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Why Sagittarius ascendants strict with money? (Vedic Astrology)

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2nd house represents the money or wealth and the sign of Capricorn falls on the 2nd house for a Sagittarius ascendant. The sign of Capricorn is a sign of strictness and that is the reason these people are so strict when it comes to money unless Venus is placed in the 2nd house in the sign of Capricorn as Venus or Rahu in the 2nd house will not make them strict in spending money.

They are very much disciplined when it comes to spending money and they simply don't waste their money or wealth in acquiring luxuries of life unless Rahu or Venus are placed in the 2nd house. If you will ask these people for money they hardly will give it to you and if you cheat them with their money they will come after you very quickly.

Also, they hardly gamble with money. If they will invest in the stock market then they will do the investment for the long term only as Saturn or the sign of Capricorn represents patience. Pisces ascendants usually play or gamble with the money because of the sign of Aries on their 2nd house. If Rahu is in Aries and if the lord of Aries, Mars, is placed in the 5th house then such people can do a lot of gambling or stock trading (not stock investing) as Mars or the sign of Aries represents quickness, impulsiveness, and impatience.

Sagittarius ascendants are the people with strong morals and the luxuries of life don't mean much to them. You will hardly find a Sagittarius ascendant spending money on beauty products or other luxury items and they also wear very simple and old fashioned clothes as the sign of Capricorn or Saturn represents old and outdated things. Saturn is an old and dark planet and so you will find these people always looking for old and dark clothes and fashion accessories. Black or dark-colored spectacles often entice them.

Also, the 2nd house represents the resources of the ascendant. So if the ascendant is Sagittarius then resources for a Sagittarius ascendant is > power and authority as the sign of Capricorn rules the 2nd house for a Sagittarius ascendant and the sign of Capricorn represents authority and power. The sign of Sagittarius represents law, rules, regulations, policies, etc and these things cannot be implemented unless you have the power and authority.

Unless you get a higher post (authority) in the government (such as PM) you do not have the right to implement law and order in the society. That is the reason power and authority (Capricorn) are the resources for Sagittarius ascendant natives as they themselves are the lawmakers or implementers of laws as the sign of Sagittarius falls on their ascendant and ascendant represents the self. Unless they have the power and authority they cannot implement the law and that is the reason Capricorn is the resource for the Sagittarius.

The resources for the Taurus ascendant natives is their ability to market and advertise as they cannot sell their materialistic products unless they are good marketers, advertisers, and traders. The sign of Taurus represents the materialistic products (goods) and the sign of Gemini represents the communication, marketing, advertising, and trading of materialistic products. So if you have the materialistic products (Taurus > ascendant lord) then you need to trade (Gemini > 2nd house resources) as Gemini is a sign of trading of goods and services. That is the reason Gemini is the resource for the Taurus.

Again, coming back to the Sagittarius ascendant, the sign of Sagittarius also represents agriculture, farming, and gardening and you cannot do agriculture unless you have the required tools used in farming and agriculture such as spade, axe, pitchfork, fork, etc and also you cannot do gardening without the gardening tools. All these tools are made of iron, steel, and wood and so represented by the sign of Capricorn or Saturn as Saturn represents all these things.

Now if you are a Sagittarius ascendant yourself it means the purpose of your life could also be gardening, agriculture and farming and so all the tools made of iron and steel become your resources. This is another reason why Capricorn (2nd house) is the resource for Sagittarius (1st house).

Also, if you see > Sagittarius is a sign that represents long-distance journeys as 9th house and the sign of Sagittarius are just the same things and 9th house represents a long-distance journey. You might have seen that the vehicle drivers such as the truck drivers and even the train drivers often make use of a truck or a train to cover the long-distance journey and truck and train again are made of iron, steel, and wood and so represented by the sign of Capricorn or Saturn. So, for a long-distance journey (Sagittarius) a truck (Capricorn) is the resource and that is also the reason Capricorn acts as the resource for Sagittarius.

Also, if you see > the sign of Sagittarius represents higher education but this higher education is of no use to you unless you are approved with the degree or certification in the respective higher education. In other words, certification or approval (represented by the sign of Capricorn) is necessary for you to be called highly educated (Sagittarius). So, this again proves that the sign of Capricorn (2nd house) is the resource for the sign of Sagittarius (when in the 1st house).

In other words, we can say that all things made of iron, steel, and wood such as machinery, tools, trucks, vehicles, authority, power, etc are the resources for a Sagittarius ascendant. They cannot go without these. Sagittarius ascendant natives are very particular about law and order and they want to improve the society by implementing law and order but they cannot do this unless they have the authority and power and that is also the reason power or authority is the resource for them. You can also see the sign of Virgo falls on their 10th house of power and authority and so they fight a lot to attain their goal of acquiring power and authority as Virgo is a sign of arguments and fights. Sometimes these people become lawyers also.

Also, if you see, the sign of Sagittarius represents the Gurus and teachers but you cannot be a good teacher or a Guru unless you are qualified and qualification is something that is again represented by the sign of Capricorn. So here again we can say the authority is the resource for a Sagittarius. If a student has any doubt the teacher needs to prove it and proving is something that is again represented by the sign of Capricorn.

Just think of a truck driver. He himself is a Sagittarius (1st house) while his truck (2nd house) is his resource that makes his money. Similarly, think of a farmer. He himself is Sagittarius while his plow is his resource that makes his money. Also, you can think of a cook (or a butcher) who himself is Sagittarius while his tools like knife and utensils made of iron and steel are his resources. A Taurus ascendant may also become like a Sagittarius if his ascendant lord, Venus, is placed in the sign of Sagittarius and his 2nd lord, Mercury, placed in the sign of Capricorn.

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