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Can 7th lord in 2nd house give multiple marriages or relationships? (Vedic Astrology)

Vedic Astrology Birth Chart of multiple relationships or marriages
One of the things that 7th house represents is > relationship or marriage. Also, 2nd house is 8th from the 7th house and anything 8th means death or endings. Now when 7th house lord is placed in the 2nd house it means the end of relationships or marriage which could even be divorce or ups and downs in relationships as anything 8th is also ups and downs. Ups and downs here means you may never be able to settle with one partner and as a result, you may also have multiple relationships.

On the left, just check the birth chart of a person (click here to check the birth if you are on mobile) who have this placement of 7th lord in the 2nd house and she got into relationships break up many a times and she is fed up of this problem as she could not settle with any one partner. You can see that she is a Virgo Ascendant and her 7th house lord, Jupiter, is placed in the 2nd house along with Rahu and Venus.

2nd house is of sensual pleasures which could even be sex as sex is also sensual pleasure. In the default zodiac, Venus rules the 2nd house and Venus is all about sensual pleasures and so the 2nd house also represents sensual pleasures. Now when 7th house lord is placed in the 2nd house it means sensual pleasure in relationships as 7th house is of relationships which could even be love and romance and even sex. But since 2nd house is 8th from the 7th house it means secret relationships as anything 8th also means "secretive" as 8th house is of secrets and so anything 8th is also secretive.

Also, if you see her 5th house lord, Saturn, is placed in the 6th house and 5th house is of love and romance. 6th house is always the gain of the 5th house as 6th house is 2nd from the 5th house and anything 2nd is > gains. Now when 5th lord is placed in the 6th house it means gain in love and romance. Also, 5th lord, Saturn, is placed in the sign of Aquarius in the 6th house which means multiple love and romance as Aquarius is a sign of multiple or network. But since 6th house is also of difficulties and problems it means problem and difficulties in love and romance.

Also, if you see her 12th lord Sun is placed in the 12th house of bed pleasures and Sun represents fun and also love & romance and this also shows love relationships behind the scenes as 12th house is the house of behind the scenes. 12th lord in the 12th house also made her move to a foreign country and she is not settled in a foreign country.

Her 11th lord, Moon, is debilitated in the 3rd house which means a karmic problem with her friend circle or network circle as the sign of Scorpio is a karmic sign which means it is a sign that could result in things because of past life deeds. Also, 11th house is also the house of hopes and wishes and since the 11th lord is debilitated in the 3rd house it means her hopes and wishes are not pure and she is not satisfied with one friend.

The biggest problem is the placement of Rahu in the 2nd house, along with Venus, which is making her obsessed (as Rahu is an obsession in our life) about making relationships to obtain sensual pleasures. Her Rahu has basically gone in the 2nd house because of the fact that her 11th lord, Moon, is debilitated in the 3rd house which is giving her impure desire of making multiple sexual or love partners. Debilitated Moon is really a big problem as then your mind when getting stuck with something it cannot get out from there as Scorpio is a very seductive sign.

If Moon in Scorpio person is addicted to sex then he will never be able to get out of it as Scorpio is such a seductive sign. Also, most of the planets when debilitated makes you immoral in some way or the other. So this was a real-life example chart of multiple relationships and this chart makes perfect sense of multiple relationships.

Her Mars, however, is very strong in the 10th house which could give a lot of sexual power (as Mars rules the Muladhara Chakra represented by the 8th house) but if you are making misuse of your power in sexual activities then in the next life it maybe you will born with a debilitated Mars then you will say why I am suffering. So you need to be careful with your life. Don't be immoral in any way as it is then going to make you suffer in the next life if not in this life.

If you are doing business partnership or making contracts then 7th lord in 2nd house may also give a lot of ups and downs in your partnership. It means you may need to change your partner a lot. The best is to > not be involved in a partnership as it may fail. This placement of 7th lord in 2nd house is also often found in people who are in stock trading or stock investment and you also see a lot of ups and downs when you buy and sell in stock markets. So this is a very risky placement.

You should avoid the stock market with this placement as losses are likely if 12th house lord is also placed in the 2nd house. Since 12th house is of losses it means your losses will be from 2nd house when 12th lord is placed in the 2nd house. And when 7th house lord is placed in the 2nd house it means you may be involved in the stock market or gambling or some speculative business.

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