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How to know when you will get wealth in your life?

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Sometimes your business is down and you want to figure out when it will pick again. Or it may also be that you have lost your job recently and now trying to figure out when will you get the next job. The future looks uncertain to you and you are worried that your savings will end soon and then there will even be no money to buy food.

But there is nothing to worry about as everything is possible in this world and so is to know the future. There are certain people called astrologers and they are capable of predicting your future. But you need to find an astrologer who is well versed in his job of predicting the future and he is not someone who is only making false promises and doesn't know anything.

I myself an astrologer from New Delhi, India and I have learned Vedic Astrology from a master who can predict the future accurately. Some people learn only the basic astrology as given on several websites in Google and start predicting for other people and they also charge money and the predictions never come true and that is the reason a lot of people have already lost faith in astrologers and some even say astrology doesn't work.

An astrologer could be wrong but Vedic Astrology can never be wrong because I have met some very great astrologers in my life and have seen them predicting the past and future of the people coming to them with 100% accuracy. When an astrologer predicts the future you may still be unsure whether it will come true or not as the event is supposed to happen in the future. But what if someone can predict some event for you that happened in the past in your this life? That is convincing because the event already happened and you already know what actually happened.

So this is the biggest secret to test an astrologer. If he is able to tell some of the events that happened in your past then certainly he will be able to predict the future accurately. If an astrologer is not able to predict your past then certainly you should not trust him. But certainly, a good and experienced astrologer will be able to tell when the wealth will come again in your life or when will you get your next job or when your marriage is going to take place if you want to know about that also.

Some people also have a doubt about how it is possible to know the future when the future is still to come. It is possible to predict the future because the future is already fixed of every human being on this earth. An astrological book named Bhrigu Samhita was written by Sage Bhrigu and this book contains the future of all the human beings who are going to take birth on this earth and you could also find your own name in this book. Read more here > How Bhrigu Samhita can tell about your future?

But it is difficult to find the leaflet in the book that contains your name and your future as this book weighs in tonnes and also this book's different parts are located in different locations of the world. So it will be easier to know about your future through Vedic Astrology and that can be done instantly by paying an astrologer online or you can visit the astrologer at his/her location of profession.

A good astrologer will certainly tell you something that will actually make you believe that astrology really works. A person came to me and he was complaining that he lost his job and he was not also able to get married. I just took his date of birth, place of birth and time of birth from him and casted the horoscope (or so-called the birth chart) by using some astrology software.

In the horoscope, I could see that he was a Taurus ascendant and his 4th house lord, Sun, was falling on the 8th house of death and I could also see Gulika (GK) Mandi (MD) falling on the 8th house. I could also see that his Moon was appearing in Mrityu Bhaga and Moon represents mother in Vedic Astrology. Also, 4th house is the house of mother in Vedic Astrology and his 4th lord, Sun, which also represents mother, was placed in the 8th house of death. Also, I could see that in the year 2019 malefic planet like Ketu and Saturn were transiting his 8th house of death. Also, his Kali Sahama, Sahama of misfortune, was falling on the sign of Sagittarius in the 8th house. The dasa of the 8th lord was also running.

All the astrological tools were pointing that some death might have occurred in his life in the year 2019 and so I immediately predicted that your mother might have died in the sept-oct month in 2019 and he was stunned by my prediction because I told him something that was 100% true and it was about his past which already happened. So this is how a true astrologer build trust with the client and then only the client is convinced to take a consultation to know about his future as well and that person also took consultation from me and all his doubts came to rest as then he was convinced what everything that happened with him was the worst of it and future was good ahead as I could see in the horoscope his future was good ahead.

Some astrologers' knowledge is incomplete and they don't know about all the astrological tools. They simply see the Rashi birth chart and the Navamsa chart and predict immaturely. But they don't know that just 2 charts cannot predict accurately and predicting by just 2 charts will be nothing more than a fluke. You need to know about at least 15-20 different astrological tools and at least 4-5 different dasas and when all these astrological tools point to an event then only an event happens. Astrology is not an easy subject to master and a true Guru can make you learn it and then the things become quite easy for you in predicting accurately or at least accurate to 80 to 90% of the time.

Some people lose their faith when sometimes events don't happen as predicted by the astrologer. It might be that the astrologer forgot something while looking at the chart or there could be an inaccurate time of birth. Whatever could be the reason you should not lose faith in an astrologer and you should approach him again and tell him that his prediction didn't come true. If the astrologer is reputable then he will recheck everything and will realize his mistake but he will surely predict again for you and this time it will be accurate as now he has already realized his mistake. Remember astrology is never wrong but only astrologers are wrong as and when they make mistakes.

Just like it is possible to predict death it is also certainly and certainly possible to know the future about the coming of wealth in your life. If you think you can learn astrology yourself by reading all the different articles and watching youtube videos then simply forget it because without a Guru it is not possible to learn astrology because when you generate a birth chart or horoscope using an app or a software then this is not enough. An app doesn't contain all the astrological tools and if you are using a free software then the settings of the software needs to be corrected as without correct settings there are several tools which will show wrong information in the birth chart in the software. If you have any intention to know about your future or even if you want to learn Vedic astrology then you can contact me through this site and I will help you.

There are several astrological tools other than the birth chart and the Navamsa chart which can be used to predict wealth using an astrological software. For example, Indu Lagna is quite popular to know the wealth but most of the free and paid software doesn't have correct Ayanamsa setting and other settings are also wrong and so the degree of Indu Lagna never comes right and so most of the people are looking at the wrong Indu Laga and that is the reason predictions never come true.

Intuition power is another great factor that comes into the role and some astrologers don't have good intuition power and so they cannot predict accurately. People having their Moon placed in the sign of Cancer are really the people who have good intuition power as intuition power has to do with the sign of Cancer. That is the reason Cancer ascendants can really do well in Astrology as their ascendant itself is Cancer. It doesn't matter what you want to know as your future a true astrologer can surely help and don't consider it as something that is by fluke.

Plz note: I am an astrologer from New Delhi, India and if you need horoscope reading services or want to learn the real secrets of Vedic Astrology then plz contact me through this site.

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