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Problems never last forever and problems cannot be overcome before time

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Past Life
Sometimes we have a problem in life and we don't know how long it will last. We keep trying and nothing really works to overcome the problem. The thing is > we get certain problem in this life due to our past life deeds or past lives deeds. This is the law of nature > as you sow so shall you reap. If you don't believe in past lives then you should read this post on > past life regression therapy and then you will be able to believe in past lives.

To give you an example, there was a person who suffered from a disease called > elephantiasis and no doctors could cure him for past 7.5 years but exactly after 7.5 years, he got cured by some yogi or a healer in the Himalayas. The important thing to note here is > he exactly got cured after 7.5 years and this was because of a concept called Sade Sati in Vedic Astrology. Sade Sati means 7.5 years of planet Saturn and sometimes this period becomes troublesome when Saturn is not well placed in the birth chart or horoscope. For this, you need to have at least a basic understanding of Vedic Astrology.

Here I mean to say there are definite periods in life for which we suffer and that is determined through > planetary time periods in our Vedic horoscope or birth chart. The time periods in our lives are controlled by different planets and those are called Mahadasas in Vedic Astrology. As an example, let us consider the horoscope of a person and see below what time of his life was controlled by which planet.

7-12-1962 to 7-12-1981 > Period of Saturn

7-12-1981 to 7-12-1998 > Period of Mercury

7-12-1998 to 7-12-2005 > Period of Ketu

7-12-2005 to 7-12-2025 > Period of Venus

7-12-2025 to 8-12-2031 > Period of Sun........and so on.

Clearly you can see we are controlled by different planets in different time periods of our life and that is what decides our fate. However hard you try and any amount of money you spend unless your bad time period ends you will not be able to cure yourself. But I am talking here about long time sufferings only and not something like > short time fever, a small injury, etc. But even short time sufferings are also controlled by shorter planetary time periods such as Antardasas and Pratyantardasas and these both come under Mahadasa which I mentioned earlier. You can easily check these Dasas in your life in a Vedic Astrology software which is available for free over the internet. Through Vedic Astrology, you can easily know what is coming in the future but you need to have expertise in it.

So the thing is > sometimes you cannot overcome your problems in life but through Vedic Astrology, you can at least know for how much time your bad period will last. Just make sure you take a reading from some reputable and expert astrologer otherwise you may even get wrong advice as there are also a lot of false astrologers out there who doesn't know anything.

The person who suffered from elephantiasis (as I mentioned above) wanted to know why only he was suffering for past so many years while other people on this earth don't seem to have this problem. The answer to that came when he went through > past life regression therapy > and through that, he could see that in the past life he made some person his slave and didn't let him meet his family and kept him in a prison in his home. That is the real reason he suffered in this life with a horrible disease such as elephantiasis. So now it should be clear > why we suffer and why we cannot overcome our problem sometimes even after so many years.

You might have seen people who suddenly rise in life or suddenly their career or health goes down. This all happens due to our good or bad karmas in the past life or past lives and this is controlled by our planetary time periods. So we cannot take anything for granted. We need to do good karma in order to get something good in this life or the next life. But good karmas are always rewarding and we also have to suffer for bad karmas.

Also, it is completely wrong to blame others for our sufferings as we only suffer due to our own deeds. Once you know this you will never argue with anyone in this life and that is going to make you a better person. We need to accept our fate and should not blame or curse others as then it will bring more suffering. That is the reason, it is so important to know how everything works in our life. People don't know about all these things are committing suicides and that is going to bring more suffering to them. This nature is very cruel to those who are sinners and so it is important to remain away from sin.

You see so many people die in road accidents or through murders and that is the result of our past life sins only and nothing else. If you think you can do anything you want even it is wrong and you won't suffer then it is your false notion. Even if you do something wrong by hiding then also you cannot escape as God or the universe is very clever to know everything that we are doing even by hiding. So best is to lead this life according to dharma and then the life would become enjoyable and peaceful for you.

Now here is the thing > if you have any problem in life then don't panic and don't give up the hope because it will not last forever. It is a maximum of 18 years or 21 years for which you can suffer and after that, you will automatically get cured or find a way to cure yourself. But you could also get cured earlier also but it will depend on due to which planet you are suffering and what is the time period of that planet and for that you need to study Vedic astrology or go to an astrologer. The problem could be anything such as > it may even be a relationship problem. Don't think of suicide as then it is going to suffer you more. Also, there is no way to eliminate or stop the sufferings before time as this karmic and we need to pay our karmic debt and we cannot escape at any cost but we learn from our sufferings and then never do wrong things again and that is also stored in your subconscious mind and so we don't even do that sin again in our future lives.

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