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What is the life of a Pisces Ascendant all about? (Vedic Astrology 12th house)

The sign of Pisces rules the 12th house in the natural zodiac. The 12th house is mainly the house of spirituality and isolation and Jupiter rules this house in the default birth chart.

The 11th house is the society and people you live with. When somehow you cut-off from society then you go into the isolation of the 12th house.

For example, many Yogis are cut-off from social life (11th house) and reside in the Himalayas in isolation which is nothing but the representation of the 12th house. Many people are cut-off from society and spend their life on the streets in isolation as no one is there to care for them. Many among those people are Pisces Ascendants as their life is all about a lonely and isolated life.

Many of biological oceanographers and marine biologists study animals and plants in the ocean or marine environment. Many of them are Pisces Ascendants as their life is mostly about spending time deep into the ocean which is nothing but the representation of the 12th house of deep water and isolation.

My brother's Ketu is in the 12th house in his Vedic birth chart and he was also running the period of Ketu (Antardasha) and during that time he went for a Scuba Diving trip which is also a representation of the 12th house as the 'underwater world' is nothing but the representation of the 12th house.

Though my brother is not a Pisces Ascendant, I only mean to say > events related to 12th house happen when the period of the 12th house lord is running or if the period of the planet sitting in the 12th house is running.

Pisces is really a sign of moving out of this normal world such as going to the Himalayas or other mountains for trekking, hiking, and mountaineering, riding an air balloon or a helicopter, jumping from an airplane using a parachute, doing ice skating or skiing, diving into the swimming pool, etc. All these activities make you move out of this normal world and that is what the sign of Pisces is all about. Read in more details in the article > Venus in Pisces.

The 12th house is mostly known for losses but it is only the loss of physical self. This is because it is 12th from the 1st house and the 1st house is nothing but your physical self. 12th house from any house is the loss of that house. For example, the 7th house is the house of > relationships and partnerships > and so the 6th house (12th from 7th) is the loss of relationships or partnerships. That is the reason some astrologers consider the 6th house like the house of divorce. If the 7th lord is placed in the 6th house then it can end or create relationship problems.

The sign of Capricorn rules the 11th house of a Pisces Ascendant and this shows they could be into social welfare or in other words they serve the public after taking an authoritative position in the government. They are mostly into civil services because of the sign of Capricorn on their 11th house which is a house of serving the public or social welfare.

Civil means relating to the citizens or the general public and Capricorn is a sign of status, authority, and the government. You will find many Pisces Ascendants working for the government especially if their Rahu is placed in the 11th house in the sign of Capricorn in the Nakshatra of Shravana.

Pisces Ascendant people have their Aries sign on the 2nd house. So the money doesn't really stay with them as they spend the money quickly as Mars (ruler of Aries) is a gambler and not like Saturn who sacrifices comforts to save money. That is the reason many Pisces Ascendants gambles or invest in the stock markets, especially if their Mars (lord of 2nd house) is placed in the 5th house (of stock markets) in the sign of Cancer and Rahu is placed in the 2nd house.

Though you may see Mars debilitated here (Mars is debilitated in the sign of cancer) but it is actually not because Rahu in the sign of Aries in 2nd house amplifies Mars (lord of Aries) to cancel the debilitation. I have written more about Rahu amplification in the post > Why Rahu could be both good and bad?

A Pisces Ascendant person can even kill or physically hurt someone for money especially if their Rahu is in 2nd house and Mars (lord of 2nd house) is placed in the 8th house (learn here why 8th house is not good) in the sign of Libra along with Ketu. Ketu is headless and doesn't think.

Ketu and Mars conjunction then become very dangerous in the 8th house as it suggests to be aggressive (as Mars is aggression) without thinking of the consequences (as Ketu is headless). This conjunction becomes more dangerous if there is also a 3rd aspect of Saturn (as Saturn is action to support the energy of Mars) on the 8th house from 6th house and no any aspect from Jupiter.

Many Pimps are also Pisces Ascendants as they hide from society and get involved in hidden sexual activities.

On the good side, many Pisces Ascendants are also Lawyers and into creative fields like acting.

Acting is an act of Venus (2nd house ruler in the default chart) as Venus is creativity. And Pisces Ascendants are physically very active in 2nd house activities as Aries sign rules their 2nd house which is a representation of physical activity. And if Mars is in the 2nd house the person could go into creative fields. The location of Venus will decide what exactly will be the field of creativity.

Many Pisces ascendants are priests and lawyers as they have the authority in Dharma (law) as their sign of Sagittarius falls into the 10th house of profession and authority. But Rahu must be in the 10th house along with Mars and the sun for a possibility of becoming a lawyer especially. You may ask how Pisces ascendant could become lawyers. This is because their Scorpio sign falls on the 9th house of law which means they do research on law and hidden knowledge.

If Mars is in the first house of a Pisces Ascendant then their body could be very flexible like a fish. In general, the Pisces Ascendant People are very flexible like a fish.

The 12th house is also of foreign lands and isolated places. If the Ascendant lord is placed in the 12th house then there is a possibility (depending on the position of other planets) that the person could settle in some foreign land or foreign country or leads an isolated life (over the internet or otherwise) and do research on growing the network of their business or service.

What type of network it will be > will depend on the location of Saturn (12th house lord) in the birth chart. But certainly, the native will be using their discretion to grow their network of products or services (it could also be an expansion of their website). Read more here > Jupiter in Aquarius sign in the 12th house

Hospitals, Jails, Asylums, ashrams, country borders, etc. where people who are cut-off from the normal life stay are also the representation of the 12th house.

Also, a lot of planets in the 12th house could suggest working behind the scenes like media, television, internet, cinema, etc as the 12th house is 10th from the 3rd house of media and so the 12th house is the profession of the 3rd house. Pisces people are also good dancers especially if their Saturn is placed in the first house as 12th house represents the feet.

Rahu is in 8th house for Pisces Ascendant

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