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How to tackle a swing ball while batting in cricket? (sports)

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Sachin Tendulkar
It is actually very difficult to play a ball that swings after landing on the pitch. These swing balls could come > both from a spin bowler or a fast bowler. Also, there are balls that become uneven after landing on the pitch in the game of cricket. To overcome such uneven or swing bowling you need to do your homework. I mean during practice sessions you need to practice in a way so that you become used to > playing uneven or swing balls. To give you an example just check this youtube video and you can see the great Indian batsman, Sachin Tendulkar, is making himself practice with a ball which is being thrown (by the bowler) on a watery and uneven surface.

There is a lot of water on a grassy cricket pitch but the place or ground surface where he is standing to bat has no water there. The bowlers are throwing the ball in the water on an uneven pitch and when this ball reaches to Sachin it is coming with a lot of irregularity. Sometimes the ball is keeping low and sometimes it is bouncing suddenly to the shoulder height and sometimes it is turning or swinging.

When you practice this way you become used to playing all kinds of deliveries and this also enhances your concentration power. If you keep practicing this way, as Sachin does in the video, for years, then certainly it could make you a great cricket player one day as mostly the players get out on turning or uneven bowling from the bowlers.

But internally also you should be strong to play cricket on a national or international level. All the people on this earth do not have the same strength and the strength in a person is determined by the level of kundalini energy (cosmic energy of the universe) in them. More the level of this energy more will be the strength. Some people have a very high level of this energy by birth and so they become successful in life quite easily while others just wonder why they are not so expert. This is only due to the difference in energy level within us but there is a simple way to awaken this kundalini energy and that also free of cost.

You will feel the cool breeze flowing from the palm of your hands and the top corner of the head (fontanel bone area) once this energy gets awakened within you and this is the real sign of the awakening of the kundalini power or shakti. You can get this power awakened now online in front of the computer. Just follow the steps as mentioned here > on the official website of Sahaja Yoga which is a non-profit organization having their centers located worldwide in more than 100 countries. You can also visit your nearby Sahaja Yoga center to get this power awakened. To know more read here > about the benefits of kundalini awakening.

This would be nothing more than a miracle > as by just praying to mother (who is an incarnation) on the computer you get your self-realization or kundalini awakening and then by regular meditation for 10-20 min you can grow this energy continuously day by day to achieve more strength and it will also enhance your creativity. Then the success will all be yours whether you are in sports or any other field of life where you need success.

You should understand that there is a strong connection between your playing a game like cricket and your strength and concentration as without strong energy there will be no strength and no concentration and that is the reason I am talking about kundalini awakening here. In Vedic Astrology, there is also a way to check how much strength you have and if you are eligible to play a certain sport or not.

Also, it is possible to know whether you will be successful or not in a particular sport as the planets in Vedic Astrology tells everything about a person. If you know your date of birth, time of birth, and place of birth it is easy to generate your birth chart or horoscope and then you can read the birth chart to find everything about you but you need to have that knowledge to understand the birth chart or take help of an astrologer. Just learning the basics of Vedic Astrology is enough to understand your birth chart and then you will be able to know whether you are eligible to become successful in life in a particular sport or not.

Just you need to check the location of the planet Mars in the birth chart and that itself will tell you a lot as Mars is energy within us and if Mars is strong in the birth chart it means you have a lot of energy within you and that will make you eligible for sports. For example, Just check the birth chart of Sachin Tendulkar and you will see he has his Mars located in the sign of Capricorn where it is exalted and that is the reason he is so successful in sports like cricket as his Mars is very strong as it is exalted.

Similarly, you can check the birth chart of Virat Kohli (available for free over the internet) and you can see > his Mars is located in the sign of Pisces which is even better than Mars in the sign of Capricorn and that is the reason Virat Kohli is even better than Sachin Tendulkar when it comes to playing cricket. Pisces is spiritual energy (kundalini energy) and when Mars is placed in this sign it gives great strength in the body. So you see it is so important to understand everything and how all it works. You will understand better how the planets help in knowing the future of a person or his strength and weaknesses once you go through the basics of Vedic Astrology.

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