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Rahu in Leo sign in the 3rd house for Gemini Ascendant (Vedic Astrology)

To be in the limelight (the focus of public attention) is the main theme of the Leo sign. When Rahu is in the sign of Leo in the third house it simply means to be in the limelight in the field of communication, marketing, advertising, and media.

The placement of the Sun (the ruler of Leo where Rahu is placed in the 3rd house) and mercury (the ruler of the 3rd house in the default birth chart) and also Jupiter will ultimately decide what exactly you will be all about in life with this Rahu placement as Rahu is an obsession and pretty much the life's mission.

Let us suppose the Sun is placed in the 10th house in the sign of Pisces. Sun in the 10th house gives a clear signal that the person is or will be on some higher post in the field of media and communication as 10th house is of higher posts and higher authorities.

I said in the field of media and communication because Rahu is in the 3rd house of media and communication and Sun rules the third house (as Sun owns Leo sign).

Since the Sun will be in the sign of Pisces in the 10th house, you will be known in the world as someone having wisdom and knowledge as Jupiter represents wisdom and knowledge and it is also the Lord of the sign of Pisces. What knowledge you will be known for will be decided by the location of the Jupiter in the birth chart.

For example, if Jupiter is placed in the sign of Libra in the 5th house then it may be that you are using your wisdom and knowledge in making the relationships with the actors and actresses in the film industry (maybe to interview them).

This is because the sign of Libra represents relationships and 5th house is of the fun and entertainment world like cinema, theatre etc and also stock markets.

In that case, you may be a news anchor who read the news about the film industry or you interview film actors (like Rajiv Masand does) especially if mercury is in the sign of Leo in the 3rd house as Leo sign is all about films and theatres and the third house is media.

Mercury in the sign of Aquarius (sign of Aquarius or 11th house represents masses and networking) in the 9th house gives indication of talking (as mercury is communication) with the masses or public who is eager to know about Dharma or God as 9th house is ruled by Jupiter in the default birth chart and Jupiter is Dharma (law) and religion.

In that case you may also be a spiritual Guru as Jupiter in the 5th house in the sign of Libra also signifies someone who is using his knowledge and wisdom in resolving arguments (as Libra is balancing or resolving the arguments) about the knowledge of God (religious speeches) as 5th house also represents God as 5th house in the natural zodiac is ruled by Sun and the Sun is God.

Still assuming Rahu in the 3rd house (for Gemini Ascendant) and Sun in the 10th house and then if mercury and Jupiter is placed in the 2nd house in the sign of cancer then you may be a news anchor who read news about stock markets or currency markets as the 2nd house is all about finances and financial assets as it is the house of wealth and money.

Many people who make private youtube videos over the internet about finances may have this same combination but the Sun could be in the 4th house or 3rd house (along with Rahu) instead of the 10th house as 10th house Sun is only possible when you are at some higher post (like posts in private and public companies or government) and not if you are making the private youtube videos from home.

News Anchor is quite a reputable post and for that kind of post > Sun in the 10th house is quite obvious.

Also, the Sun in the sign of Pisces in 10th house means authoritative position behind the scenes which is nothing but media as you remain hidden in media and the public is not physically in front of you. You will understand this better once you know what sign of Pisces is all about.

Rahu in the sign of Leo in the 3rd house is actually a great placement to have as then you could be the part of the media and internet world showing your talent or promoting your stuff and making money at the same time. Rahu is known to be exalted in the 3rd house or in the sign of Gemini (ruler of the 3rd house).

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