Chemistry and then in their job or research related to Chemistry which is all about Scorpio transformation.

The magicians who do all the magic tricks is also transformation and representation of the sign of Scorpio or the 8th house. Theatre, film and television actors transform themselves into different characters as per the need of the role > that is the also a Scorpio transformation.

That is the reason Venus in the first house in the sign of Scorpio may give the profession of acting as the first house represents the physical body and physical appearance and Venus is acting (as Venus is creativity). It is not always so but just a possibility. You need to look at other planetary positions too.

The crushing of cereal grains like wheat into flour is also nothing but the transformation from one state to another and an 8th house activity.

Many engineers in different fields of life, web and software programmers, app developers etc are Scorpio Ascendants as they are doing all kinds of complicated coding, wiring, and engineering to produce something new.

When you produce something new or repair something old then it is nothing else but 8th house activity (ruled by Scorpio). So 8th house is not always bad.

Infect Rahu in 8th house is even better than Rahu in 2nd house. Rahu in 2nd house makes you spend a lot in life and lose money because in 2nd house Rahu is obsessed about sensual pleasures and everything luxury in life (as Venus is the ruler of 2nd house and Venus is luxury). Rahu in 2nd house gamble a lot to make quick bucks.

Rahu in 8th house does well because it makes you work hard in life (for example, if you are a web programmer or an engineer your life's whole purpose will be the 8th house activities) and that really helps in making good money in the end.

But sometimes Rahu could be bad also in the 8th house, say if it is in the sign of Taurus (for Libra Ascendant) where it can involve you into hidden sexual activities.

Rahu can even sometimes make you a porn star in the 8th house in the sign of Taurus as the sign of Taurus is all about sensual pleasures (and finances) and in 8th house only pleasure is the sexual pleasure through hidden sexual activities.

I have one of my cousin brothers who is a Scorpio Ascendant. He is into manufacturing of shirts and trousers and manufacturing is also a transformation as you make plain cloth turn into finished products (such as shirts and trousers) to be sold to the retailers. So wherever you see transformation Scorpio is involved.

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