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How Virgo makes money to Leo Ascendant in Vedic Astrology?

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Virgo is a sign of arguments, difficulties, obstacles, and problems. Sun or the sign of Leo represents a king and a king is someone who is supposed to take care of the people of his kingdom and people as you know are represented by the sign of Aquarius. That is the reason the sign of Aquarius falls just opposite on the 7th house for a Leo ascendant as a king needs to resolve the problems and difficulties of the people of his kingdom and 7th house is also the house of resolving something. If the 6th house is the house of difficulties then the 7th house is the house of resolving those difficulties. So a king, through his authority and power (6th house Capricorn), resolves the disputes of the people of his kingdom (7th house-Aquarius).

Nowadays in Kalyuga most of the Leo ascendants you will find them in recruitment. Just think of Sonu Nigam, a great singer, and he is a Leo ascendant. See Sonu Nigam's birth chart here. You will often see him as a judge in reality shows like "Indian Idol". He decides who is a good singer and who needs to be selected for higher stages in the Indian Idol. This is a type of recruitment as from the general public (participants) you are selecting the best singers who are eligible to participate in the Indian Idol show. Participants are represented by the sign of Aquarius as they are the general public and Sonu Nigam himself is the king or Leo as he is a Leo ascendant. This example itself shows what is the job of a Leo ascendant is or what they are born for.

There is also a lot of arguments when it comes to selecting the appropriate candidates for the Indian idol and if a king is not good at winning his arguments he cannot be called a king. That is the reason arguments are the resource for a Leo ascendant and they are so good at arguments and proving their point, with logical reasoning, that such arguments only make them money. That is the reason Virgo is the resource for a Leo ascendant that helps him to make money. In other words, it is Mercury (ruler of Virgo) only that is going to make money to a Leo ascendant as Mercury rules their 2nd house of wealth.

In olden days also, a king was supposed to hire people, Virgos, who can be the part of his army to protect his kingdom from outside threats or enemies. Virgos are basically the soldiers who work for the king and that is the reason Virgo is a sign of service or slavery. That is also the reason most of the Virgo ascendants you will find them working under someone or doing a job for a company. If Sun is the owner of a shop then Virgo is the staff in that shop.

In olden days, people working as the soldiers for a kingdom were generally considered as the Virgos as they used to fight for the king and that is also the reason Virgo is also a sign of fights and disputes. Also, if you see the sign of Scorpio falls on the 3rd house, of skills, for a Virgo ascendant and Scorpio is a sign of war and so the main job of a Virgo ascendant was to fight with the enemies who used to attack the kingdom. Nowadays a lot of Virgo ascendant natives you will find them in the army and police as their job is to work under the Sun (government) and protect the country (kingdom) from outside threats.

If you ever called to the customer care of different companies like Airtel, Reliance, etc then people responding to you in the customer care are usually the Virgos (Virgo ascendants) as they are working on behalf of the owner of the company and owner of the company himself is no one else but Sun. The company and its employees as a whole are represented by the sign of Aquarius and a king or Leo is supposed to maintain or run a company with Virgos working for him and that is also the reason Virgos are the resources (2nd house) for a Leo ascendant and with the help of theses resources only, the king or Leo ascendant is able to make money.

But Sun or Leo is not only about leadership or kingly position but it is also about health and wealth. Sun represents the gold and so Sun is also associated with wealth as Gold is nothing but money or wealth. That is also the reason people having Jupiter placed in the sign of Leo (Sun) often are involved in wealth management such as fund managers and also people working in banks.

A king has to maintain all the money coming (through taxes) and going (as expenses) from his kingdom (nowadays these are companies and not kingdom) and that is the main job of a king. That is the reason the sign of Virgo falls on their 2nd house of wealth as Virgo is also a sign of calculations and detail-oriented work other than arguments. So here we can again say that Virgo is the resource for a Leo ascendant native as it is the detail-oriented work in the finances (Virgo) only that makes money to a Leo ascendant. That is also the reason you will find many Leo ascendant working as Chartered Accountants and revenue collectors in the government or you may also find them working in the financial department of large organizations.

If ascendant lord, Sun, is placed in the 2nd house then they certainly could be involved in things related to financial matters of a company or even the government. Many Leo ascendants are even working for stock listed companies and manage finances there or they could be the financial advisors for the company. Aquarius represents large organizations such as stock listed companies and all the financial information related to those stock listed companies such as stock price, their balance sheet, debtors, creditors, etc are nothing but the representation of the sign of Leo or Sun and that also makes perfect sense.

If ascendant lord, Sun, is placed in the 11th house for a Leo ascendant then certainly you will find such native working for a large organization such as a stock listed company as a financial advisor as 11th house represents large organizations and Sun itself is the significator of finances or so-called wealth.

But Sun is also about fun or recreational activities such as sports and in sports, you need to fight or compete in order to win and that is the reason many sportsmen are seen as Leo ascendants and their wealth also comes from competitions and this again proves that Virgo is the source of wealth for a Leo ascendant as Virgo is a sign of competitions and fights and it rules the 2nd house of wealth for a Leo ascendant. Sachin Tendulkar and Virender Sehwag are good examples of that and they were extremely good players of their time. They both are Leo ascendants.

But Sun or Leo is also about health as Sun is the giver of life on this earth. Plants and trees cannot grow and sustain without sunlight and so Sun is also considered the giver of health and Virgo represents the medicines or the healing power for the Sun. That is the reason you will find many Leo ascendants as doctors or health care practitioners in general. So here again it shows that Virgo is the source of wealth or money for a Leo ascendant.

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