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How to generate your birth chart using a free vedic astrology software?

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The daily horoscope you see in the newspaper or over the internet for your particular zodiac sign is not accurate at all. For example, when it is said that if you were born in the date range from June 21 to July 22 then you are a Cancer Ascendant then this is not correct. To generate your true horoscope or birth chart you should make use of an astrological software.

Plz note: You can also make use of this Vedic Astrology app to create your horoscope if you are on mobile right now and not on a computer.

Not only the date and year of birth but the exact time of the day when you were born is also needed to generate your true horoscope or birth chart. If this information is available then generating the birth chart is quite easy using a free Vedic astrology software > Jagannatha Hora.

Just go to this link > vedicastrologer.org/jh/ to download the Jagannatha Hora software for free. You should choose the 3rd option to download the version 8.0 of 102 MB which consists of a database of 2.5 million cities of the world and so it doesn't matter which city and country you took birth and you can easily generate your birth chart.

After completing the installation of the software just open it and click on "Data" link on the top menu. A menu will appear where you can enter your birth details. Enter city name where you were born in the "city name field" and then select your country from the drop-down menu and then click on "Rest of the world". If your city is common and available in the database then the time zone and longitude and latitude will automatically appear in the software. Otherwise, you need to enter all these things manually. Altitude, atmospheric pressure, and atmospheric temperature are not going to make any difference and so nothing to worry about these and these will automatically appear if your city is available in the database.

After entering all the details as required click "ok" and your birth chart will be generated on the left side of the software. You will see 6 birth charts on the left side. The first birth chart from left on top named "Rashi" (D1) is your true birth chart. This is the chart you need to look at to find your Ascendant or birth zodiac sign. You can also save the birth chart as a .jhd file on your computer. Just click on "file" on the top menu and then click on "save as" and you are done. If you don't know about the houses in the birth chart then you need to first learn about them. There are twelve houses in the birth chart as you see above in the image in a sequence. If you are on mobile click here to see the sequence of houses in a birth chart. We always move anti-clockwise to count the houses.

But all the twelve zodiac signs are also assigned a particular alphabetical number as below.

Aries > 1 > Aries rules the 1st house in the natural zodiac or default birth chart (Aries Ascendant)

Taurus > 2 > rules the 2nd house

Gemini > 3 > rules the 3rd house house

Cancer > 4 > rules the 4th house

Leo > 5 > rules the 5th house

Virgo > 6 > rules the 6th house

Libra > 7 > rules the 7th house

Scorpio > 8 > rules the 8th house

Sagittarius > 9 > rules the 9th house

Capricorn > 10 > rules the 10th house

Aquarius > 11 > rules the 11th house

Pisces > 12 > rules the 12th house

In the birth chart, you generated, you need to check the number in the 1st house to find your Ascendant ( also called the zodiac sign or Lagna). For example, if you see no. 5 in the first house then you were born as a Leo Ascendant. If you see no.6 in the 1st house then you were born as a Virgo Ascendant, if you see no.1 in the 1st house then Aries Ascendant and so on..............

The other charts you see in the software like D9, D10, D3, D30, D60 etc also have their own importance and meant to look at the different aspects of life. For example, D10 chart is used to look at your career and D9 chart is used to look at how you are from inside and relationships with your spouse. The planets in the birth chart shows your life's situation.

There are also 27 Nakshatras known in Vedic Astrology and on the right side of the birth chart you can check which Nakshatra you were born.

Here are the details about what each house in Vedic Astrology represents

houses in astrology

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