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Why you should not trust anyone other than incarnation?

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Nirmala Mataji Sahaja Yoga
First of all, we should know what incarnation is. According to Wikipedia, the descent from heaven of a God, deity or divine being in human form on earth is called an incarnation. When we face problems in life we run to many doctors and when doctors cannot help then we also go to gurus, priests, astrologers and other types of occultists, and spiritual saints. But we don't really know whether these people are truthful or not and whether the solution provided by them is good for us or not. Even many people go to spiritual saints for their spiritual growth but they are caught in the wrong beliefs and suffer more instead of getting cured or taking their true spiritual path. You should know that the false or fake gurus may even possess you as they may be having tantric siddhi.

You may find them giving spiritual lectures and they may even be good speakers but from inside their only motive is to make money anyhow and they don't care whether they are showing the right path or not to their devotees. They will make an innocent face while giving speeches but this is all acting just like film stars do acting and it looks so real in movies and television serials. So we need to have that ability to recognize these false people.

On the other hand, an incarnation is God or deity who has taken the human form just for the social welfare and establishing the truth or dharma on the earth. They do everything selflessly and they don't have any such motive of making money by creating fear in others. Incarnations are remembered and worshipped for many many years even after they die.

For example, Lord Rama and Lord Krishna are still remembered and still worshipped though they incarnated some 2000-5000 years back. This is the biggest thing about incarnations as these are the true spiritual people as they are the God or Deities themselves who are in some way the contributor for the creation of this universe. And when we follow such incarnations than we truly achieve our true spiritual path and also get rid of our problems through their guidelines.

Here are the 10 of the true gurus who appeared on this earth as an incarnation of Adi Guru Dattatreya in the recent past in different countries and you can easily trust the teachings of these people and you can also take their names and taking their names as a mantra won't hurt you but will do something good. On the other hand, Mantras given by false gurus may even possess you and as a result, some dead spirit may enter your body giving you more troubles with the health and wealth and also will force you to give your everything to those called false gurus.

Here are all the 10 Gurus who were actually incarnations.

Shri Raja Janaka – King of Mithila and Father of Shri Sita, wife of Shri Rama (India c. 8000 BC).

Shri Abraham – Forefather of the 12 tribes of Israel (Israel c. 2000 BC).

Shri Zarathustra – Instituted Monotheism and fire worship (Persia c. 1800 BC).

Shri Moses – Founder of Jewish law (Egypt c. 1250BC).

Shri Lao-Tsu – Author of Tao Te Ching (China b. 604 BC).

Shri Confucius – Taught ethics and compiled I Ching (China b. 549 BC).

Shri Socrates – Founder of Greek philosophy (Greece b. 431 BC).

Shri Mohammed – Founder of Islam (Arabia d. 632 AD).

Shri Guru Nanak – Founder of the Sikhs (India b. 1469 AD).

Shri Sainath of Shirdi – Who prophesied Shri Mataji’s birth (India c. 1840 – 1918 AD).

Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi - Founder of Sahaja Yoga and kundalini awakening yoga.

Shri Sainath of Shirdi was last recognized incarnation until the incarnation of Adi Shakti appeared on earth in the year 1923 and she is none other than > Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi. Now if you are really looking for spiritual growth and want to get rid of any problem you have whether it is a financial problem or even if it is related to health or wealth you should follow > what have been said in Sahaja Yoga, founded by Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi and also then you don't need to go to any other guru or an occultist for your problems as Sahaja Yoga has solution to all problems.

You can always trust an incarnation as they clearly understand the internal structure of our body and also understand the subtle system of our body containing the seven chakras and the kundalini power as incarnations appear from the subtle universe and they can even read the mind of we human beings and so they better know who is right and who is wrong or what is good and what is bad for us. Other incarnations were like Lord Rama, Lord Krishna, Lord Budha, Lord Mahavir, Lord Jesus, etc. Here are the 10 incarnations of Lord Vishnu, the God. The Kalki incarnation of Lord Vishnu has still to come.

You may want to know how to recognize an incarnation. The first important thing about any incarnation is that they don't charge anything for their teachings. You can see > Sahaja Yoga, founded by Shri Mataji, is a registered non-profit organization and Sahaja Yoga is practiced in almost every country of the world now. You can locate the Sahaja Yoga center near you on the official website and it doesn't matter which country you are and when you go there they give you your self-realization and they never charge anything.

You can learn the technique of meditation through your kundalini power awakening free of cost and then simply you need to work on your spiritual progress by regular meditation of 10-15 minutes daily. You can even spend more time in meditation for faster growth. Also, you will learn how to get rid of all the known diseases in this world (even which are incurable in science) by cleansing your chakras and without spending money on medicines. The best thing is that you get the security as once you get your self-realization through Sahaja Yoga mother protects you from all the mishappenings in life as then you become in the kingdom of God. Learn more about the kingdom of God in the link I gave in the previous line and then you will better know why you are protected when you join Sahaja Yoga.

Other than people who are incarnations you can also trust people who are self-realized and who have attained the depth in Sahaja Yoga by practicing for many years. So join Sahaja Yoga and make friends in Sahaja Yoga and learn everything from them and then you will see how everything changes dramatically in all the areas of your life as the awakening of kundalini power is the ultimate way to know thyself and attain salvation or Moksha or so-called liberation. The main purpose of an incarnation is to give you happiness until you are on this earth and finally give you liberation when you die. Material success is also possible if you don't need liberation.

If some guru is charging you to give you magical powers or give you Sidhis or promising something in the future then simply run away. In Sahaja Yoga, there is a way to recognize a false guru. When you get your kundalini power awakened the cool breeze will flow from the palm of your hands and when you will put both hands towards a false guru and then will ask mother about that person then it could give you hot vibrations or hot breeze and this gives an indication that this is a false guru. On the other hand, for a true guru, you will feel a cool breeze. This technique can be used to recognize any person and also this technique will help you in making business deals or partnerships.

You can easily know whether the person whom you are dealing with is worthy or not. You will learn a lot in Sahaja Yoga once you go into the depth of it through mother's lectures on youtube or through books and audiotapes on Sahaja Yoga.

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