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Can Jupiter in Leo in 9th house make you a stock advisor? (Vedic Astrology)

stock broker Birth Chart
Just check the birth chart on the left or click here (will open in new window) to see the birth chart if you are on mobile and this is the birth chart or horoscope of a person (Sagittarius Ascendant) who is running a stock advisory. In other words, he is helping people in making decisions about which stock (or shares) to buy and when to buy and when to sell.

You can see his Jupiter is placed in the sign of Leo in the 9th house. 9th house is actually the house of luck and Leo is a sign of wealth and speculative business. So when the sign of Leo falls on the 9th house it means playing with the luck or wealth as Leo is also a sign of play. Playing is speculative as you never know whether you will win or lose in the game and stock market is also a game and so represented by the sign of Leo.

Now when Jupiter is placed in the sign of Leo in the 9th house it means it could be an act of advising people in speculative business such as stock markets or even gambling as Jupiter is a Guru or an advisor. But since, Sun, the lord of Leo is placed in the sign of Taurus in the 6th house it gives more idea that speculation is related to money or stocks as the sign of Taurus represents the family assets and that also include stocks. Also, the 6th house is 5th from the 2nd house of wealth and assets and anything 5th is speculation (as anything 5th signifies Leo) and so 6th house could also be considered as the speculation of the family assets.

Venus and Mercury are also nicely placed in the 6th house along with Sun. A stock advisor never trades himself and he simply communicates to the clients and advises them and that is the reason this native's 7th house lord Mercury is placed in the sign of Taurus as he communicates about wealth management which the sign of Taurus represents.

6th house is also the house of difficulties and Sagittarius Ascendants, in general, have difficulties related to Venus or Taurus which is wealth, money or even a woman as Venus also represents a woman. And since 3 planets are seated in the 6th house in the sign of Taurus this gives a clear indication that the daily routine work is some detail-oriented work (as 6th house is also detail-oriented work or difficulties and also of daily routine) related to finances or money which the sign of Taurus represents.

Also, Venus in its own sign of Taurus in the 6th house gives the native a passion (as Venus is passion) for money management. 6th house is not like 5th house or 9th house where you play with the money but 6th house is more about work (as 6th house is a practical house) related to money which even could be keeping records of the public finances or public assets or even it could be the accounting. Also, Mercury placed in the 6th house shows calculations related to money as Mercury our intellect and we need Mercury to calculate and mind (or Moon) cannot do that. If Mercury is bad or afflicted mind cannot do the work of calculations and this clearly shows Mercury helps in calculations or detail-oriented work.

The native's Saturn is placed in its own sign of Capricorn which means the work is just to give orders by being in the leadership position as he is the owner of the advisory firm. When Saturn is placed in the sign of Capricorn it always gives an authoritative or leadership position. Also, Saturn is placed in its own sign in the 2nd house of asset management and so this shows authority in asset management.

Rahu in the first house in the sign of Sagittarius is also quite obvious as the sign of Sagittarius originally rules the 9th house of luck and this sign here is about all the knowledge and information related to wealth management as Jupiter, lord of Sagittarius, is placed in the sign of Leo which is a sign of wealth and speculative business. Rahu is our obsession in life and that is what most of the time we do where Rahu is placed.

The major problem is Ketu in the 7th house and 7th house lord, Mercury, placed in the 6th house of disputes and divorces. Ketu is really a separative planet and so it can spoil the married life especially when here 7th house lord is placed in the 6th house of divorce and disputes. If the Navamsa chart confirms, this could even be a divorce.

Mars is really the planet which shows where all the energy is being put. Though Jupiter is placed in the sign of Leo in the 9th house it doesn't really tell whether this Jupiter is able enough to do well in the sign of Leo. But since Mars is placed in the sign of Jupiter, which is Pisces, this gives great intuition power to Jupiter to do great in the sign of Leo and this is the real thing that is making the native a successful stockbroker who is making a lot of money with his intuition power or so-called wisdom.

Moon in the 8th house shows the mind is all the time into sudden ups and downs or speculation which the 8th house represents. Since Moon is placed in its own sign of Cancer (Pushya Nakshatra) mind is mentally very strong but there is an aspect of Saturn on Moon which can even spoil the mind and may tend to take wrong decisions in speculation and so losses can occur due to this aspect of Saturn on Moon. Jupiter in Leo, however, could also make you a teacher if other planets in the birth chart are placed differently than here.

Here are the placements of different planets in his birth chart according to Nakshatras.

Lagna > placed in Purva Ashadha Nakshatra pada 3

Sun > placed in the Rohini Nakshatra pada 4

Moon (DK) > placed in the Pushya Nakshatra pada 2

Mars (AK) > placed in the Revati Nakshatra pada 4

Mercury (AMK) > placed in the Mrigshira Nakshatra pada 1

Jupiter > placed in the Magha Nakshatra pada 4

Venus > placed in the Rohini Nakshatra pada 3

Saturn > placed in the Dhanistha Nakshatra pada 1

Rahu > placed in the Mula Nakshatra pada 3

Ketu > placed in the Ardra Nakshatra pada pada 1

The native is Libra Ascendant in the Navamsa with Rahu and Venus placed in the 9th house, Jupiter and Sun placed in the 10th house, Mercury and Saturn placed in the 11th house, Moon placed in the 12th house, Mars placed in the 6th house and Ketu placed in the 3rd house.

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