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Sign of Virgo in 2nd house. What does it mean? (Vedic Astrology)

As you can see on the birth chart of a Leo Ascendant that the Virgo sign falls on their 2nd house cusp. This itself means a lot other than the planetary positions in the natal chart.

Virgo is a sign that represents the tax (also debt or lagan in Hindi language) and Leo is a sign that represents the king or the kingdom and a king gets his money through tax revenue generated from the public and that is the major reason the sign of Virgo falls on the 2nd house of wealth.

Also, a Leo Ascendant's life is all about top positions, top posts, throne, winning and reaching to the top, fun & entertainment, love and romance, acquiring knowledge and worshiping God and being in the limelight.

This is because the sun is the ruler of Leo and the sun represents all that I mentioned in the previous line and it appears the brightest start in the day time on earth and everyone can look at it and so it is also the center of attention.

The main aim of Leo Ascendants' life is to achieve top status or position in life with their acquired knowledge or talent and come to the limelight (center of attention) because they have the energy of the sun in them.

I have written more about Leo Ascendant here. In order to reach to the top, they have to compete and overcome the obstacles which are nothing but the representation of the sign of Virgo.

They enjoy the competition and that is what they value in life as they love to reach to the top position as they are the representation of the sun.

What you love to do and what you value in life is nothing but the 2nd house as 2nd house is ruled by Venus. That is the main reason the sign of Virgo falls on their 2nd house.

Many Leo Ascendant people are into ranking websites higher in Google search. They rank their client's websites higher in Google so that their website can receive free traffic from Google search.

For example, just search the term "seo" in Google and the site showing in the number 1 position is searchengineland.com.

Clearly, Leo Ascendant people are a good fit to do this kind of job to rank sites higher in Google as all top positions are nothing but the representation of sun and Leo Ascendants have the energy of the sun in them. That is also the reason they love doing SEO stuff as they value higher ranks or higher status as that is the quality of the sun.

But they have to make relationships and build the network of links (networking is the representation of the 11th house in Vedic Astrology) to their clients' websites (from other websites) in order to rank higher as that is what the procedure is to rank higher in Google.

So, making relationships and building networks is needed to achieve top ranks. That is also the reason the Libra sign falls on the third house of Leo Ascendants' birth chart, as making relationships is their skill (3rd house is of your skills) as Libra is all about making relationships.

That is how Leo Ascendant people grow their network (by making relations) and after getting support from the masses (networking - 11th house in Vedic Astrology) they achieve the top spot and come in the limelight.

It is something like more the votes you will be receiving from the public (11th house is public) more is the chance of winning and thus achieving the top spot (the sun - 5th house).

Many national and international sportsmen are Leo Ascendants as they want to compete and win and achieve the top position and status (name and fame) which is what Leo represents. Most of them have their Mars exalted in the sign of Capricorn in the 6th house (ruled by Virgo) and nothing could be better than the exalted Mars in the 6th house to compete and win as 6th house is the house of competition and obstacles. Exalted Mars will always help in winning over competition and obstacles if it happening in the 6th house.

Also, many Leo Ascendant people are doctors as the sun is the giver of life and good health. Life is not possible on earth without the sun. So many Leo Ascendant people value good health and so they become doctors as the sun, in a way, is a doctor of all of us as it makes life possible on earth. Virgo sign represents medicines and helping the poor and that is also the reason that the sign of Virgo falls on the 2nd house cusp of Leo Ascendant people as they value medicines (natural or manmade) and helping the poor and underprivileged and they enjoy doing that (enjoyment is the representation of 2nd house).

Also, the Leo Ascendants are followers of dharma (law) and so many of them become lawyers and they need to argue (sign of Virgo represents arguments) with the enemy lawyer in order to win and so they value and enjoy arguments (representation of Virgo again). But there is also a lot of arguments and disputes (if some malefic planet like Rahu or Saturn is placed there) with the family as well as the 2nd house also represents the family.

In other words, the ascendant of a person itself tells what most likely he will try to achieve in this life.

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