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Know when your website traffic will increase from Vedic Astrology

Vedic Astrology Birth Chart
First of all, you should know how your website traffic will actually increase. Certainly it will increase only when more users from Google search will visit your website. It means you need to rank higher in Google in order to increase your website traffic from search engines like Google and ranking higher means showing up higher in Google search which is nothing but acquiring top positions and top positions are represented by the sign of Leo or Sun in Vedic Astrology. So this was the first thing.

Now the 2nd thing is > website visitors are nothing but your customers who are going to make you money and customers (or your gains) are seen from the 11th house in Vedic Astrology. These are customers only who give you gains in life and so both the customers and gains are represented by the 11th house. So, now, if you want to know when will you start making money from your website or in other words when your website visitors will increase you need to look at the 11th house and its lord.

Suppose you are a Leo Ascendant then in that case Mercury (ruling the sign of Gemini) will rule your 11th house and so the planet Mercury will control your website visitors. If you adding content to your website for past few months and now if you want to know when your website visitors will increase then you should look at the position of Mercury, which is controlling your 11th house, in transits. It doesn't matter much where Mercury is originally placed in your birth chart but it should not be debilitated.

If you don't know how to look at transits this is easy to do. Just download the free Jagannatha Hora software and click on "transits" in the top menu and there you can see the current position of all the planets in the universe when you will click on "transits" for the most current date. Choose different future dates to look at the position of planets in the transit on different future dates. Now check when will Mercury transit through the sign of Leo in the software. This is because the sign of Leo is the sign which can give you higher rankings as I mentioned before in this article.

Suppose Mercury will come in the sign of Leo after 2 months in transit then you can expect your traffic to rise after 2 months. When Mercury will pass through the sign of Leo in transit then at that time Mercury will transit your 1st house in your own birth chart as the sign of Leo falls on the 1st house for a Leo Ascendant. Also, if Sun and Mercury both are transiting at the same time (together) through the sign of Leo or 1st house in your birth chart then it will increase your website traffic even better as Sun itself represents top positions in Vedic Astrology and here Sun is also transiting from its own sign of Leo.

But for a Leo Ascendant Mercury also rules their 2nd house of wealth and in transit when Mercury is passing through your 1st house then it may also incur some expenses to you. This is because 1st house is 12th from the 2nd house of wealth and anything 12th is either loss or expense. It may be that you buy some asset such as gold jewelry (as the sign of Leo represents gold) and you could spend money on that.

It doesn't matter which ascendant or rising sign you were born, it holds true. For example, if you are an Aquarius Ascendant and if Jupiter controls your 11th house then when Jupiter will transit your 7th house in the sign of Leo then you will surely see the rise of traffic on your website. You can also see an extra-ordinary rise in traffic or income if somehow Jupiter is also aspecting the 11th house or aspecting (or sitting with) the lord of the 11th house in the sign of Leo in transit. For Aquarius ascendant, it will already be having the aspect (5th aspect) on the 11th house from the 7th house.

Again, let us consider the case of Leo Ascendant as mentioned above. Even if Mercury is not transiting through the sign of Leo or 1st house for a Leo Ascendant but if there is a double transit of Saturn and Jupiter on the 11th house or on the lord of the 11th house, Mercury, (wherever Mercury is originally placed in the birth chart) then also the traffic and income will rise. Double transit means both Jupiter and Saturn are together aspecting the 11th house.

But if there is double transit of malefics like Rahu and Saturn on the 11th house then the traffic can even drop. So keep tracking what is happening and be careful. Also, it is important to note that the website traffic will increase more better if you are also running the period of the 11th house lord like Mahadasha or Anterdasha or any other short period. Only double transit of Saturn and Jupiter and the case of 11th lord in the sign of Leo won't help much unless the period of the 11th house lord is also running or if any other planet is aspecting the 11th lord or 11th house whose period is running. So this is how it goes.

Also, it is important to check the Astakvarga points both Jupiter and Saturn are giving to the 11th house out of 8. You can check this also in the Jagannatha Hora software I mentioned above in this article. If Astakvarga points are less than 4 then it won't give many good results and the results will only be average. But if Astakvarga points given by Saturn and Jupiter to the 11th house are good such as above 4 then you can make a lot of money from your website.

Double transit of Saturn and Jupiter is always good whichever house it is happening but it will give results of that house only where the double transit is happening. But Mercury is transiting through the 4th house in the sign of Scorpio in your birth chart then you may see a lot of fluctuations in your rankings in Google as Scorpio is a sign of sudden ups and downs. But if there is a negative aspect of Saturn or Rahu on the 4th from dusthana houses like 6, 8 or 12 then the rankings may even drop.

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