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Obsessed about Astrology but don't know if it is a good career?

Vedic Astrology default Birth Chart
I would never recommend making astrology as your career especially if you want to predict events for the clients because it is almost impossible to predict anything accurately. The science of Vedic Astrology is not easy to understand though it may look to you it is easy but it is actually not because there are millions (or we can say billions) of permutations and combinations of planetary placements that can form in a birth chart or horoscope as there are billions of people on this earth and horoscope of each one of them is different or we can say there is a unique permutation and combination for each of those people. So, just think, how our tiny mind can grasp and judge every permutation and combination? Just think again, your mind is one and the possible number of permutations and combinations of planetary placements in a horoscope are in millions or billions.

Sure it is possible that you can master some of the permutations and combinations after years of hard work and you can predict sometimes right but still this is almost impossible to predict accurately for every client especially when it comes to their profession. If you will think that this chart looks that of an engineer you will find him working as a marketing manager in some company and you will face such a situation quite often.

I even heard Marc Boney saying in a youtube video (in an interview with Kapiel Raaj) that he has been practicing astrology for the past 25 years but still sometimes he cannot predict accurately though he worked under K.N Rao who is considered as the greatest astrologer in India. When you are not even sure if the prediction will go wrong or right how can you confidently charge someone to give them a reading? So then how can you make it your profession? If you are too much obsessed about Vedic Astrology best is to teach people about it and then you can even charge for teaching astrology.

I have seen so many expert researchers and scholars of Vedic Astrology on youtube such as Dr. Arjun Pai, Ernst Wilhelm, Sam Geppi, etc and they never give readings and predict the future of clients but they are simply teaching as they know they may go wrong while predicting. You won't find a person as intelligent as Dr. Arjun Pai who has completed his Ph.D. but he is also not giving readings and he also mentioned that he cannot predict anything though he is into this occult science from his childhood.

The most popular Vedic Astrologer, Kapiel Raaj, he is the one who is actually giving the readings and predicting the future but many people who went to him also came to me and said they took a reading from him but nothing came true and they wasted their money but still they don't regret it as they said they are still learning a lot from his youtube channel.

However, we can still say that Kapiel Raaj could be the one who can at least give 70-80% accurate predictions. He is a Cancer Ascendant and also he meditates a lot and so his intuition power his very strong. Also, most of the time he spends his time in isolation so that he can spend his time in looking at more and more charts and best of all he has got practical experience as he has been looking at people's charts and predicting for them since 2009.

However, I don't recommend taking a reading from any astrologer as most of them will simply do the guesswork for you. Even if you will go to K.N. Rao he won't tell you what is your exact profession but he will ask you what you have in your mind as your career and then he will properly guide you according to your passion because just the 7 planets cannot tell you about your exact profession when there are millions of professions nowadays.

When you will read ancient texts or books written by ancient scholars based on Vedic Astrology such as Brihat Parashara Hora Shastra then you won't benefit much from it as those are based on ancient times but now things have changed completely in this current century when so many people are involved in engineering and programming while there was no such thing in ancient times.

Also, you should not buy any book on Vedic astrology as most of them are available free over the internet in the PDF form and there is so much content in them that you can't even consume even if you read for years as there is not any limit to the knowledge of Vedic Astrology. You can contact me through this site and I will give you these books for free.

Don't think that astrology is less complicated than physics, chemistry, and biology but it is even more complicated but through astrology you can befool people and make money if you want to do that because here you will predict the future and it doesn't matter whether you predict right or wrong as you are already paid beforehand and future has still to come. 95% of the astrologers are doing that only if they are giving readings for future predictions.

The only thing they are focusing on is the marketing and impressive presentation of their Vedic Astrology services to attract clients and that is what makes them money and not the predictions. Just like Kapiel Raaj is presenting himself as a great astrologer through his youtube videos and his youtube videos are so popular that new people who are enticed by astrology are even taking readings from him as they are impressed by the presentation of Kapiel Raaj's youtube videos.

You should know that he is also a good actor and so he can always manipulate things in his favor though he may not even be a perfect astrologer. I am not saying you should not take a reading from Kapiel Raaj you can surely take a reading from him as now he is so established and experienced but if you need to make astrology as your career then get ready to make money that may not be honest money to earn. If you are ok with dishonest money then go with it.

The only thing I want to point out you cannot be sure of anything in Vedic astrology and it will make your mind go crazy. Also, if it was so much necessary to predict the future or if it was an easy to understand subject then this subject would have already been introduced in the regular schools but it is not. Also, don't get enticed by people who are making money through astrology as they may not be making money in an honest manner.

Even if you are planning to take astrology classes or an astrology course first ask that teacher of astrology about your chart and see if he can predict anything accurately. Regarding career, he may say you should do engineering but you will find you are pursuing the subject of commerce and he is recommending a career that is related to the subject of science. That is what happens most of the time and I am telling you this from my experience. You can only learn astrology through your intuition power and even a teacher cannot help you in predictions as he himself cannot predict anything accurately. Teaching is easy to do as those who are listening to you still don't know whether you are teaching wrong or right and so you can teach them anything.

I don't recommend any teacher if you want to learn astrology and the one you can find most close to what you call as a good teacher is Sanjay Rath and I highly recommend him though I still don't see he can even be 100% accurate. But Sanjay Rath is actually quite close to accuracy as his Jupiter is in Pisces which makes him a great scholar. Also, astrology is into his blood as his father was also an astrologer and also his teachings make perfect sense. So, if you are still looking to make a career in astrology then go to Sanjay Rath to learn. But first, start by watching his youtube videos.

If you will go to 4 astrologers for reading then surely you will find one telling you something accurate about you then you will think this astrologer is good as he predicted right about your past. But then take another horoscope and again go to those 4 astrologers and this time you will find the same astrology who was right last time is wrong now and some other is correct. So there is nothing other than confusion in this field of astrology and so I will never recommend entering into this field and making it as your career. But the problem is people get enticed by it and then they waste a lot of their time in this and ultimately achieve nothing.

This knowledge of Vedic Astrology is only meant for people who have a very high level of cosmic energy in them and those are true yogis but such yogis you won't find in this normal world. But by the awakening of your cosmic energy, you can also become like those yogis.

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