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How some people can predict your past and should you believe them?

Nirmala Mataji Sahaja Yoga
Often people are impressed by a person who says everything accurately about their past life. A sadhu (monk) visited some house and a woman came out of the house and then the sadhu told everything accurately about her life such as how many children she had, what her husband is doing, what kind of relationships she had with her husband and other members of the family, etc. The sadhu also told where she had traveled the previous day. The woman was so impressed that she made that person her guru and also paid him a lot of money to know about her future and to get the solution to the problems that she was currently facing in her life. This is how most people get trapped.

Actually the thing is some people are a great occultist or we can say they have a tantric siddhi. Through the science of the dead spirits, it is possible to control some dead spirit or so-called ghost (Bhoot). Bhoots have the ability to go to the past and they are not visible to a human eye. In the Hindi language, Bhoot means past and so they are experts in going to the past and knowing the past but Bhoots cannot tell the future.

Through tantric siddhi (the science of dead spirits) some people can control one or two bhoots and these Bhoots then help them to know the past as they can travel to the past in the subtle environment. This is also the main reason some of the false gurus are able to control the masses through their miracles which they made it possible through tantric siddhi or science of the dead spirits. But the main motive of such false gurus is to make money and these are not good people whom you can trust or believe. They cannot help us with anything and we still have to suffer for our deeds. This is only their trick (tantric siddhi) which they use to gain control over the masses and then rule over them. Innocent people make such person their Guru and don't know about their reality. They give such good lectures that no one can disbelief them.

The thing is > it is not difficult to control the dead spirits but this is the greatest sin you will be doing if you do so. These false gurus simply kill someone and don't let their cremation (antim sanskar) happen and take control of the person's dead body and so the spirit of that person is forced to become the slave of the false guru and this is how they control a dead spirit or Bhoot and then they make use of this controlled spirit to know about the past but a Bhoot will never be able to tell about your future and so that false guru will also be not able to tell about your future. If you will ask a false guru about your future he will tell something but that will never come true unless it is a fluke.

The only people whom you can trust for your spiritual ascension (or if you are looking for good health) are the incarnations. Read more > why you should not trust anyone other than incarnations. But there are also people who have that spiritual power to talk to Bhoots. You see there are also many people who are possessed by Bhoots and some people have psychic powers to talk to those Bhoots inside them and they are even helping those people to get rid of their ghost possession.

A good example is a person called > Dr. SS Bhadauria who is the co-founder of Bhoot Vigyan Anusandhan Kendra, Kanpur, India. He is the one who is actually making honest use of his psychic powers to help people get rid of their spirit possession. This organization is better known as Karauli Sarkar and you can watch all the videos of Karauli Sarker on youtube and there you can see live examples of psychic powers in action.

Dr. SS Bhadauria can talk to the Bhoots and also he is able to successfully cure people suffering from spirit possessions. So there are people who could make good or bad use of their psychic powers but you should never go to people who are involved in tantra as those are most dangerous people and you can even get possessed by dead spirits if you go to them. Going to false gurus may also get you possessed as they want to make you their slaves and so they place dead spirits inside you to control you. When they give Diksha or Mantra or Prasada then through these things dead spirit enter your body but if your willpower is strong then they cannot place a dead spirit inside you. But they make only weak people their victim.

if you really want to know about your past lives then you could go through past life regression therapy and through this therapy, you can easily know where you took your birth in past lives and in what role did you live with on this earth in those lives. If you want to know about your future then study Vedic Astrology as this is the only way to know the future but this is a very difficult subject to understand but you can make use of an expert astrologer and he will be able to tell you about your future but the thing is there are so many astrologers out there it is difficult to recognize the one who can predict accurately. But by doing great research over the internet you will be able to find one who is accurate. You can actually believe an astrologer to know your future but he should be well experienced and he should be accurate in his readings. 95% of the astrologers are false or immature and they may predict wrong and so you need to be careful while choosing an astrologer.

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