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How cosmic energy can help you achieve anything you want in life?

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Nirmala Mataji Sahaja Yoga
Cosmic energy is the ultimate energy of this universe and it is stored as the kundalini energy in the Mooladhara Chakra of the human subtle system. The level of this energy is different in different people and that is the reason different people have different capabilities and tolerance power as this is spiritual energy. People having a higher level of this energy are more spiritual and so they are more capable (in intelligence and physical strength) and they also have strong morals.

In other words, the level of this energy is not the same in each and every person on this earth but this energy can be grown in the body through the awakening of kundalini power which is seated in the dormant state (sleeping state) inside the Muladhara chakra in the subtle system of every human being.

It is very easy to awaken this power and it can even be done online while sitting in front of your computer or mobile phone. Just follow what is mother saying in this youtube video or this video. Just keep your both hands, with palm upwards, in front of the mother or the video (as the mother can be seen in the video as she is instructing) and keep your both eyes close and follow instructions in the video.

While following the instructions in the video suddenly you will realize that your kundalini has awakened and you can feel it as a cool breeze (or cool vibrations) flowing from the palm of your hands. Or you may also go into thoughtless awareness when this kundalini power gets awakened. You will feel like you were lost somewhere for some time but again when you will come to your consciousness then you will realize that you came back to the original state and you will clearly know that your kundalini has awakened now. It doesn't cost you anything to get this power awakened as the mother has said one cannot pay for the experience of divine love or divine energy.

If there are problems in your chakras you may even feel a warm breeze or warm vibrations initially or you may not feel it at all. Awakening of this kundalini power is also called self-realization which means realizing yourself with your own power as this cosmic energy is our own energy which we are made of as this is the energy of the soul and we all human being are nothing but souls.

When this power gets awakened within you it means you have achieved your self-realization. There are actually 7 chakras in the human subtle system and when this power gets awakened it rises from the Muladhara chakra (as it is located there) and during its awakening it reaches to the 7th and the final chakra called the Sahastrara Chakra and then it opens that chakra. Once the Sahastrara Chakra gets opened this is what it is called self-realization and after the opening of this chakra, you are now connected to the source energy called the cosmic energy of the universe.

You can watch this video which shows the awakening of kundalini through the central channel. Unless and until the Sahastrara Chakra opens it is not possible to grow this energy within your body through regular meditation as then meditation won't happen. Usually, people having a weak Muladhara Chakra or damaged Muladhara Chakra are not even able to achieve their self-realization or kundalini awakening as kundalini rises from the Muladhara chakra but by clearing Muladhara Chakra they can achieve their self-realization but they need to surrender to mother and request her again and again for self-realization.

Also, you need to pray to Shri Ganesha who is the deity residing on the Muladhara Chakra and he controls the kundalini power within the human subtle system. But Shri Ganesha listens to mother as mother was an incarnation of Maa Parvati who is the actual mother of Shri Ganesha. You must not trust anyone other than an incarnation for kundalini awakening as many people do tantra and possess you and they say that they have awakened your kundalini. The real sign of kundalini awakening is the cool breeze and you don't dance and jump with the awakening of kundalini as that you do when false gurus possess you by putting dead spirits inside you.

When you sit for regular meditation and take Bandhan and 3 Maha Mantras (protocol of Sahaja Yoga) then this kundalini automatically reaches to the Sahastrara Chakra (as Sahastrara was already opened during self-realization) and then it starts cleansing the 7 chakras and that is how these chakras are developed and filled with this cosmic energy by regular meditation. But it won't happen in a day.

You need to keep meditation for years to come to keep growing this energy till you attain liberation or so-called salvation and during this spiritual growth you will automatically achieve the worldly things of life such as great intuition power, great physical strength, powerful mind, good job, financial prosperity, good health, good married life, children, getting rid of bad habits and even incurable diseases like Cancer and AIDS, personality disorders, spirit possessions, etc. as incarnations provide us with all the securities of life if we trust them and follow them.

There is nothing more powerful in this world then this cosmic energy as this is the ultimate energy of the universe from which even the atoms and molecules (smallest particles) originate. All the diseases we get in our body are due to the problems in any of the 7 chakras in our subtle system and when the kundalini rises it cleanses the seven chakras and makes us free from all the diseases or obstacles in our chakras.

There is no problem related to health which cannot be cured through the awakening of kundalini power but you need to meditate regularly with full dedication and it may take months or even years sometimes to cure yourself if your problem is severe such as spirit possessions. But take my words, there is no free solution other than kundalini awakening for incurable diseases and spirit possessions and there is no other way of spiritual progress other than kundalini awakening.

No one can even awaken this kundalini power other than incarnations and mother was an incarnation but now she is no more alive on this earth but with her blessings, kundalini can still be awakened through her videos and through her photos and that is what the miracle is. Just try it and feel it and I am sure you will never regret it.

Mother is the founder of Sahaja Yoga (kundalini awakening yoga) and you can find Sahaja Yoga centers in almost every major city or town of the world. In India, you can find Sahaja Yoga centers even in villages as this Yoga originated in India. This is a non-profit organization and you are never charged anything for getting your self-realization. There are also no hidden charges.

Just visit your nearby Sahaja Yoga center and the center leader will never ask for money and they will also help you with your problems. Just you need to open up and tell everything about your problems to them and they will surely help. Find the nearest Sahaja yoga center near you if you want to reach there or take your self-realization online. In the link in the previous sentence just select your country first and then in the map select your city and the whole list of Sahaja Yoga centers will appear in the list in that particular city.

Plz note: after getting your self-realization (kundalini awakening) you need to meditate regularly either in front of the mother's photograph or listen to some song related to Sahaja Yoga and meditate on that. Best is to visit the nearby Sahaja Yoga center and bring a photo of the mother from there or take a print of the photo of the mother from the internet. This is because cool vibrations come from mother's photo only and songs and bhajans related to Sahaja Yoga.

Below is the list of some of the songs or bhajans you can use to meditate.




These below-recorded poojas starts with 3 maha mantras and it is good to start meditating after taking 3 maha mantras.



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