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What is the difference between 4th house and 2nd house in Vedic Astrology?

Many people are born in the midnight around 12 pm. The sun of those people then appears in the 4th house in their astrological birth chart.

This is because 4th house is the night time when you sleep and take rest. I have written more about it in this cancer sign post.

On the other hand, 10th house (just opposite to 4th) is the day time around 12 am. So when you are born at 12 noon then the Sun in your birth chart appears on the 10th house which makes you a very authoritative person in your life.

4th house is basically the house of your comforts and conveniences and all those things that give you comforts and peace of mind. You work hard in the 3rd house and takes rest in the 4th house.

This is because the 3rd house is the house of your self-efforts and when you work hard you also need the rest. Suppose you were walking on the road in the sun and finally got tired and became thirsty and now you need some water to drink.

You may take the help of any cold water trolley driver for the water you need to satisfy your thirst. So, here you got the 4th house service of comfort and the trolley driver provided the 4th house service of comforts.

Again, if you are a taxi driver then you help people to reach their required destination. So, in a way you are providing a service to provide comfort in the travel which is nothing but a 4th house activity.

When an air conditioner or a fan gives you relief from the warmth it is also the comfort of the 4th house. All those things that provide comforts of the body are the representation of the 4th house. The food service you get in high-class trains is also a service of the 4th house.

If you are a Chef and provides food service in any restaurant or hotel it is an activity of the 4th house. If you are a Nurse and serve the patients then this is also an activity of the 4th house.

If you are a real estate agent and provides homes on rent or sell them it is also an activity of the 4th house because home is a representation of comfort and basic need for living.

Some products like toys and video games help you with fun and entertainment and so these products are the representation of the 2nd house and not the 4th house as 2nd house is meant for sensual pleasures (represented by Venus- the ruler of the 2nd house). Moon (ruler of 4th house) represents basic needs while Venus represents luxury and sensual pleasures.

A restaurant serving food for the lunch and dinner is a representation of the 4th house. On the other hand, if a restaurant is only meant for wine and beer then this is more of a 2nd house thing as Venus is luxury and not the basic need.

If you selling beds for the comfort of the home then your Rahu could be in the 4th house but if you are providing bed service for the unmarried or married couples to have sex then your Rahu could be in the 2nd house.

Having sex is a sensual pleasure and so representation of the 2nd house. I have given all those examples just to clarify what is the major difference between the 2nd house and the 4th house.

When you sell grains and clothes in wholesale then it is the representation of the 4th house but when you sell ready-to-use food and clothes then it is an activity of the 2nd house. The major difference is the basic needs and luxury.

For example, a condom is a luxury and so it is a 2nd house thing and not a 4th house thing. Similarly, water is a basic need while wine and cold drinks are luxuries.

If your 4th lord (ruler of 4th house) is placed in the 5th house then this could be the best placement in your Vedic birth chart to get a lot of gains from some business or activity related to the 4th house. You can read more about it in the post > Rahu and money

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