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What if Muladhara Chakra is weak in a person? (Sahaja Yoga)

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Muladhara Chakra Sahaja Yoga
People with weak Muladhara Chakra doesn't have innocence. But what is innocence? Easy way to understand innocence is to look at the face of children between the age 0-3 years. They are lost in their own world and doesn't even know what is happening around them. Innocence is the power of the deity Shri Ganesha and when you have innocence you have great wisdom in you. Just by looking at a person you will know whether this person is honest from heart or not.

When you have a weak Muladhara Chakra your discretion, wisdom, and morality is lost and then you either cheat others or get cheated by others as you cannot recognize the untruthfulness in the opposite person. You may even lose your moral values. Innocent men, with strong Muladhara Chakra, if they are married (or not married) they will be hesitant to look at the face of other woman or a girl and even the innocent girl or a woman (with strong Muladhara chakra) would hesitate to talk to any other boy or man unless they are her husband or brother.

If a man is not hesitant to talk or make relationships with other women even if he is married then this is really a sign of weak Mooladhara Chakra in him and same is the case for a woman or girl also. The level of innocence is different in different people according to how well their Mooladhara Chakra is developed. If a person is highly innocent (very strong Muladhara chakra) then he/she will be very much dignified and they will be completely surrendered to their husband or wife (if they are married) and they can't even think in their mind about other men or women just like Rama and Sita were. When you have innocence it gives you power and wisdom and that in turn makes you successful in life.

If you are not hesitant to make boyfriends or girlfriends before marriage then this is a sign of weak Muladhara Chakra. If you have a girlfriend or boyfriend before marriage then it will be difficult for you to be successful in studies as innocence is lost when you don't respect your chastity. The level of innocence should be such that you don't even bring any sexual thoughts in your mind then this is what real chastity is.

If you are running behind other women or men even if you are married then this is a sign of very weak Muladhara Chakra. Even if you are thinking about other men or women in your mind this is also a sign of weak (but not very weak) Muladhara Chakra. Even if you are simply talking to other women or men for hours that is also a sign of weak Muladhara Chakra. If you are married and if you are not hesitant to dance with other men or women then that is also a sign of weak Muladhara charka.

Today's young generation says "we are just friends". A girl or boy cannot be a friend. This is again a sign of a Weak Muladhara Chakra. If you truly have a strong Muladhara Chakra then you won't even think of making a boyfriend or girlfriend before marriage. Also, the concept of > living relationships > is totally absurd and it is again a sign of weak Muladhara Chakra.

Many people ask what's the use of getting married? The thing is getting married makes you chaste. That is the reason, in olden days, people were married at an early age so that they become chaste. Chastity gives you great wisdom and morality and that way you lead a happy married life with having trust in each other.

You may ask in what way the person becomes chaste after marriage? You become chaste in the sense that now you become surrendered to one (whom you get married) and the mind is now able to focus on the work in a better way as now you get a sense of responsibility to take care of your family's expenses and livelihood.

The problem in marriage or relationships usually come when you get married late and by then you have already lost your chastity by having relationships with someone else whom you didn't get married or you have already made your mind dirty with all the sexual thoughts in your pre-married life which also makes you lose your chastity to at least some extent if not fully.

If you didn't follow a chaste life before marriage then you cannot even trust your partner after marriage and that is the reason relationships suffer and that is also the reason having a strong Muladhara Charka (strong morals) is important for a good and prosperous life as the only secret of happiness and wealth is good relationships and that will come from trust on each other and by becoming chaste.

When you are chaste then only you can become romantic and romance here I mean true love. True love gives joy inside your heart when you fall in love with someone and doesn't arouse your inner animal instinct of being sexual. Then the babies born out of such true love produce children who are creative like singers and dancers and they are highly moral and dignified. Weak Mooladhara chakra makes you lustful and then you don't understand love and romance. It can even make you rape someone.

One another important thing about strong Muladhara Chakra is > it makes you desireless. I mean then you are not the slave of your desires and you are innocent like a child. You take whatever life gives you and you never complain and you feel happy when you give to others and never worry about your own comforts. On the other hand, people with weak Muladhara chakra would fight and will go to any extent to fulfill their desires and such people are too selfish as when innocence is lost you become selfish and desireful.

If you want to know what chastity can reward you with you can read this article > how the power of chastity can reward you. If you are a Sahaja Yogi and practicing Sahaja Yoga then you should also watch this youtube video where mother has talked about the importance of chastity in our life.

But most people consider their own state of mind or thoughts as the right ones and blame others but just look in yourself whether your own Muladhara Chakra is in good shape?

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