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This could also be the major reason for your suffering in life.

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There are times in life when you suffer a lot either due to bad health or even due to a lack of money. Also, there are people who struggle a lot in studies and not able to clear the exams. If this is something that is also happening with you then there could be a problem of spirit possession in you. Now, what is this spirit possession?

If in the past some of your relatives (such as a family member) have died an unusual or untimely or unnatural death then his/her spirit may not go to higher Loka and instead this spirit may enter your body and that is how you get possessed. There could be a lot of reasons why that spirit possessed you only and not anyone else. It may be that your relative was obsessed about you when he/she was alive and even maybe a great enemy of yours and now want to take revenge. That is the reason it is said, don't get too much attached to anyone (moh) and don't even make enemies when you are living your life on this earth.

Now when these types of things happen with you, sometimes you are not even aware of that and so you keep on suffering. You know there is something unusual inside you and you may also have some personality disorder because of this. Now when you have a personality disorder you may even run away (refrain) from meeting and making relationships with other people and then even it makes you lead a lonely life. But it may also be, most of your family members start hating you as they don't understand your problem and they think you are only making excuses. Also, nothing comes in medical testing as the problem is due to spirit possession and not any disease.

This even makes you go to doctors who are concerned with mental problems such as psychiatrists and there you spend a lot of money on the medicines given by them but still no solution comes out. These psychiatrists cannot really resolve your problem but they simply try to make you forget that you are suffering and you have any problem. They think it is just the negative thoughts in your mind and low self-esteem because which you are suffering but they don't know that you are possessed by some dead spirit and the suffering is because of that.

There are different ways a dead spirit can make you suffer. It all depends on which subtle body chakra (there are 7 chakras in our body) the spirit is residing. You can read about the 7 chakras here and associated problems when these chakras catch. For example, if the spirit is residing in the Bhavasagra Chakra then you may face problem in the stomach as this chakra is associated with the stomach.

If the spirit is residing in your Aganya Chakra (forehead chakra) then your mind could go crazy or it will make you dominate others and also could make you egoistical as the ego is expressed through the forehead as Sun rules the forehead (or Aganaya Chakra) and Sun represents our ego and personality. Your wealth could go in life if the spirit is residing in your Nabhi Chakra as this Chakra is ruled by Vishnu and Laxmi and so these deities leave the place when the spirit comes there and then the Laxmi (money) go away from your life as Vishnu and Laxmi are the givers of wealth.

But, in general, you may suffer from financial crises due to spirit possessions. You may even be fearful if the spirit is residing in your heart chakra. So you can see there are different ways you can suffer because of spirit possession. But there are also other things too which matters a lot.

It also depends on how the person who is residing as a spirit in your body died in his previous life. There was a person whose father died due to stomach cancer and his father, as a spirit, then possessed him and then that person also started suffering from stomach problems as the spirit residing in him was having stomach cancer when it died in the last birth. So this is how it all works.

But this is not always so that you only get possessed by your ancestors (your died family members). When you go to false gurus and Tantriks then these people also put some spirit in you as these people have expertise in tantra which is about controlling dead spirits. Know more here > how false gurus and Tantrikes possess you. So going to any false guru or a Tantrik is the biggest mistake you can do in your life which may even ruin your life. The thing is, you should not trust anyone other than an incarnation. Read more about this here > why you should not trust anyone other than the incarnation.

Even some parents take their children to some false guru and as a result, their children suffer throughout their life and they are not able to complete their education successfully. You won't believe it but more than 50% of the public on this earth is possessed by some spirit but they don't know about it and they blame others for their failure in life. Though the severity of possession is different in different people. Spirits won't let you succeed in this life as when we are possessed we lose our discretion and take wrong decisions in life.

Most people accept their fate that they cannot be good at making money or doing something creative but just think why other people are able to do it so easily which you cannot do? This is because they may not be possessed like you and that is the only difference. So, first of all, try to find out what is the problem inside and if the problem is really because of spirit possession. Through your birth chart or horoscope, you can easily know whether you are possessed or not and you need the help of an astrologer for that. Just contact me and I will let you know this for free as I am extremely good at judging that. I will need your date of birth, time of birth, place of birth and your gender to generate your horoscope.

If you are looking for a solution to get read of a spirit possession then read this > How to get rid of spirit possession?

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