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Do you know Venus and Moon represents our heart in Vedic Astrology?

The heart (Dil) of a person is most important as he/she feels all the enjoyment in his/her life through the heart only. People who are able to laugh and enjoy a lot then these kinds of people have the best Venus and since Venus controls our heart it also shows their heart is in good shape. If you cannot laugh properly (khul ke hansna) then there could be a problem in the heart. Actors and actresses are the people who have the strongest Venus or strongest heart and it is the strong and balanced heart only which gives them the ability to act and perform. If there is fear in the heart one cannot perform.

Moon represents the left heart and you might have seen some people are all the time fearful or have insecurity in them. Such kind of people usually have a bad Moon and their heart is not alright. Saturn when placed in the sign of Cancer usually gives insecurity as Cancer is a sign of security and we also express our security through our heart. Moon originally rules the 4th house in the default zodiac and 4th house represents our heart and so Moon also represents our heart. Also, Venus is considered as the significator of 4th house in Vedic Astrology and so Venus also represents our heart but it represents only our ability to enjoy through our heart.

People having Venus placed in the sign of Cancer are the most lovable people and they enjoy giving to others and they are not selfish at all. You can always trust such people having Venus in the sign of Cancer. But if Saturn is placed in the sign of Taurus and then Venus is placed in the sign of Cancer then Saturn will dominate here and the native will lose the quality of love even if Venus is placed in the sign of Cancer as here the dispositor of Venus (i.e Taurus) is constrained by Saturn.

4th house or the sign of Cancer is the best placement for Venus. When Venus is placed in the 4th house then it can be said that the heart of the native is very strong and such native is never afraid of anything. But not every person on this earth has a normal heart and some people are very fearful due to a weak heart as their Moon might be afflicted in the birth chart. If someone is possessed in the heart (heart is caught up by dead spirits) then also the natives cannot enjoy anything in life as the heart becomes heavy due to possession and it may then give a lot of fear. But many people don't even know that they are possessed in their hearts. Read more > how spirits possess you.

People who are having their Moon placed in the sign of Cancer have the strongest heart and when the heart is strong you are not fearful at all and it also gives the ability to work harder as Moon represents our soul or heart and when we are strong by heart we can work harder in life. When the heart is open, open-hearted, (Moon in Cancer) it also gives the ability to sing or even enjoy singing especially if Venus, Mars, and Saturn are also well placed in the birth chart. Singing is expressed through the heart only and so the heart has to be good in order to sing well. Sonu Nigam is a good example of that. His Moon is in Cancer and Venus in Leo and Sun again in Cancer. Cancer is really a sign of expressing emotions and feelings and that is done through heart and heart is Moon and Venus is our ability to enjoy through our heart.

When Mars is alone placed in the 4th house then the energy released from eating is accumulated in the heart as the 4th house represents our heart and in that case, it could give a lot of anger to the native. That is the reason Mars, in general, is not considered good in the 4th house as Mars is the energy within us. Read more > about Mars in different houses. Because of Mars being placed in the 4th house Venus could also be affected as you cannot enjoy when you are feeling irritation all the time in the heart due to the heat accumulated in the heart. Anger is the no.1 thing that will result from the heart when Mars is placed in the 4th house.

I know of a Leo ascendant native who did some Hatha Yoga through Pranayam (hardcore breathing exercises) and as a result, his heart caught up and he complained that his heart was all the time heavy and it makes him fearful even to move out of home and face the public or any collectivity like marriage ceremony, party, etc. In the birth chart his Venus could be seen in the sign of Capricorn in the 6th house and as you know Capricorn is a hard sign (the sign of machines) and so it could make your heart hard especially when placed in the 6th house of difficulties and problems.

When I listened to his whole story I could easily understand his heart was not alright but his Moon was well placed in its own Cancer sign in the 12th house. So, though he was open-hearted (as Moon placed in its own sign), but since it was happening in the 12th house of losses so he actually lost his heart (or mind as Moon is also mind) and there was a lot of heaviness in his heart and he couldn't enjoy anything. Also, he was possessed in the stomach as he also went to some false guru. Learn > how false gurus possess you.

His Moon was actually not afflicted in the 12th house as it was not aspected or looked by Saturn as his Saturn was placed in the 11th house. But the major problem was that he was possessed in the stomach due to the placement of Rahu in the Mula Nakshatra in the 5th house and 8th house lord being placed in the 7th house and conjuncting ascendant lord in the 7th house. When you are possessed in the stomach then your stomach gets heavy and when the stomach is heavy then the heart is also affected badly as the heart is just above the stomach and the heart gets stretched when the stomach is heavy due to the possession by a dead spirit.

So it is not always so that Moon needs to be afflicted for the heart to go bad and heart could also be affected due to Mars. If Mars is placed in the 5th house then again the stomach could go bad and energy released due to bad stomach could pass into the heart and as a result, Venus or heart will be affected. It is difficult to enjoy life when Venus is not alright as Venus is our ability to enjoy life.

Also, Moon or heart is badly affected when the person becomes futuristic and workaholic and that may also result in a heart attack. This often happens when malefic planets like Mars, Rahu and Saturn are aspecting Moon at the same time or somehow associated with each other in the birth chart with close degrees.

If you feel like your heart is not alright and if there is either insecurity or fearfulness then the best remedy is to get your Kundalini power awakened (also called cosmic energy) and once the Kundalini gets awakened you should take the Mantras of Maa Jagadamba as Maa Jagadamba is the deity who controls our central heart. Read more > how to get awakened your cosmic energy. Make use of this youtube video to recite the Mantras of Maa Jagadamba and it will be very useful to clear problems in the heart chakra (central heart).

Awakening of Cosmic energy or Kundalini energy connects us from the source energy of the Universe and in a way it connects us to God as God is nothing but the source energy of the Universe and it also has awareness. The Mantras we recite are only effective when these Mantras actually reach to the source energy and that is the reason getting the self-realization (awakening of cosmic energy) is important.

Mantras really don't give results unless we are a realized soul and we are connected to God with the help of cosmic energy that resides in our Muladhara Chakra. Also, Mantras don't work when we are doing the wrong Mantras for a particular problem. That is the reason people mostly don't trust treatment through Mantras as there is no one to guide them properly and when they do irrelevant Mantras these are not effective.

Also, when Venus is debilitated in the birth chart then also heart cannot enjoy music and the native may also face insult due to a woman when Venus is debilitated in his birth chart as Venus represents females. Read more about debilitated Venus. Also, there could be shivering in the hands or body if the heart or Venus or Moon is not alright.

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