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How Sun or Leo makes money to a Cancer Ascendant? (Vedic Astrology)

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Whatever you are good at that also makes you money and 2nd house in Vedic Astrology is the house of your money or wealth. So the sign falling on the 2nd house is most important as that will decide what you are good at and that is also going to make you money. 2nd house is the house of resources of the 1st house (ascendant) and 1st house represents the native of the chart himself.

Just think of a truck driver. For him, his truck is the resource as that makes him money and truck is represented by the planet Saturn or the sign of Capricorn as the truck is made of iron, steel and wood and anything made of iron, steel, and wood is represented by Saturn. So the truck driver could be a Sagittarius ascendant and you can see the sign of Capricorn falls on the 2nd house for a Sagittarius ascendant while the sign of Sagittarius itself represents a long-distance journey as originally this sign rules the 9th house of long-distance journey. That is one of the reasons that Capricorn is the resource (2nd house) for a Sagittarius ascendant (1st house) as for a long-distance journey you need a truck or a train or any other vehicle.

Read more > How Capricorn is the resource for a Sagittarius ascendant.

Likewise, Sun or the sign of Leo is the resource (2nd house) for a Cancer ascendant (1st house) and that is what makes him money. That is also the reason most of the actors and actresses in the film industry you will find them as Cancer ascendants as the sign of Leo or Sun is the resource for them and the sign of Leo is also about fun and entertainment. And it is the fun and entertainment only which make them money as acting, dance, music, etc are all part of the fun and entertainment world only.

Also, the sign of Cancer, representing the native himself as it is the ascendant, is a sign that is emotional and how do you express your emotions and feelings? You do that by communicating or through your actions. Suppose you have anger in you at a particular moment of time but unless you express your anger through abusive words (or in some other way) people won't know that you are angry. So communication or some action is important to express your emotions and that is the reason the sign of Gemini comes before the sign of Cancer as Gemini is a sign of communication and your skills.

When you dance you express your emotions and feelings (Cancer) through your dance actions or dance skills (Gemini) while when you do acting then also you express your emotions and feelings but through communication (again Gemini) and not through actions. When you are dancing at a particular moment of time then all three signs > Gemini, Cancer, and Leo are active > skills, emotions, fun.

But the sign of Leo is not just limited to fun and entertainment but it is also the sign of the knowledge of the ancient texts such as the Bible, Quran, Gita, Ramayana, Mahabharata, Astrology or knowledge of the occult science in general, etc. That is also the reason you will find many Cancer ascendant natives earning money by giving knowledge or information or by teaching people the knowledge of the ancient texts. I have seen so many popular astrologers are Cancer ascendants as they are teaching astrology which is represented by the sign of Leo and it is the resource for a Cancer ascendant that makes money to him.

Kapiel Raaj and Deepanshu Giri are both Cancer ascendants and they are giving the knowledge of astrology through their youtube channels and they both make money through the ancient knowledge of Vedic Astrology as Sun or the sign of Leo rules their 2nd house of wealth and so their wealth is bound to come through anything that is represented by the sign of Leo or Sun.

But, now the question is, the sign of Leo doesn't fall on the 2nd house for a Sagittarius ascendant so does it mean their wealth won't come from the fun and entertainment world? For a Sagittarius ascendant, the sign of Capricorn rules the 2nd house and if Saturn, lord of Capricorn or the 2nd house, is placed in the sign of Leo in the 9th house then his wealth could also come from the fun and entertainment world but through some physical work but not by expressing his emotions and feelings (such as acting or dancing) as the ascendant of a Sagittarius is not Cancer but it is Sagittarius.

There are jobs like video and film editing (or even photo editing) such things are possible for a Sagittarius ascendant when his 2nd lord, Saturn, is placed in the 9th house in the sign of Leo but not something like acting or dancing. Things like film editing or video editing are also part of Leo but this is a physical work related to Leo and not emotional work.

Even many females who teach kids are also Cancer ascendants as the sign of Leo is also about knowledge and basic education and so their wealth comes by giving knowledge and information to the students as the sign of Leo falls on their 2nd house of wealth. Also, many sportsmen are seen as Cancer ascendants as Leo is also a sign of sports and recreational activities as these are also fun activities.

If 2nd house lord, Sun, is exalted in the sign of Aries in the 10th house then such Cancer ascendant natives can make a lot of money in their life as when the Sun is exalted then it shows they can earn a lot of knowledge in their life and that could help them to make a lot of money through their profession as here Sun is placed in the 10th house of profession. Technical people such as engineers and programmers are usually seen from this placement as Aries is a technical sign as it is ruled by Mars. Read more > What Mars represents in Vedic Astrology. Whatever sign the Sun is placed in, it takes the knowledge of that sign.

For example, if Sun is placed in the sign of Scorpio in the 5th house then the native may do research something related to kids as Scorpio is a sign of research, investigation, and transformation and 5th house is the house of kids. But people involved in speculative business such as the stock markets and gambling can also be seen from this placement. Also, there are people who are doing research in sports or fun and entertainment, in general, and they can also be seen from this placement. But this placement of Sun may make the native extremely sexual and so affairs can happen with this placement as 5th house is also the house of love and romance. But this is more so possible if Rahu is placed in the 2nd house.

If Sun is debilitated for a Cancer ascendant, placed in the sign of Libra in the 4th house, then the native could make money by giving false knowledge or false information or something that is not legal as debilitated Sun loses its dignity. Read more > What debilitated Sun can do. The person can also make money by cheating his mother or by cheating in property-related business as the 4th house also represents land and property and also the mother. Since the Sun represents the father the native could also get money from the death of his father by this placement.

If Sun is placed in the sign of Taurus in the 11th house then the native could also get his wealth from the IT (information technology) sector and so on. To look at the sign falling on the first house is most important as that is the ascendant of the native which tells the purpose of life. Read more > How the ascendant in a given birth chart tells the purpose of life?.

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