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How Moon in the sign of Cancer makes you self-satisfied? (Vedic Astrology)

The sign of Cancer represents our heart and Shiva and Parvati resides in our heart. When Moon is placed in the sign of Cancer in the birth chart it makes the heart very strong and such people never suffer from a heart attack. After all, a planet sitting in its own sign has to have some advantage. There is a very strong connection between the mind and the heart as both are the same thing.

When the heart is strong (Moon in Cancer) our mind or our soul is stable and then we never suffer from things like depression or tension unless Moon is afflicted. Even if Moon is afflicted (Saturn is looking at (aspecting) or sitting with Moon with close conjunction) then also Moon in the sign of Cancer is not considered that bad. But if the Moon is not placed in the sign of Cancer and then when it is afflicted that can cause a lot of issues with the peace of mind and there may not be a mental peace and life could be stressful.

Cancer is a sign that provides us peace and security and so when Moon is placed in this sign we always have peace of mind and our heart is stable and it makes us self-satisfied as here Moon is in its own element. Such people don't have many desires and they always want to give others without expecting anything in return.

Giving everything unconditional without expecting anything in return is more so possible if Moon is placed in the sign of Cancer but in the Nakshatra of Pushya as this Nakshatra is the highest Nakshatra of all the 27 Nakshatras. People like Lord Rama and his brother Lord Bharat were born in this Nakshatra and they had a very strong heart and that is the reason they were extremely courageous. When the heart is strong (Moon in Cancer) you can work extremely hard without getting tired.

Such people have tremendous love in them and they sacrifice their own comforts for others. They believe in sacrifice and when they sacrifice it gives them more peace inside. Self-satisfaction is the biggest achievement when Moon is placed in the sign of Cancer in the Pushya Nakshatra as this Nakshatra falls in the sign of Cancer.

Moon is a very peaceful planet and you can see when Moon comes out in the night all the heat of the sun vanishes. The same way our heart becomes also peaceful and self-satisfied when our Moon is placed in the sign of Cancer in the birth chart. It doesn't matter which astrological house the Moon is placed still it will retain it's quality when placed in the sign of Cancer.

But there is also one more Nakshatra that falls in the sign of Cancer and that is Ashlesha. But the quality of helping others unconditional may not be so when Moon is placed in the Ashlesha Nakshatra as this Nakshatra is ruled by Mercury while Pushya Nakshatra is ruled by Saturn which is a planet of sacrifice and devotion.

The quality of stable heart and the quality of self-satisfaction, however, will still be retained even when the Moon is placed in the Nakshatra of Ashlesha. When your heart is stable (Moon in Cancer) then you are not afraid of anything and you also do well with something like acting as when you do acting you do that by expressing your feelings and emotions which are also represented by the sign of Cancer.

Madhuri Dixit, Aamir Khan, Sonu Nigam, and Hrithik Roshan, Indian film actors, have their Moon in the sign of Cancer and they are brilliant actors and Sonu Nigam is a great singer also. Good teachers are also produced when Moon is placed in the sign of Cancer as the job of a teacher or Guru is to give everything unconditionally.

Moon in Cancer people are also very pure in heart as the sign of Cancer is a very pure sign and also there is no impurity in Moon. They are very open-hearted and never hesitate to help others and such people can do great in politics and the government as they will be very honest in serving the country or the masses. They will not be like those corrupt politicians who are power-hungry and dominating to others and want to make people their slaves.

Such people could also be great doctors and nurses as you need to cure patients with your complete dedication and without hesitant as some people run away from diseased people. But Moon in Cancer people will never run in curing the patient even if he/she is suffering from a disease like tuberculosis or leprosy and that is what a pure heart is. Often you will find the blood group of Moon in Cancer people as O- (O negative) which is found very rare. When the heart is pure the blood is also pure and O negative blood group is the purest blood group and doctors have proved it.

When you are self-satisfied, with Moon in Cancer, you can even spend your time alone as you never feel insecure. On the other hand, people in Moon in Libra cannot leave without relationships and that is the major difference between the two. Mostly, people run away from loneliness and discomfort but Moon in Cancer people are not like those.

They can sleep anywhere and they can eat anything and they hardly complain unless there are other planets which are not well placed in their birth chart. This is what the quality of Shiva is also and that is why Shiva is known by the sign of Cancer. Shiva doesn't care about comforts and sensual pleasures of life and he is so self-satisfied.

Also, if you see Pushya Nakshatra, falling on the sign of Cancer, has been assigned the quality of Deva which means these people are like Devas and Devas are honest and very spiritual people who care for humanity and they never need anything for themselves. It doesn't matter which profession they are into they will do everything honesty and keeping in mind that it will help others in all the good ways because they don't have any selfishness in them. If you are the owner of a company and need to hire people who are fully dedicated then hire these, Moon in Cancer people, but avoid if Moon is afflicted.

Even if such people are in business they will offer goods and services at the least possible rates and they are not like others who are only worried about their own profit margins and this is the greatest quality of these people. They are truly God-like though you may not see them behaving that way outside. Unless they had such quality I had not written this article as I know what these people are like.

Just see why an actor like Aamir Khan is so successful? This is because he always thinks from the point of view of the public first and not worried about his own salary as an actor. People should like his movie and then only he wants to get paid. When you have such a selfless motive then whatever you do it becomes so helpful and beneficial to others and that is what the quality of people born in Pushya Nakshatra is, and Aamir Khan is also one of them.

Such people can also do great in the hospitality industry (hotels and restaurants) where purity is needed and also when you eat food that is made by a person with a pure heart then nothing could be better than that as the kind of food you eat does affect your nature and inner qualities. It makes your day when you have eaten food made from good hands.

Many people think Moon in Cancer people are very emotional and crying all the time and very depressive but it is really not so. How can you be depressive when your heart is so strong? But the truth is it is simply the opposite and these people are not depressive at all unless Moon is afflicted. They are joy-giving people and they are loved by everyone as their heart is pure.

Also, we ought to be emotional by heart only as that is the quality of the heart. If Moon is in Capricorn it may even make you heartless and dominating and power or fame-hungry as the heart doesn't have its original nature of being soft, love giving, nurturing or helping others when Moon is placed in the sign of Capricorn. When someone like Lord Rama has his Moon in the sign of Cancer in Pushya Nakshatra then you can think yourself how pure this Nakshatra is.

A stable heart is most important in life when you work you need to work with full dedication and devotion and that is mostly not possible if Moon is not placed in the sign of Cancer. This placement makes you happy within yourself and so you don't worry and get attached to anything in life. You see many married women are so attached to their before marriage family members and even after getting married they will call them 4-5 times a day and when they don't talk a day they become restless and that is a sign of a weak heart which is usually seen when Moon is placed in signs like Libra, Gemini and Scorpio.

Moon in the sign of Libra woman should never think of marrying a person with Moon in Cancer as they will never go along with each other and married life will be ruined. Moon in Cancer people doesn't like people who are materialistic as they are self-satisfied and expect the same from others.

If a Leo Ascendant has its Moon in the sign of Cancer in the 12th house then this person is nothing less than God himself. Such people have great intuition power and they can become great writers, singers, scientists, researchers, etc as a stable heart only can do research. If you are worried about your relatives all the time you cannot do research or write a novel while sitting alone with self-satisfied. Such people also have great imaginative power and you cannot produce something very original unless you have that imaginative power that comes from the Moon in Cancer placement especially in the 12th house as 12th house is the house of isolation and spirituality. What you call as God's Bhakti is achieved when Moon falls in the sign of Cancer in Pushya Nakshatra as God's Bhakti is not possible without the sacrifice and this Nakshatra is ruled by Saturn which is a planet of sacrifice.

Vedic Astrology is still not popular in the recruitment industry otherwise the companies can do great by hiring only the greatest people by looking at the horoscopes of candidates.

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