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Where or How to actually experience your past life in reality?

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Past Life
Apni Past Life Ke Bare Mein Kaise Jane

If you are enthusiastic about knowing what actually you were in your past life then it is actually quite possible through a method called > past life regression (PLR) therapy. You don't need to learn anything about this therapy but there is a person named Sanjiv Malik who is the CEO and founder at > Mission Genius Mind Consultant Pvt. Ltd. This person is a hypnotherapist and an expert in PLR and he will take you to your past lives but he charges a small fee for that.

This process involves 2-3 hours and during that period you can experience and see what everything happened to you in your past lives. You will be able to know where exactly were you born in your past life and who all were your relatives and where they are in this life. If you want to know you can know only your one past life or if you want you can know many other previous lives. You can visit this page on the official website of Sanjiv Malik which is exactly the page where you can watch a video about the live demo of this therapy. In the 2nd half of this video one person who had gone through his past life is telling his experience.

Actually this therapy is done together in a closed room with many people at the same time and all of them can see their past lives at the same time. This works because our subconscious mind can reach to any place at any speed within seconds and we only need to know the technique to do it. All our past life memories are already stored in the subconscious mind and those are never deleted and we can re-open them through past life therapy technique. If you want to use this technique on your own at home then watch this youtube video by Sanjiv Malik itself. Sanjiv Malik is also offering a DVD for past and future life regression for Rs.3000 and you can also learn this technique through this DVD.

This person is actually a very genuine person and so you don't need to worry that he will mesmerize you or possess you. There is nothing like that. If you don't trust him then first watch all his videos on youtube and that is certainly going to convince you. He knows all the secrets of the astral world and he does everything in a legal and genuine way and he is an engineer by profession and he has also worked for Samsung company.

A lot of people are already benefitting from his expertise and making their life better through his meditation techniques. If you need practical experience of your past life deeds then this is the real person whom you really need to go to. He also teaches to activate your 3rd eye and so he makes you a true yogi with just a small fee. He is also teaching a lot of free things on his youtube channel.

There are also a lot of benefits of past life regression therapy and a lot of people have got cured of some of their fear and confusion in their mind. The thing is > when something bad has happened to you in this life then you blame others for this. But many such people realized that they themselves were responsible for what everything bad that is happening or happened with them in this life once they saw their past life. This way they stopped blaming others and this resolved their disputes with others. The thing is you reap what you sow and that is the truth of life.

You can also read this book on Amazon if you’re interested in spiritual issues or in learning more about reincarnation and how our previous lives affect our present life, you’ll be fascinated to read the journeys of Steve’s clients as they release the traumas of their past lifetimes and achieve wholeness in this life.

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