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What to know about 10th house and Capricorn Ascendant?

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10th house is the house of higher authorities and higher posts. When you give exams to get a degree or the certification (higher studies) whether in your own country or abroad then that is the act of the 9th house. Once you clear the exams and get the degree or certification then this is a sort of authority you get which helps you to build your career in some private or public limited company or in acquiring a government post. 10th house helps you know what kind of authority you will be having in your career.

If you are into business then the 10th house represents the reputation of your business brand. If you are an actor then 10th house represents your name and fame. 10th house also represents the government posts and all top posts, whether in a private or public limited company, where you become the leader. The sign of Capricorn is the default ruler of the 10th house and Saturn is the lord of Capricorn and Saturn is a very disciplined, strict and authoritative planet. Saturn is also the action you perform when you do any work while Mars is the energy which helps you to perform the action. That is the reason Capricorn Ascendant people are like Saturn > very strict and disciplined and sometimes they are also dominating as they have that 10th house energy in them. They are those managers who want to rule over others. Ascendant itself tells the purpose of life.

If you are a businessman then the 10th house is also your human resources and 11th house represents your customers and distribution network. Human Resource represents not only the employees who work for you but also those who do the hiring of new employees and also manage your employees. That is the reason many Capricorn Ascendant people become recruiters and human resource managers in their life (especially if their Saturn and Venus are in the 10th house of the birth chart in the sign of Libra) as they have that 10th house energy in them. That is the reason their main job in life is to hunt for the talent and they are very much attracted towards the Leo Ascendant people as Leos are very creative and talented. Their mind is all the time into making good relationships with the talented people as they are always in the hunt for them on their managerial posts.

Libra sign over the 10th house shows that their life is also about resolving issues related to Dharma (law) as the Virgo sign is ruling their 9th house. Virgo is a sign of - arguments and disputes - and exactly the next sign > Libra is to resolve the arguments, problems, and disputes. So they have the authority to resolve issues related to the 9th house which is basically of law and also rules and regulations of the courts related to different aspects of the life and the businesses. That is the reason many Capricorn ascendants are also lawyers and judges and ticket checkers in the train and buses as 9th house is also of long-distance travel.

Mostly Capricorn Ascendants are atheistic and that is the reason they argue a lot about the religious activities many people do as the sign of Virgo falls on their 9th house and the 9th house also represents religious activities. They mostly don't involve in those religious activities and only believe in good karma. Virgo sign on any house always results in arguments and disputes related to the activities of that house, especially if malefic planets like Rahu, Saturn, Sun and Mars are placed there.

Many housewives and Chefs are also Capricorn Ascendants as "Aries Sign" falls on their 4th house of home and when Mars rules the 4th house (Mars is the original ruler of Aries) it usually does cooking at home as Mars is fire. Capricorns are also very aggressive (due to Aries sign on the 4th house) during the night time as 4th house represents night while the 10th house is the noon time. They are physically active at night and sleep very late because of the Aries sign on their 4th house and because of that even many Capricorn Ascendants are night watchmen.

Because of the Aries sign on their 4th house they often have to change their homes or vehicles in life and if Mars is placed on their 4th house they could even be real estate agents or builders as the 4th house represents vehicles, land, and properties. They love eating when they study and finances, food, and creativity are their main educational backgrounds.

Since Saturn rules the sign of Capricorn this sign is also about products like coal, petroleum, iron, steel, wood, oil, sand, etc. as Saturn represents all these things. So many people who are working in oil, coal, iron, and steel industries are also Capricorn Ascendant. If Saturn is debilitated then such Capricorn ascendant people are also working on construction sites as laborers as Saturn also represents the labor class as people who work on the construction sites usually deal with stones, iron, sand, steel, etc and all these are represented by Saturn.

Also, people who are working in factories on different types of manufacturing machines may also have the Capricorn Ascendant as again machines are made of iron and steel and so represented by the sign of Capricorn or Saturn.

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