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How to make tonnes of money over the internet in a short time without much investment?

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Learn the secret of making money online. Read the below report carefully

First of all, I want to tell you I have been working on the internet since 2002 and I have worked for many multi-national companies as a digital marketing specialist. I have increased the traffic from Google search for many company websites and even many e-commerce websites and I have done this only throughout my career and so I know better how Google search engine works and how you can also make money by making your website rank higher in Google search for several keywords.

If you think that it is difficult or impossible to make money from a website then simply you are under the influence of a false notion as Google will remain to be the money generating machine forever as there is tremendous scope of making money from Google. I can assure you that you can easily make a career over the internet by ranking a site higher in Google and then selling some digital products or even physical products. Even if you don't have your own physical product you can join any affiliate program and sell on behalf of others.

There are a lot of websites telling you about how to make a blog using Wordpress and you can easily learn for free and so I will not be covering that here. I will only tell you some real secrets that actually will help you to generate income from Google by selling your digital products or even a physical product or affiliate products.

The real secret lies in how you are writing the content to sell your product or a digital report. If you are simply writing pages on your site or blog by giving the product name in the title and then giving the product information on that page then your site is never going to rank higher in Google as a lot of other sites which are the official sites of those products are already ranking higher in Google for those product name keywords and Google doesn't want more of them. If you will make such pages Google will push you back in Google search results and you will never receive traffic from Google's organic search which is the search made by people using product keywords. It is almost impossible to rank higher for product name keywords (brand names) for products which are very popular.

The real secret is to, first of all, understand what the product will do for the buyer and then write an article based on that. Suppose you want to sell Patanjali Dant Kanti toothpaste and so if you will put in the title as "Patanjali Dant Kanti toothpaste" and write information on this product in your blog page then that page is never going to rank higher in Google because many other high authority sites such as flipkart.com, amazon.com, etc are already ranking higher and people will buy from these popular sites only.

What you can do is to, first of all, buy this product for yourself and let it arrive at home. You will also receive the manual of this product in the package of this product and that manual will contain all the information regarding the product and also how it can benefit the user. If you don't have the money to buy this toothpaste then what you can do is to search in Google this keyword > "ingredients used in Patanjali Dant Kanti" and you can see in Google that the ingredients used in this product are Neem, Babul, Tomer, Pudina, Laung, etc.

Now simply think how you can make use of this ingredient information in selling the Patanjali Dant Kanti toothpaste?. To give you an example you can write an article based on the title > How you can make your teeth healthier using Neem? or How to get rid of teeth problems using Neem? or How Neem can be taken in through a toothpaste?

Now search as much information as you can on Neem (the ingredient of the toothpaste) and based on the titles I mentioned above write an article and publish it on your blog. At the end of the article, you can write this > Patanjali Dant Kanti is the only toothpaste that contains Neem and you can buy it on Flipkart. Now simply hyperlink this text and use your Flipkart affiliate link to point users to the Flipkart website and once the user will buy this product on Flipkart you will get the commission (you can join the Flipkart affiliate program once your site starts receiving a good amount of traffic from google search).

So, this is the real way to convert visitors into sales. If you follow this secret no one can stop you from making tonnes of money over the internet. Just keep writing articles based on this technique for hundreds of products and at least upload one such article every day and you won't believe it within just 6 months you will start making money.

Suppose you are getting 500 visitors every day and even just 2% people buy the product using your affiliate link then you will make 10 sales every day. If one sale generates $1 commission then you can easily make $10 every day which will be $300 per month. But this is the minimum of the minimum I am telling. Just keeping writing such articles for the next 2 years and you will be able to generate even 2000 visitors per day on your site and then your earnings will increase more. It depends on what product you are choosing and what is the price of that product as more costlier the product more will be the commission. Using this same method you can also sell digital products. Join the affiliate program at clickbank.com and you can find a lot of such digital products there.

If you have money to spend then you can get such articles done (as per your requirements) from freelance article writers at various freelancing sites like freelancer.com, guru.com, upwork.com, etc. You can get the articles done for as low as $3 per article. If you want to rank your site higher quickly then making backlinks for your site is important. But this is not much needed if you are regular in writing at least one post in your blog.

When you will write hundreds of posts then at least some of your posts will automatically start ranking higher as Google is happy with sites which are uploading or editing content on the site regularly and they give a chance to such sites to rank higher in Google if the content is authentic, original and useful to the reader but the bounce rate on your site should be low. But if your content is not good and not much useful then your site may even be downgraded so be careful.

If you need a website based on the template of my site rajbihani.com then I will provide you all the scripts of this site (I am not using WordPress) and will install it on your server and make your site run. I will charge Rs.1000 for doing that. I am also a php programmer and I created my own scripts to create the backend for my site rajbihan.com and so I am not using Wordpress. Wordpress is too heavy with a lot of scripts and so it slows down a site. If you are interested then contact me through this site and I will give you more details.

Plz note: I am also an astrologer from New Delhi, India and if you need horoscope reading services or want to learn the real secrets of Vedic Astrology then also you can contact me through this site.

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