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How people can cheat you on freelancer sites?

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There are many ways freelancers working on freelancer sites like freelancer.com, upwork.com, guru.com, etc can either cheat you or mislead you. The photo they use on their profile page is sometimes not their own and they use some other person's photo. Why would they do this? The problem is > their own face is not that impressive and doesn't look matured. So what they do is that they use the photo of some anonymous person whom they might even not know at all. They try to impress the employees through a face on their profile which looks like that of a person who is highly educated or learned.

The employees often get caught up with the matured face and so they think that the freelancer might be some highly skilled or learned person as the face is of that kind. But in reality, this freelancer may not even possess any skills which they are showing on their profile and the profile picture is also fake. They simply take projects at higher rates and then give the same work to some other freelancer (on some other freelancer site) at the lower rate and they never do the work on their own. They simply make money as a broker.

People from countries like Kenya, Nigeria, Pakistan, etc are doing such things on various freelancer sites. So you need to be careful while hiring someone on these freelancer sites. Especially you need to make sure the profile picture is of the same person who is actually going to work for you. This is especially the case if you are getting done article writing projects on the freelancer sites.

Employers who are looking for freelancers at the lowest possible rates usually fall prey as they choose freelancers who still don't have any feedback rating on their profile. The best is to only hire freelancers who have already completed a lot of projects and there is a good rating on their freelancer profile given by other employers but then they will be costlier as they are now established.

There are certain freelancers who are all the time bidding on various freelancer sites as they have an account on every freelancer site. They don't do the actual work but their main job is to bid on projects and they quote a very high price when they bid. If the project is worth $30 they will quote and bid for say $100 and even $150 or more sometimes. They do this just to take the project at a higher rate (say $150) and get it done for just $30.

They have a lot of expertise in doing that and this is how they cheat and make money without doing anything. But of course they work hard to bid and bid all the time and since there are so many projects posted every day on different freelancers sites someone or the other fall prey of their bids especially those who are new employers. They are also able to get the projects at higher rates as many new employers don't know what the true value of a certain project is. For example, if an employer is not a programmer then he won't know how easy or difficult it is to perform a certain programming task and so he will pay even the higher amount for a programming task that is just 2-3 minutes work for a true web programmer and it is not worthy of a higher amount.

Actually the thing is, some projects don't receive many bids as there are so many projects being posted every day and so these broker freelancers are able to get a project at higher rates as the employer has to choose someone when sometimes the project is urgent for them. You should make sure to award the project to an individual freelancer who is honestly working by himself or herself and you should ignore the automated bids which come from people who are either brokers or they might even be working for an IT company and their main job is just to bid on projects on behalf of the company. If you don't receive enough bids on your project then best is to cancel this project and again post the project the next day and by doing that ultimately you will be able to get your job done at a reasonable rate.

Maximum fraud goes in the backlink building projects. There are many sites where people can buy backlinks on monthly basis such as backlinks.com and some freelancers will quote you the price for a permanent backlink but they will buy only monthly backlink for low price from sites like backlink.com where your link will stay only for 1 month and later it will be removed as the freelancer won't renew it but he will charge you the amount for permanent backlink. So such kind of cheating is also going and you need to be careful which asking for backlinks on freelancer sites such as freelancer.com and upwork.com and even guru.com.

The new freelancers are doing the article writing projects just for $3 or $5 per article and some people charge $30 for an article and get is done through new freelancers who are doing it for them just for $3 or $5. Even if they didn't get a good article from the first freelancer they can try 2 more freelancers for $5 each and they will get 3 articles for $15 and at least one will be good. Still, the freelancer will make $15 per article. So this how many people play tricks on various freelancer sites. People who cannot write well are usually doing this kind of fraud or cheating. You will find their profile so impressing and they will put a photo of some professor's face on their profile to hide their own face as from the face itself it is possible to know that the person doesn't look impressive.

When it comes to guest posts then you can find a better deal by directly visiting the website owners instead of getting done on freelancer sites. There are millions of websites over the internet and you can directly approach these websites for a backlink. You can find such websites by typing keywords like "write for us" on Google. Or you can hire a freelancer just to send emails to various websites to get a backlink directly from websites that are ranking good in Google. That way you will get a much cheaper deal and also you will get a backlink from some high-quality site which is ranking good in Google.

Plz note: if you think you have been cheated on some freelancer site and if it something different the ways mentioned in this article then you can contact me through this site and I will include your story in this article.

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