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How snake catchers can make money from youtube videos?

There are certain people who are not afraid of snakes and other reptile animals such as turtles, lizards, tuatara, etc. These people have the capability to capture such reptile animals using some tools and also using their hands. If you have such capability then you can make money through snake catching business. Snakes are often seen in homes, offices, empty wells, etc and people want to get rid of them as they are fearful of them.

There is a person called Murliwale Hausla and he is a great snake catcher and he can catch other reptiles too such as turtles and lizards and even cockroaches. He is from Jaunpur district, Uttar Pradesh, India. He is making a lot of money from his youtube videos. Villagers often need the help of this person when some snake troubles them. Wherever he goes to capture snakes he is also doing the recording of his 'snake capturing process' through a camera and then he will upload this video recording to his youtube channel. A lot of people watch such videos on youtube and Murliwale Hausla is thus able to make money through the views on such youtube videos.

You can't believe it, he started his youtube channel on 26 Feb 2019 and by the end of December 2019 he already received 88,665,515 views on his different youtube videos and this might have made him a lot of money. See here > what is the potential to make money from youtube videos. So if you are a snake catcher or a rescuer of any other animal then you should make videos of your rescue operations and then upload to youtube to make money. This really works great. Snake catcher, Murliwale Hausla, is not only get paid for his snake catching services but he also makes money from his youtube videos. Here is an example video of his snake rescue operation in a well where he captured two snakes after going into a deep well.

Best of all, this is a monopoly business for Murliwale Hausla as hardly any person has the capability to capture snakes. You can find a lot of engineers and doctors but it is difficult to find a snake catcher and we badly need such people when we are troubled with snakes especially in villages. Also, people feel delighted to watch such rescue operations through youtube videos and they watch the video till the end.

Google gives more importance to videos that people watch till the end and so they rank such videos more higher in youtube search and even in Google search. If people don't watch your videos till the end and close very early then such videos can negatively impact your channel performance so you need to be careful of what you are uploading. Uploading videos on youtube is completely free and you don't need to spend any money.

Also, when more and more people watch your youtube videos and know about your talent then they also want to try your services and that way your business also starts doing well and you become in demand all over. Murliwale Hausla is now in so much demand that he is now being called to different villages in the state of Uttar Pradesh as people badly need him for getting rid of snakes. So he is traveling a lot and also making money from his profession. Youtube is really a good way to promote your business.

Murliwale Hausla is involved in animal rescuing since 2010 but he never realized that Google was paying for making youtube videos but once he came to know this he also started making youtube videos of his snake rescuing operations and now he is able to make good money. So if you have any talent then make use of it and show it to the world through youtube videos and make money. If your heart is strong then even capturing a snake is not difficult because it is done through certain trick which you can learn from some snake catcher. Just watch this youtube video and you can see even a woman is catching a snake using her hand and some powder to take control of the snake.

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