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How kids success is dependant on their parents character in Vedic Astrology?

Kids Success
Parents often complain that their daughter or son is not attentive and don't attain good marks in the exams. The thing is > there is a strong connection between a child's mind and his/her mother's mind in Vedic Astrology as Moon represents our mind and mother both in Vedic Astrology. So if a mother is not attentive and disciplined then the child's mind cannot also be attentive and this is quite a fact. So if you are complaining about your child's or son's or daughter's failure then the reason is you only.

A child's mind and a child's education (or knowledge) is governed by Moon and Sun respectively in Vedic Astrology and Moon and Sun are also the representation of mother and father respectively. So both the education (or knowledge) and mind of a child are dependant on their parents. For example, if a mother's attention is all the time in watching television (or enjoying something) and doing unnecessary chit-chat all the time then her child cannot be attentive and he will not be able to concentrate in studies because his/her mother's attention is not stable which is affecting the child's attention.

The thing is > if you want your child to give up their desires and pay attention to studies then as a mother or father you have to do the same thing. You must give up your desires and give up your enjoyment and do a kind of work where you can pay attention to something seriously even if it is a kitchen work or a making of art on cloth or even making of an art on a piece of paper.

This is the only way you can make the mind of your child attentive during exams. If you are doing all the time parties and not putting yourself in some serious work and also not paying attention to the requirements of your kids properly then the success will be difficult for your child.

Now you may ask what's the reason behind this? The reason is DNA. DNA of a person matches 50% at least with other members in the family if not 100%. Even the ghosts can travel in different members of the family along the same DNA and it is because of the same DNA only they are able to travel. So when one person is affected by a ghost then the whole family members are affected in some way. The same way the karmas of parents are affecting the karmas of their children.

As a husband and wife, you should also give up your bed pleasures as that will also be greatly helpful for your child's success and this is the biggest secret most people don't understand. If you don't trust this then practice this for 1 year and see the results of your children in studies. When you lose purity in excessive sex your mind becomes dull as sex is controlled by Shir Ganesha and Ganesha is the giver of wisdom and so wisdom is lost when you make Ganesha unhappy through the pleasure of sex as sex is not meant for pleasure and it is only meant to produce children. Know more about it in the article about Muladhara Chakra and innocence.

I have seen many cases where students have successfully completed their higher education in just one attempt and I found many of these students having a single parent. Either they don't have a father or don't have a mother.

For example, if a student doesn't have father then her mother becomes extremely focused in life as all the responsibilities of earning money, taking care of all the expenses, etc are now on her. In other words, she has to sacrifice a lot and she has to be fully attentive and that in turn also make her son's or daughter's mind also focused and that is the reason they become so successful in studies. It is the sacrifice only that is going to give you success as God loves people who sacrifice their own comforts for others and then he gives you success.

Also, I have seen many people winning a lot of money in quiz shows like Kaun Banega Crorepati, hosted by Amitabh Bachchan, the great Indian film actor, and you will see these people have sacrificed so much in their life and that is the reason God is now rewarding them. Some of the contestants who won good amount had an only single parent or they lived in poverty and so sacrificed a lot.

Sacrifice doesn't mean just the sacrifice of material wealth but you also need to sacrifice the pleasure of your senses such as sex and also need to give up your anger, attachment, lust, ego, etc. According to Bhagavat Gita (said by Shri Krishna), you need to give up your Kaama, Krodha, Lobha, Moha, and Aahankara in order to achieve something good in life and if you want to attain Moksha or liberation.

If you are lustful yourself don't expect your children to be attentive and unlustful. They will be even more then. Love your children but by being detached and nurture them unconditionally. I mean just don't expect anything in return from them. If you are good they will also be good > it is that simple a logic. You yourself should be focused and then your children will also be focused in their life. It doesn't matter which work you are focused but you should be focused on your karma and not all the time enjoying life through television and the internet.

I know of a person who was not doing any job and just sitting idle at home and watching television all the time and later he suffered from depression and then prayed God to give him some work as he was so bored of watching television all the time. So if television has to give you enjoyment then why that person ultimately got bored of it? This is because true enjoyment is in fulfilling your karmas and keeping a balance of everything in life. You should enjoy your work and if you don't enjoy then either you are in the wrong profession or there is some problem with you. You should meditate in that case and here is a good way to meditate that can change your life completely.

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