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What actually helps to attract money in life?

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It is the universe or so-called God who controls our life. If God wants to give you he can give you millions within just a few years or few months though you may have struggled for money for the whole life or even if you might have struggled for money for past many lives. But it doesn't happen the way that you simply desired and God will immediately give you.

Also, it is not so that God actually rewards you with money as God usually never does anything as God only exists in the form of cosmic energy which is the ultimate energy of the universe from which even the smallest particles like atoms and molecules originate.

But this cosmic energy has awareness and so God has awareness and God knows everything that is happening in the world though there is no any physical existence of God unless this awareness has taken birth as a human being on this earth which is often called an incarnation. God can also turn things around in the world as God is the ultimate power or the ultimate authority. But that is done through God's cosmic energy.

This cosmic energy is also present in every human being on this earth but the level of this energy is different in different people. The simple rule that works is that more the level of this cosmic energy within you more you are capable in terms of good brain, good concentration, good strength, and good health and when you have all these things with you then ideas automatically come to you to make more and more money as this cosmic energy gives you great discretion and good brain to resolve even the complex of things.

Also, this cosmic energy is spiritual energy and when you don't follow a spiritual or righteous path then you keep losing this cosmic energy and as a result, you become weaker and weaker in your capabilities and as a result, you keep losing everything in life. So here God doesn't do anything and everything happens according to the level of this cosmic energy inside you.

When you do good karma with honesty then the level of this cosmic energy automatically rises in you and then with the help of this energy you automatically become more capable and that gives you great discretion to make more money. This cosmic energy is really very subtle but when it grows inside you the life completely changes. You wonder, how come suddenly you became so intelligent while you were simply dumb a few years or a few months back. Know here > how to awaken this energy now while sitting in front of your computer.

This is what happens when you follow honesty in your life. When you honestly perform your duties of life or tasks then this energy gives you joy and happiness from inside and also makes you more capable and as a result you are paid good in your job (or even in business you do good) and you also receive a lot of appreciation and that is what we all are looking for.

But really this cosmic energy won't work for you if you are somehow trying to manipulate things in order to make big bucks. You could make a lot of money initially as at that time the level of this intelligent energy may be high in you but as the time will pass you will keep losing this energy and then it will bring your downfall. Humbleness is another great quality of this energy and so you will have to be humble and thankful to God to keep the level of this energy high in you.

The discretion in you really helps you to discriminate between good or bad (or right or wrong) and when you lose your cosmic energy discretion is also lost and due to the loss of discretion even a single wrong decision can spoil the whole business and that is how God plays with all of us when we are not honest in life and doing harm to others. We all are simply puppets of God's creation and so it is better to follow the righteous or true path rather than looking for loopholes to manipulate things in order to become rich.

You may think God is not watching you and you could manipulate things the way you want but it is not so as God is universal and God exists in every single particle of the universe in the form of this cosmic energy and so no way you can deceive God. The only thing needed to be successful and prosperous is your honesty, dedication and then finally keep your patience to receive the blessings of God. There is no other way to get rich in life or get joy and happiness in life other than surrendering to God.

Surrendering means you just perform your duties of life but you should do it with complete honesty and dedication and also you should not be worried about the results and don't even complain, God, that he is not giving results. You don't need to tell God that he is not giving you results as God already knows everything how much honest or dishonest you have been and how much you deserve. God only tests your patience whether you can stick to your honesty or not or you can keep your faith or not.

If you have been poor for the past 10-15 years but what if you suddenly receive 2 crores (20 million) or more in just a few months or 1-2 years? Then this is equivalent to what you might have accumulated in the past 15 years. This is what the power of this cosmic can do for you as only a simple trick or a unique concept is needed to make a great amount of money and that is only possible when the level of this cosmic energy rises in you through your honesty and dedication. There is nothing more important than working with honesty but most people just manipulate things in order to make money and ultimately they fail as things don't work out.

Actually when you were working honestly for the past 15 years then this energy was slowly and slowly building up in you and after 15 years it just took off and suddenly it gave you great discretion to turn things around in favor of you and that is what it is. This spiritual energy really gives you great wisdom and knowledge and then your concepts become so clear that you start analyzing things much better than before and that is what gives true success.

But many people, though they work hard and they work honestly, but they also keep losing this energy through sex and so here your honesty even don't work and you still remain poor in life even after working so hard as chastity is another great quality of this energy and if you don't follow chastity you will keep losing this energy through excessive sex which will not be good for your discretion and mind power and even physical strength. Read more here > why chastity is important.

When you use sexual energy for producing children then that is the only time when you don't lose this energy as producing children is the path of dharma or righteous path and whenever you do things according to dharma then you will never lose this cosmic energy. But if you are using too much your sexual power for enjoyment then you will keep losing this cosmic energy as sex is not meant for enjoyment and it is only meant to produce children.

Mostly, people are enticed by other people who are doing the wrong things and still making a lot of money. That is entirely possible as it might be that they have good discretion due to the high level of this cosmic energy in them. They might have done some good karmas (deeds) in their past life and that might have helped them to grow the level of this energy in them. But they might still be unaware that by doing wrong things the level of this cosmic energy may go down again. But just like it takes years to build this energy then it may even take years for this energy to go down again slowly and slowly and so you will feel like even the dishonest people are flourishing but in reality, they are progressing towards their downfall. So you should not be enticed by such people.

Incarnations like Lord Krishna has already said the main evils of human beings are their kama (sex or lust), krodha (anger), lobha (greed), moha (attachment), and ahankara (ego). When you suffer from any of these it may take down the level of your cosmic energy and this cosmic energy is also called the kundalini energy. Then you may even need to take birth as animals on this earth once the level of this cosmic energy goes down. So, it doesn't matter what you need in life whether it is money or something else but you will have to keep your moral values intact by keeping the level of cosmic energy high in you. Then only success is guaranteed.

Unless you know such secrets as given here you will not be able to understand God and you will never be able to know why God is not giving you anything in life. You still don't know that the enjoyment you get through sex is just momentarily but when the level of this cosmic energy goes to a much higher level in you then such enjoyment you feel all the time in your heart and that is eternal and that is what God wants to actually give you. But in order to achieve something higher, you will have to sacrifice the smaller and lower things that are taking you towards your downfall. This money stuff is nothing as compared to that eternal joy you will feel in your heart after increasing the level of the cosmic energy in you.

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