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How to grow spiritual energy Pisces and get out of debilitated Moon? (Vedic Astrology)

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Debilitated Moon is a big problem and also if Moon is aspected or conjuncted by Saturn (with close degree) then it can make the native very depressive. To overcome this the only solution is to grow the spiritual energy > Pisces > in our body and this is only possible through kundalini power awakening. Now you may be wondering what this kundalini shakti or kundalini power is?

Kundalini power is a power located inside every human being in the dormant state (sleep state) and once it gets awakened we can grow the spiritual energy of Pisces within us and this is what we need to get out of depression as this cosmic energy of Pisces heals us. Once this kundalini power gets awakened you will feel this energy as a cool breeze flowing from the palm of your hands and fontanel bone area (top corner of the head).

This power is located in the Muladhara chakra in the human subtle system and it is like a coil of a serpent and once it gets awakened it reaches to the top corner of the head on the 7th and last chakra called Sahastrara Chakra which is located on the top corner of the head and that is the reason you feel the cool breeze on the top corner of the head and this is nothing but the spiritual energy of Pisces which is reflected in the form of cool breeze.

There are three channels in the human subtle system and the kundalini passes through the central channel once it gets awakened but some false gurus (those who don't know) tries to awaken this kundalini from the left or right channel and that is very dangerous as then it may possess you from dead spirits.

Sahaja Yoga is the only non-profit organization which helps you to awaken this power from the central channel and thus giving you your true self-realization and then this becomes your new birth as then you get connected with God or the ultimate energy of the universe and then all the prayers you make to God reaches him. You cannot reach to God and make your prayers reach to him unless you are connected to the source which is the kundalini. Know more > how to get this power to awaken and then how to grow it through everyday meditation for 10 minutes.

All the talented people you see on this earth have very rich Pisces energy in them and that is the reason they are so successful in their particular field. You can see the horoscopes of people participating in national or international level sports competitions such as Asian Games and Olympics and most of them have at least one of their planets in the sign of Pisces which shows they have a very strong spiritual energy in them in some part of their body for which they have the expertise in any type of game.

Now, one can awaken this kundalini power in a legal and the right way from the central channel other than some incarnation and Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi, founder of Sahaja Yoga, was an incarnation and she was the one who founded this yoga and rewarded people with kundalini awakening. Though now she is no more alive but then also this power can be awakened by visiting any of the Sahaja Yoga centers located in almost every major city of the world but in India, you can find Sahaja Yoga centers even in almost all the villages. Look for a center near you at the official website of Sahaja Yoga.

But you can even experience this awakening online by following the link I mentioned above. But the thing is > mostly people don't trust all these things but then there is no other real way to grow spiritually and if you have really done something good in your past lives you will be able to recognize this power and start practicing it. But people having problems in their chakras don't feel this energy in the beginning and so they don't trust this and ultimately give up which is like kicking the treasure of luck. You need to recognize an incarnation as only incarnations are selfless and their motive is nothing else than social welfare. All the other Gurus are mostly doing the business of spirituality.

There are deities associated with the 7 chakras in the human subtle system and the whole process of kundalini awakening is carried out through the working of these deities who are in control of the incarnation > Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi (Mother). So to get out of the effects of debilitated planets in the birth chart this is the only real way. It also doesn't matter which planet whether Mars, Saturn, Sun, Moon, Venus, Mercury or Jupiter is debilitated and you can eliminate the effect of debilitated planets in your life through this yoga of kundalini awakening and meditation. You can always contact me through this site if you want to know more or if you have any doubt.

Your faith and trust in Sahaja Yoga will only grow once you listen to mother's lectures through different youtube videos and then only you will realize how knowledgeable this incarnation is. Sahaja Yoga is practiced in more than 100 countries and that is the biggest achievement for any yoga spreading so much.

You will find the face of people glittering who are practicing Sahaja Yoga as it helps eliminate all diseases and develop your spiritual energy giving you abilities to achieve anything in life you want to achieve and that is the beauty of this ultimate yoga. Also, there is no fee involved as you cannot pay for the experience of divine love and incarnations don't charge. Shirdi's Sai Baba was another incarnation before mother's incarnation and Sai Baba is still being worshipped all over India and he did all the social welfare without charging anything during his time in the 18th century. It's important to remove the effect of debilitated planets and this is the only true way to achieve this.

Plz note: I am an astrologer from New Delhi, India and if you need horoscope reading services or want to learn some real secrets of Vedic Astrology that actually works then plz contact me through this site.

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