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How you could be in trouble with Moon Venus conjunction in Vedic Astrology?

Whenever Moon and Venus are conjunct together in a given birth chart (or aspecting each other) then, irrespective of the house placement, the native of this birth chart always take their food on bed and as a result, their bedroom life is spoiled. They may not have a good relationship with their spouse and also husband and wife may even sleep in different rooms or there may be no sexual relationships. If you are practicing chastity even after marriage then not having sexual relationships may not be a problem.

The thing is the bed is not meant to take food as then you are disrespecting the deity associated with food and as a result of it, bedroom life is spoiled. In some cases, it is seen that the wife's sister, brother or parents are always calling her during night time and this is how also the bedroom life gets spoiled as the wife of the native is too much attached to her original family before marriage.

If you need a remedy to improve your relationships with your spouse then you should stop taking your food on bed and sit on mother earth to take your food and don't be in hurry to take your food. After doing this remedy for a few weeks all your relationship problems will be resolved. But you should trust this remedy as it works like a charm and it has been tested and that is the reason I am telling you here.

Moon represents the queen in Vedic astrology and Sun is king. Venus represents luxury and sensual pleasures in Vedic astrology. Now when Moon is either looking at Venus or when Moon and Venus are conjunct together then your mind (moon) is always looking for pleasure and comforts and, as a result, this also is reflected when you take your food. Venus represents bedroom and Moon is also food or nurturing and that is the reason the native takes his/her food on the bed when Moon and Venus are conjunct together or aspecting each other.

When Moon and Venus are aspecting each other it could also mean that your wife and mother are looking at each other which means there is a lot of good relationships with your wife and mother unless this mutual aspect is again aspected by malefic planets like Saturn and Mars. This is because the moon represents the mother and Venus represents the wife in a man's chart according to Vedic Astrology.

If a woman or girl has this combination of Moon and Venus then their mind is always into acquiring luxuries of life as Moon represents our soul or mind and Venus represents luxuries of life such as fine food, fashion accessories, fashionable clothes, etc. Royal people usually have this kind of conjunction in their horoscopes such as a king or a queen but nowadays those could be rich people living with all the comforts of life.

Since one can acquire sensual pleasures (represented by Venus) through music, dance and singing also then such conjunction of Venus and Moon could also be found in people who are either into some creative field or they could even be in playing musician instruments or they may also be involved in singing, music, and dance if other planets in the birth chart are also supportive.

Moon tells us how we are going to express our feelings and emotions in this life as Moon represents our feelings and emotions. Now when Moon is aspecting or conjuncting Venus it means expressing our feelings and emotions through enjoyment as Venus is enjoyment and music and dance are also ways of enjoyment.

But the thing is, not every person's enjoyment comes through music or dance. Some people are also interested in drawing, painting, arts, and crafts and so this conjunction could also occur in the birth chart of people who are into all these things. It is important to look at the sign where the Moon and Venus conjunction is happening and that will give more idea.

I have seen the placement of Moon in the 12th house and the placement of Venus in the 6th house for a Leo Ascendant and this is a mutual aspect (7th aspect) of Moon and Venus and this native always takes his food on bed and he is all the time working to rank sites higher in Google as Venus also represents websites and 6th house is the house of competitions and since Venus is falling in the sign of Capricorn in the 6th house it means he enjoys acquiring status for his website which is nothing but ranking the site higher in Google.

When you rank something higher it means nothing but acquiring status which the sign of Capricorn represents. This is often called search engine optimization (SEO). He also confirmed that his wife and mother are always looking at each other and care about each other (due to mutual aspect of Moon and Venus) though he himself never goes well with his wife and there are a lot of arguments and fights in the married life as Venus often creates problem in the 6th house of arguments and disputes.

Venus also represents girls or women in Vedic Astrology and the mind could always be into making new girlfriends in the young age especially if the Moon and Venus conjunction is happening in the 11th house of friends and network circles or if Moon and Venus are aspecting each other on the 5th and 11th house axis. You might have seen many boys in schools or colleges are always in the habit of making friendship with different girls and this is the placement usually for them.

Moon-Venus conjunction in the sign of Scorpio or the sign of Leo could also make the native very sexual or romantic as Scorpio is a sign that represents sexuality and it is a very filthy and sexual sign especially if Scorpio is falling on the Nakshatra of Jyestha. But the sign of Scorpio also falls on another Nakshatra called Anuradha and Moon and Venus conjunction in this Nakshatra could produce romantic writers (if Mars is in Gemini) or someone very much devoted or dedicated to some deity and doing their Pooja (worshiping) all the time.

If Moon is aspecting Venus then this also means your mother (as Moon represents mother) takes care of your desires and also your wife as Venus represents our desires and relationships.

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