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How to differentiate Leo and Capricorn in prediction? (Vedic Astrology)

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The sign of Capricorn represents your authority, power, and status while the sign of Leo represents your name, fame, and popularity in the outer world. Leo represents how well and how far and wide you are known in the world. In other words, it shows how famous you are in the masses or the public or society. On the other hand, the sign of Capricorn represents how much power or authority you have over other people or your employees.

Authority or the sign of Capricorn means the power to control others while Leo is not about controlling others but Leo is all about > being in the limelight. But if your Sun, ruler of Leo, is placed in the sign of Capricorn it means you feel like you have the image or goodwill only when you have the authority and power to control others and being a leader.

But not every person is fond of acquiring a leadership position or higher status in the government or some company. That is also the reason, not all the people on this earth have their Sun placed in the sign of Capricorn in their birth chart. People having their Sun placed in the sign of Taurus might want to become famous as an artist or a financial advisor as the sign of Taurus represents the finances and creativity.

Also, you get status (represented by the sign of Capricorn) through some qualification or knowledge as the sign of Sagittarius just comes before the sign of Capricorn in a given birth chart while to become famous or get the limelight (represented by the sign of Leo) you don't need to have any qualification.

You can only become a doctor when you have the required MBBS degree or any other higher degree required for a specialist doctor. When you are simply acquiring the knowledge to clear the medical exams then the sign of Sagittarius or the 9th house is active but once you have already achieved your degree (got the status) then it becomes your profession represented by the 10th house or the sign of Capricorn.

While the sign of Leo is something that is totally different. Anyone can come in the limelight without even getting authority or status in any kind of knowledge. Just start making youtube videos and present yourself in the video in some way and you will get the limelight (Leo) if people are watching your videos over the internet. So, that is the major difference between the sign of Leo and the sign of Capricorn though you may think they are quite similar.

Also, the status is acquired through knowledge and higher education while the limelight is acquired by expressing your emotions and feelings through communication. People who perform on a stage as an actor or a dancer then they in a way are expressing their emotions and feelings through communication (while doing acting) and their skills (while dancing) and this is how they get the limelight.

On the other hand, if suppose you are creating software then you have to do some physical work, represented by the sign of Capricorn, as Capricorn or Saturn is also the work we do, and there is no involvement of expressing your emotions and feelings to get the limelight. Also, you cannot create software unless you have the required knowledge of programming languages. So this gives a clear indication that the sign of Capricorn is about work and status while the sign of Leo is more about expressing yourself emotionally to come in the limelight.

When an actor does the performance on the stage to get limelight he expresses himself through his inner emotions and feelings and through communication while when you do any physical work (Capricorn) you don't express yourself emotionally through communication and that is the major difference between the sign of Leo and the sign of Capricorn. Leo is basically a sign of expressing yourself creatively as Leo is also a sign of creativity.

Suppose you are a teacher and teaching a lot of students in the classroom. Then while teaching you are expressing your emotions and feelings through communication and while you are doing this a lot of students are looking at you which is nothing but limelight as you are being seen by the public or the masses (students here).

The same is the case when people look at you through youtube videos. In youtube videos, you express your emotions and feelings through a communication or by your emotional actions and you get the limelight by doing that as a lot of people are watching your youtube videos. Here three signs > Cancer, Gemini, and Leo > are simultaneously operating. When you communicate that is Gemini, when you express your inner emotions and feelings this is Cancer, and when you get the limelight (people looking at you) this is nothing but the sign of Leo.

If a person polishes shoes of other people on the road then he is doing some physical work and he is not trying to get limelight here and such work is actually the work involving the 10th house and the 6th house. 6th house is the house of service when you serve others and that can also be done without any knowledge (such as polishing shoes) while if you are an engineer or a doctor then you need the knowledge of the 9th house and status of the 10th house.

If you are a retailer in a shop then this is also expressing yourself through emotions and feelings through communication represented by the 4th house and the 3rd house. As a retailer, a group of people doesn't watch you (like in the case of a teacher I mentioned before) and so limelight or 5th house is not involved here. So you can see different houses are involved in different kinds of professions. If you want to learn astrology in a more better way you can contact me through this site.

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