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When Rahu is most negative in a birth chart (Vedic Astrology)?

Rahu is actually most negative and can cause a lot of problems in life if the lord of the sign it sits in is located in the 8th house or 6th house or 12th house (all 3 are Dusthana houses) of the Vedic birth chart.

This creates more problem if the degree of Rahu is more. When the degree is more Rahu amplifies the sign and its lord where it sits. I have already written about it in the article > What Rahu can do in the sign of Leo in the 2nd house. But there are exceptions too.

For example, if Rahu is placed in the sign of Aries in the 4th house (for Capricorn Ascendant) and if Mars (the lord of Aries) is placed in the 8th house in the sign of Leo then there is a great risk of sudden accidents and injuries in life as 8th house is of sudden events.

But if the sun, the ruler of the sign of Leo, is also sitting along with Mars in the 8th house in its own sign Leo then the risk is not much unless something like Ketu is also placed there because Ketu is headless and natural malefic.

A planet always protects if it is sitting in its own sign. Any planet that is placed in its own sign is always good and it doesn't matter which house it is.

4th house is the house of conveniences of life and also represents vehicles. Rahu in the sign of Aries, especially in the 4th house, may make the person obsessed about driving vehicles (also sports) and if the lord of Aries, Mars, is placed in the 8th house then certainly there is a risk of accidents and injuries unless the sun is also placed along with Mars (as already mentioned above).

The aspect of Jupiter on Mars can also save death in an accident otherwise death is also possible when malefic planets aspect Mars in transit, such as when Saturn (a natural malefic) is also aspecting Mars in the 8th house while sitting in the 6th house (3rd aspect) of the birth chart.

Rahu in the sign of Aries and Mars (the lord of Aries) in the 6th house can also give injuries as the 6th house is also a dusthana house along with 8th and 12th. You compete and fight when Mars is in the 6th house as the 6th house is the house of competition, fights, physical training, arguments, and obstacles, and Mars also represents competition, aggression, physical activities, enthusiasm as Mars is the energy in you and this energy is generated when you eat food.

That is the reason many sportsmen, policemen, and people in the army have their Rahu in Aries and Mars in the 6th house. But injuries can even come due to playing sports or for any other reason when sometimes physical fights happen in life with enemies or competitors (also represented by the 6th house).

Many Pisces ascendant people become Pimps when their Rahu is placed in the sign of Aries in the 2nd house and Mars (the lord of Aries) is placed in the 8th house in the sign of Libra (a sign of relationships). Mars is the significator of sexual activities (as it rules the sign of Scorpio also) and in the 8th house, it may engage a person into hidden or illegal sexual activities.

Rahu in the 2nd house makes you enjoy the pleasures of life as by default the 2nd house is ruled by Venus. Doing sex is also a pleasure and so when Mars is in the 8th house (while Rahu in Aries in 2nd house) the person gets involved in hidden and illegal sexual activities to earn money from it.

Rahu in the sign of Taurus in the 2nd house (for Aries Ascendant) and Venus (the ruler of Taurus) in the sign of Scorpio along with Mars (ruler of the first house for Aries Ascendant) in the 8th house may also give the inclination towards illegal sexual activities (even Rape).

2nd house is actually meant for the greed of money and sensual pleasures and when you do wrong to get that money or pleasures it is the activity of the 8th house. That is the reason the lord of the 2nd house sitting in the 8th house is not good (especially when Rahu is in the 2nd house).

Rahu is actually negative in any sign if the degree of Rahu is high but there is an exception. If the lord of the sign where the Rahu sits is debilitated then actually it is better.

For example, if Rahu is in Aries and if Mars (lord of Aries) is debilitated in the sign of cancer then it is actually good particularly if the degree of Rahu is high (greater than 20).

This is because Rahu amplifies the sign Aries and its lord Mars (if the degree is high) so the debilitation gets canceled by the amplification and then the planet behaves normal instead of amplified. Amplified planets create a lot of problem in life.

This is often termed as 'neech bhang raj yog'. I have already written more about it in the article > What Rahu can do in the sign of Leo in the 2nd house.

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