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Biggest misconception about being successful in life?

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Nirmala Mataji Sahaja Yoga
Most people would say hard work is the key to success. This is true but not entirely because success is also dependant on your morality. For example, most people think doing sex is good for health and this is the biggest misconception they have > as sex is described by the word "Kama" in Bhagavad Gita, a very old Sanskrit scripture. All that was said by Lord Krishna himself to Arjuna in Dvapara Yuga has been written in this old Sanskrit scripture. Lord Krishna was an incarnation and we should only listen to what incarnations have to say as they are the only ones who take birth for the spiritual progression (of human beings) and to establish dharma (true path) on this earth and they do this selflessly. Here is more on > why we should only trust incarnations.

Lord Krishna said in the scripture that Kama (sex), Krodha (anger), Lobha (greediness), Moha (attachment to someone), and Ahankara (Ego or selfishness) all these are hindrances in the path of spirituality, or in other words, to be successful in life, as success and spirituality are interconnected. If you have faith in God and you also worship God but if sex, anger, greediness, attachment, envy, hatred, and ego are not in your control then you are not spiritual at all and you are simply worshipping God like a machine and no emotions are involved and there is no any spiritual connection. And so the success will remain away from you unless you are truly spiritual.

When all the time sex is revolving in your mind then your mind or soul gets dirty as mind and soul are just the same things. Wisdom is lost when the mind gets dirty with the sexual thoughts and without wisdom, you cannot take the right decision > whatever you do. Students who are all the time engaged in sexual activities during their higher education are mostly unsuccessful. They may be successful if they haven't still gone too far into it.

You must be knowing about the very popular deity in India > Shri Ganesha. He is the one who gives us wisdom and discretion to perform better with our mind as he rules the very first chakra in the human subtle system called the Muladhara Chakra. I have written more about Muladhara Chakra here. When you become immoral in sex then Shri Ganesha gets angry as he is always seated in the Muladhara Chakra in our human subtle system. If you don't believe in this then do research on all the people who are suffering from AIDS and you will see these people were extremely immoral in sex in their past.

Many people who were followers or devotees of OSHO RAJNEESH suffered from AIDS (and even impotency) and even Rajneesh himself died of AIDS as his teaching was based on knowing God through sex (Sambhog Se Samadhi) which is nothing but immorality. Shri Ganesha forgives us up to a point but when we go too far in immorality then he simply leaves his presence in our Muladhara Chakra ( go away) and then we get possessed by dead spirits in the Muladhara Chakra.

People who dance and jump in meditation are actually possessed and they are only into the misconception that they have achieved something like kundalini awakening. You never dance and jump by the awakening of kundalini as it rises through the central channel in the human subtle system. You get all the dancing and jumping because of the possession of the dead spirits. All the chakras in our body are controlled by some deity and so we need to respect them and we should not do anything that displeases them otherwise we may get into all sorts of troubles in life. Read more > which chakra is controlled by which deity. This link will also tell you which chakra will catch by doing which mistake.

You might have noticed some students study very less and still are able to attain success in their exams while others are not and they have to struggle a lot just to get the passing marks. I am an astrologer and a 30-year-old person came to me and told me that he failed 8 times in CA exams and ultimately he gave up his studies and started doing business and there also he could not be successful.

I just studied his birth chart carefully and I saw that he was possessed by some dead spirit and I asked him if you feel some spirit is troubling you and he agreed and said that he always feels like some spirit his behind him. He also agreed that he used to go to his Guru but he was not aware that his guru was a false guru. There is a way to recognize a true guru and a false guru but the best solution is > don't trust anyone other than the incarnation. Also, he agreed that in the past he was immoral in his life regarding sex. So this is how immorality affects your success in life.

Now if you don't trust what has been said above and if you are still unmarried then ask those people who are married now and you will find most of them got success in life after marriage and those who were immoral in sex (already experienced sex before marriage with some other partner) before marriage most of them got divorced after marriage and this is what happens when you displease Shri Ganesha through your immorality. The only real way to be successful in life is to be chaste and that doesn't mean refraining from sex by cutting your sex or by scientifically disabling your sex as that is even a bigger sin.

The real chastity is > when you don't even bring thoughts of sex in your mind > masturbating a lot and getting into sexual relationships before marriage or with multiple women or men < is a much bigger sin. I have already written an article based on how the power of chastity can be understood. That is the reason getting married is so important as you become chaste when you get married and then your focus becomes more into earning money and looking after your family. After marriage, you actually regret that what you did before marriage was really not something you should have done. So if you are still unmarried be careful and don't lose your morality. It is Shri Ganesha only who gives us wisdom and so respect him by being chastity in life. Just go this article on > Muladhara Chakra > and its already written how to be chaste.

If you need all types of security in your life, whether physical or financial, then you should follow some incarnation. Here it is more about an incarnation > http://www.rajbihani.com/raj/860/. You should get your kundalini power awakened and get your self-realization and then you will always be safe in life because incarnations are meant to provide you security once you follow meditation and there is no charge for that.You can get your kundalini power awakened now online by following the instructions here > sahajayoga.org.

I am not forcing you in any way but if you have an interest then test it and see if you can feel the cool breeze flowing from the palm of your hands as this cool breeze is nothing but the spiritual energy of Pisces in Vedic astrology. With regular meditation for 10-20 min, you can grow your spiritual powers and then you become more intuitive after practicing for 1-2 years or more and it also gives liberation after death and you also get all the securities of life. Read more here > rajbihani.com/raj/11/.

If you feel heat or tingling, or maybe even numbness in your fingertips, it means that your Kundalini is alerting you to an imbalance in a particular chakra. The easiest way of trying the experience of self-realization is to put your hands, with palms upwards, towards a photograph of Shri Mataji and observe what you feel on your fingers, hands and eventually on top of your head when you close your eyes and say to her several times > "Mother plz give me my self-realization". To begin with, you may just feel tingling and heat but gradually, the heat will dissolve and you will feel a cool breeze flowing on your hands and on top of your head.

Even if you don't have a photograph just putting your attention on H.H. Shri Mataji with the palms upwards is sufficient to start feeling cool vibrations on your hands. After realization, these vibrations are distinctly felt on the hands and feet as a cool breeze flowing from within. A person also gets to know when he is being lied to, or being manipulated. You may feel even going to thoughtless awareness with the awakening of this kundalini power. But these vibrations will only grow more by regular meditation.

It is better to meditate (or request your self-realization) on this beautiful song sung by a Sahaja Yoga collectivity in Italy. Listen to the song till the end and keep your hands with palm upwards while listing and keep praying for self-realization.

Plz note: I am an astrologer from New Delhi, India and if you need horoscope reading services or want to learn some real secrets of Vedic Astrology that actually works then plz contact me through this site.

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