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Why Libra Ascendant most active in making relationships? (Vedic Astrology)

How much active a person is in his life, depends on the sign of Aries as, in Vedic Astrology, this is a sign of putting your efforts (or energy) as this sign of Aries is ruled by Mars in the default zodiac and Mars represents the energy within us. Read more on > Mars here. Now when the sign of Aries falls on the 7th house, for a Libra ascendant, this shows they are very active or putting a lot of energy or efforts in either making relationships or resolving disputes or conflicts (mediation) as 7th house is the house of relationships, partnerships and resolving complicated problems such as dispute and conflict resolution.

Though it is a general interpretation without looking at the placement of planets in the birth chart still most of the time it holds true as this is the default nature of a Libra ascendant native. 7th house is basically the house of trade and so traders and businessmen are most commonly seen as a Libra ascendant. Even if you don't find them as a trader or a businessman still you will find them socially very active as they put a lot of their energy in making relationships with other people because of the sign of Aries on their 7th house.

If Rahu is placed in the 7th house in the sign of Aries then the native may be too much obsessed about making relationships with other people as Rahu tells about our obsession in life according to Vedic Astrology. Just check the birth chart of Madhuri Dixit, an Indian actress, and you will find her Rahu being placed in the sign of Aries in the 7th house as she is a Libra ascendant. You can see Madhuri Dixit is socially so active and always involved in making relationships and in films also she makes relationships with different actors.

Just to compare, you can see, for a Leo ascendant the sign of Aries falls on their 9th house and as a result, Leo ascendant natives are most active when it comes to higher education, law, religion, pilgrimages, publishing, knowledge, sports, etc as 9th house represents all these things. When you are so much busy in getting higher education then when will you find time to make relationships? That is the reason Libra ascendant natives and Leo ascendant natives don't go well together and if they marry each other there is a certain chance of divorce.

This is also the reason Sun is considered debilitated in the sign of Libra or 7th house as Sun is king and meant for throne and Sun cannot be a trader or someone roaming here and there to make relationships and make business deals. Leo is a fixed sign and so a Leo ascendant native has to sit on a fixed place and rule over others. A king has to serve his kingdom and bring law and order in the society and for that, you need to study law, rules, and regulations, etc and you cannot make relationships all the time. So Libra ascendant natives need to understand this and they should not force their Leo ascendant spouse to all the time follow or accompany them in the social life if they are not interested.

Also, if you see the sign of Leo falls on the 11th house for a Libra ascendant and this also shows that > being social > is fun and entertainment for Libra ascendant natives as 11th house is the house of social life and it represents the masses or the public and the sign of Leo is a sign of fun and entertainment and it also represents the image or reputation of the native. Libra ascendant natives feel like they have lost their image or reputation if they don't have any social life due to the sign of Leo falling on their 11th house. Read more > Rahu in 11th house for Libra ascendant. If 11th house lord, Sun, is debilitated in the birth chart (placed in the first house in the sign of Libra) then the social life of a Libra ascendant will suffer and they may feel like they are being insulted in the society. Read more about > debilitated Sun.

On the other hand, the sign of Leo falls on the 1st house for Leo ascendants which shows they themselves are the source of fun and entertainment as the 1st house represents the physical self or physical appearance of the native. That is the reason Leo ascendant natives are very creative people and certainly, you will find some talent in them related to fun and entertainment such as sports, singing, dancing, music, stage performance, actor, leadership position, government, politics, recruiter, lawyer, judge, etc. But if the ascendant lord Sun is not well placed then a Leo ascendant native may lose these qualities which exist in their DNA.

For a Libra ascendant, I told earlier in this article that they are very active or putting a lot of effort into making relationships with other people due to the sign of Aries falling on their 7th house of relationships. But you could make relationships for different reasons and in that case you need to look at the position of Mars, ruler of 7th house, and Venus, ascendant lord, in the birth chart and that will give more idea.

For example, if 7th lord, Mars, is placed in the 6th house in the sign of Pisces, then here the native could be involved in resolving disputes and arguments such as a policeman or even a lawyer or even a sportsman as 6th house is the house of disputes, fights, competitions, and arguments. In general, the 7th house is the house of resolving something or balancing two sides and it is not just the house of making relationships or partnerships. A sports referee also balances two sides competing with each other in sports. Same is the job of a policeman and a lawyer or even a broker or a mediator.

7th house actually also represents the Swadisthana chakra in our body and this chakra is ruled by Brahma and Saraswati and so the 7th house is also the house of creativity as Brahma is known for creating and that is the reason many Libra ascendant natives are very creative and if Mars is placed in the sign of Taurus in the 8th house then they may also work as digital designers in the field of IT (information technology). But planet like Venus and Moon has to be in the 7th house to activate the 7th house for creativity as these are soft planets known for creativity and love. However, Saturn in the 7th house will spoil the creativity. But the thing is any of the planets has to in the 7th house for the 7th house activities to get activated.

Since 1st house represents the physical self of the native so when the 7th lord, Mars, is placed in the 1st house then you become physically very active to resolve something such as a sports referee who is physically very active in resolving disputes between two teams or two fighters as Libra is a sign of resolving or balancing.

If 7th lord, Mars, is placed in the sign of Gemini in the 9th house then you may resolve disputes through communication at distant locations as 9th house is the house of distant locations. Or you may be involved in resolving disputes related to laws, rules, and regulations related to marketing and advertising as Gemini is a sign of marketing and advertising and 9th house is the house of Law. But since Mars is ruling the 7th house it will always resolve things which is the quality of the 7th house.

If 7th lord, Mars, is placed in the 10th house then resolving problems related to machines is also possible and this is usually done by engineers as 10th house represents working with machines as originally 10th house is ruled by Saturn in the default zodiac. But nothing can be said with just the placement of one planet in the birth chart. Also, certain planet has to be in the 7th house for the activities of the 7th house to get activated.

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